Birthday Wishes For Best Female Friend

Here is for your best female friend who may be near you or far away from you at this moment.
The best thing to keep in mind is that you need to show her just how much you truly love her and that you care for her the way you want her to feel, here are some birthday wishes you can use.

You will always be the best friend that I can ever have in this life, happy birthday to you, girl!

For the girl who takes away all of the worries I have, happy birthday to you, I miss you so!

You are the lady that brings so much happiness in this world that I am in, happy birthday to you!

There are so many people in this world and I found you, that is why I am so happy right now.


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Friends like you are unique, the ones that comes only once in a blue moon, enjoy this day.

I wish you all the best on this very special day of yours, I just hope that you are happy indeed.

You are the best kind of friend for me because you listen to all my stories, live your life!

I hope you enjoy your day today because you are indeed one of the greatest friends I have.

Thank you for making me have a friend I can rely on, I appreciate it, enjoy your big day!

Everything looks so perfect today on your birthday, go out there and have the time of your life.

Today is a special day because it is the birth of the girl that I love the most, my bestie.

Inspiring Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

I am so happy that you decided to stay in my life, please keep doing so, I miss you, bestie.

You are the one that fills my life up with color, I wish that you would stay, my dearest friend.

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You are the most amazing female I have ever encountered in my life, I really miss you, bestie!

I got all the gifts I can get for the loveliest girl in the world, may you enjoy this birthday of yours!

The day you were born is something to celebrate because life gave me you, enjoy this day!

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Happy birthday, I wish that this day of yours get filled with all the love that you deserve!

You are a wonderful person so I am sure that you will get tons of present on this day of yours.

The good stuff are those that are worth waiting for, never get tired of being patient, girl!

You have the most amazing smile and I guess that hooked me up, I love you, best friend!

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You may not know it but I knew we would be best friends since the day we first saw each other.

You are the sweetest person I know in town, I hope your birthday is just the same, girl.

Just enjoy this day and have the best time of your life because you are so lovely my dear.

I wish that you would appreciate the surprise that I have for you, my friend, I miss you!

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Happy birthday, I prayed to the heavens above that you get blessed with all that you have.

My wish for you today is that you have a lifetime of happiness because you are awesome.

Fill your life with big dreams and never worry about a thing, you deserve it, happy birthday!

I wish that every fantasy you think is impossible happens to you from today on, enjoy today!

You always share your things with me even your food and I love you for it, my best friend.


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You are always the least selfish of all and that is why you are blessed, hope you enjoyed today.

You stayed out of trouble in school and kept your grades up, congrats and happy birthday!

May you never change who you are because you are honestly amazing, have a great day!

A lot of people have friends but you are the one that gives me courage, enjoy your big day.

You are truly like my sister more than my best friend, you are wonderful, have a great day.

You are an over-achiever and I like that about you, I hope you enjoyed your day today.

With you by my side, I know that nothing can ever bring me down, happy birthday to you!

No matter how much time passed by you never change, you are still awesome, enjoy your day.

You showed me that telling the truth is one of the best things I can do, a happy birthday!

You are one of my dearest friends, the one I would never let go, happy birthday, best friend.


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I just cannot wait to see you again to celebrate your birthday, I miss you so much, my friend.

Your birthday gives me hope that everything would be okay, thank you for everything, friend.

I am just so happy to tell you that you are finally an adult today, congrats and enjoy it today.

From here on, you have entered a new world, wait for me there, enjoy your big day from now.

You are entitled to be the best person you want to be, I love you and happy birthday to you!


I love how you always smile at me like I am the best person ever, happy birthday, my dear.

You are the only friend I have that I actually like, happy birthday to you, my best friend!

Happy birthday, I wish you would see just how much our friendship means to me, darling!

There is so much I wanted to tell you but we do not have the time to do so, happy bday to you.


You have improved so many lives without even knowing it, may you have an amazing day!

You entered my world and you just amazed me in so many ways, happy birthday, best friend!

Let us make this birthday of yours the one to remember, happy birthday to you, my best friend.

We need to go out and have fun more often than usual, on this day of yours, let us party!


You deserve the best that life has to ever offer you, accept it and just have some fun, friend.

You are the most supportive friend that I have and I just wish you have the time of your life.


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Happy birthday to the childhood friend that remains to be my best friend up until today.

This is the best day of your life and I just hope you get to remember we are best of friends.


The world was never the same the day that I met you because you became my best friend.

Your birthday today means so much to me because it also marks a year of our friendship, dear.

From the bottom of my heart, I am wishing you all the best in your life, my best friend!

Let us do some girl’s night out some time and just have some great fun, I miss you, friend.


It is your big day today and I want you to know that I will always be your best friend, dear.

Keep on being the person you are because you are wonderful, happy birthday to you!

I know what I want and that is to keep being your best friend, girl for all the rest of my life.

Here is to another year full of adventures and happiness, have a great day, my best friend.

It is your birthday and you still look just like the same you did on 16, happy birthday to you.

Good friends also get better as age takes place, I just wish you had the most amazing day.

I cannot believe that we have been friends all this time, I still miss you so much, enjoy today!


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You are the person that is set apart from everyone else because you are unique, my bestie.

May you always find the things you are looking for you deserve them all, enjoy your big day!

Let go of the things that are not good for you and focus on the ones that are, happy day to you!

Today is the party that you have waited so long for so just go out there and just enjoy it.


Best friend, that is what you are to me and I hope that you see just that, happy birthday to you.

When I see you, I will drown you with gifts because I miss you so much, my dear best friend.

I will throw you a party that deserves your awesomeness, my best friend, I love you so much.

From one girl to another, I just want to tell you that I feel lucky to be your best friend, dear.

I will never break any promises that I have made with you because I love you, thank you!

If there is one thing I can do for you, I would tell you I love you and that I am proud of you.

It will always be the same between us because that is how friendship is, we are constant.

In this ever changing world, you are one of the few constant in it and I love it, best friend.

Let us keep on chasing our dreams together and let us change the world, happy birthday!

Happy birthday, best friend today means we should stay out late and party until the morning.

Let me tell you that you are the best person I have ever met because you are kind, my friend.

You are a good person, I hope you know that because that is what you truly are, my friend.

Happy birthday to you, my dearest best friend, just know that I am but one call away from you.


I will follow you halfway through the world just so I can be next to you, my dear my friend.

There will never be a day that I would not miss you now that you are so far, happy birthday!

I wish I am there when you will need me, that distance would not matter, my friend.

No one will ever beat you or replace you in my heart, you are always going to be the best.