Happy 37th Birthday Wishes

Time flies when you are least expecting it to and before you know it, the person around you has already grew another year older.
If you know someone who is turning thirty seven, why not tell that person a happy 37th birthday and show your love.
Tell that person how much you appreciate him or her and that you will always try to be there as long as you can.
Sometimes, we meet people that we barely know but just instantly clicks with.
Here are some happy 37th birthday wishes that you might want to try out.
After all, it is a matter of trying to say what you want.

May you be filled with the grace of the Lord on this day, just have a happy 37th birthday, girl.

Today is another start for you to enjoy your life and live it through so happiest bday, my dear.

You should always keep on smiling no matter what, never give up and enjoy life, happy bday!


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Celebrate the fact that you are happy in your life and I wish nothing but the best for you now.

Now, just open your gifts and take some photos you can look back to later on, happiest bday.

The world is filled with equal parts of loneliness and joy I still wish you a happy 37th birthday.

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You always enjoy bday parties, you should also throw one for yourself, happy bday to you!

Stop waiting for life to happen and just focus on making it all out for yourself, you can do it.

Life does not stop just because you decided to, be the best that you can be in this world now.

Happy 37th birthday remember that things happen because they are meant to, enjoy today boy.

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Wishing that you will finally get all the things that you have wished for in this life, my dearest.

Happy bday to the only woman in this world who has my heart completely I love you a lot too!

Time will not wait for you so you might as well just have some fun and enjoy it through, okay?

You should be having tons of fun today for it is your special day, girl, happy 37th birthday!

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I love you from the deepest part of the sea and I wish nothing but only the best for you, dear.

You mean the world to me and I still wish you would have a really happy life as of this day.

Do not stop on dreaming, live a happy life and think about what tomorrow has for you now.

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The wind is not going to be your way all the time but you should keep on trying it out for now.

In the middle of life, you find someone worth fighting for, that’s you, happy 37th birthday, hon.

Continue on making a life that is something that you can be proud of years from now on babe.

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Just keep on being the best you can be and live the life that you were truly meant to live now.

And the world is going to be the best it can be, for now, I love you a lot and nothing is final.

Honey, you are the love that I have been looking for all of my life, really, happy 37th birthday!

If you do not like something in your life, you have the power to change it so keep being happy.

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This is the start of a happier life so what you should do is keep having fun and just enjoy life.

Life is meant to be lived and you should take a moment to love your life and appreciate it too.

Your life is meant for greater things and I believe you can do so much more than right now.


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Happy 37th birthday, let’s put everything in the past behind us and just focus on your big day.

Continue on living a life that is truly remarkable, you deserve everything in this world, babe.

Though you may be 37 now, I think you still have the most amazing smile in the world, baby.

All that I wish for in this life is that you enjoy it and that you have a lot of fun, happy bday.

Never stop on dreaming and just live a happier life for now, you deserve to, my dearest girl.

Your special day only happens once in a year, you might as well enjoy, happy 37th birthday!

Congrats on turning 37, my friend, I can only hope that you will make the most of this year.

Keep loving and never stop on dreaming your big dreams, you wonderful person, happy bday.

Happy 37th birthday, though words cannot describe the right moments to tell everything else.

When no one else would tell you how awesome you are, I will, happiest bday to my friend.

You are the inspiration of all our friends and mine as well, live a fulfilling life, indeed, dear.

When nothing feels right for you, know that I am just here waiting for you to need my help.


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I am the luckiest person alive to be here with you right now, I wish you a happy 37th birthday!

Happy 37th birthday, wonderful are the days I get to have spent with you, I love you a lot, girl.

In this life, you meet some people who are willing to try new things out, I wish that you would.

There is never a place for us two but here & I wish you all the best this life can possibly give.

You have always been independent even when you were little and I can’t be any happier now.

You go on and live your life as you always have for I think that is what fits you best, my child.

Thankful is what I am for the opportunity to celebrate this day with you, happy 37th birthday!

Happy bday to the most wonderful woman in this world, grandma you deserve the best here.

Pa, there may have been times when I wasn’t there for you but I am here now, happy bday!


It’s never too late to be happy so go on and just enjoy this wonderful life that we have too.

You are never too old to party, you are still young so go and make the most out of the now.

Happy 37th birthday, it seems that the heaven has blessed me, being able to be here with you.

Life is not going to be so perfect all the time but you can take some break time and make it.


You are the one that gives me strength every time that I wake up in the morning, happy bday!

And to me you are unique in this world because you can make me happy, enjoy your day, girl.

There ain’t much I can do now but I want you to know I care for you a lot happy 37th birthday.


Every bday of yours I was there and I would not miss this one as well, enjoy your special day.

This feeling I have in my chest is meant for you alone, may you always keep being happy, sis.

I cherish every single memory I have spent with you, you are my only, happy bday my honey.

Sweetie, may every step that you will take be filled with blessings from the Lord, now, always.

Happy 37th birthday, I want you to know that I miss you so much right now wish I was there.

Keep on living your life like that, like tomorrow is going to be the very last, happiest bday!

And sometimes life will give you some hardships but they won’t be forever, stay strong, girl.


Celebrating this day with you is one of the best blessings in this world, happy 37th birthday.

Never give up on your dreams and stay strong all through the way, life is meant to be lived.

Live a good life and just have great fun, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, girl.

I think you should enjoy your life even though you are one more year closer to the big four oh.

Happy 37th birthday, I want you to know that you are always in my heart, my dearest mom.

Being old is not much challenge, after all, did you not want to grow up thirty years ago now?

I would never forget your special day, I hope you know that, enjoy life and have a happy day.


Life ain’t always going to be filled with happiness but you can buy some ice cream and smile.

For me you are the brightest star and you will always be, I wish you the happiest birthday too.

Thank you for always taking care of me, mother, I love you a lot, have a happy 37th birthday.

When you feel sad, remember that there is a reason you are alive enjoy your big day, my dear.

Tomorrow, things are going to change but then again you should keep being yourself now.

I know how confident you are and I wish you would keep on being you, happy bday to you!

Happy 37th birthday, you are always going to be the prettiest person for me, always my mom.


You made an impression on me that truly lasts, happy bday to you, I wish you all the best now.

Do you have gray hair just yet, do not fret you are still far away from being wrinkled at 37.

Congratulations to you and I wish that your hopes and all the wishes you make come true.

You are truly an inspiration to all of our friends and to me, enjoy your day and be free as well.


Sometimes, life gets hard but I believe you can get up and show the world who you really are.

I will celebrate for you coz you deserve it, here is a gift from me and I hope you’ll like it a lot.

Though life is hard I promise you that I will try to be someone you can lean on to happy bday!

Pa, happy 37th birthday, you are the best man I have ever known, take care of yourself always.