Happy Birthday Ex Husband Quotes

The truth is past husbands can be a pain in the ass, as most exes usually are, and the truth is there never need be a grudge to be held with that.
There is a certain knowing if the pain you had back then has subsided, and you will know that when you have let go of it and can wish that previous husband of yours birthday wishes on the day of his birth.
So stop fretting and don’t regret what has happened between the two of you.
Here are some quotes that will help you get it across to him that you are already moving forward with your life that does not include him at all.

Happy birthday ex-husband, we have been through a lot and yet here we are now, separated.

Everything is not the same ever since we were apart but now I am on my feet again, my dear.

Ex-hubby, I just want to thank you for the memories and wish you have the best day this day.


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No matter what happens, know that there is always a place in my heart for you, my ex, enjoy.

Today is you day and it is your responsibility to have all the fun you can take in, my ex-hubby.

Life was not always at our side, so was love, but here we are now, I wish you all the best, dear.

I may not be able to stand being with you still but I wish you would enjoy this day, after all.

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I wish that you get to have the best celebration there ever was, happy birthday ex-husband.

Dear husband, well ex already, I tried to compare you with all else, no one does compare.

We may not be compatible after all, I just realized that but I wish you the best in this life dear.

Never will I forget that once a upon a time, I belonged to you and vice versa, enjoy your day.

To the love of my love, there is still some left in my heart but now I just wish you all the best.

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I do not know if I will ever be okay but I really do wish you a happy birthday ex-husband.

May you enjoy this new day, have all the fun you can get and just stay a while being happy.

We had the best moments of our lives, that I am sure of and it means that we will be okay.

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Happy birthday ex-husband, I know that there was a time that things went sour, but enjoy this.

I know you will go to a great party to celebrate your day and I wish you would have some fun.

Prayers are all I hold on to when moments of weakness comes to me, I pray and hope for us.

Maybe we are truly not meant for each other or maybe it is just not the right time, my dearest.

There were still some good memories in the end of this time, happy birthday ex-husband.

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Today is a day to celebrate and I wish that you get the dreams you have and fulfill them all.

I actually thought life would not be a mess but now here we are cleaning after what we had.

Without you is how the best part of my life was spent and I take pleasure in knowing that.

A fantastic run on marriage was what we had but it ended, dear, happy birthday ex-husband.

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We rushed things and that is why we have failed to be there for each other as we should have.

I loved the person you showed me back then and love it even until now, enjoy your big day!

When I fell for you, I learned who I am and though we broke up, I still am grateful to you still.

Let us both move on from what happened back then and live a better life still, enjoy your day!


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Have fun on your birthday, a great help is what you have been to me ever since we broke up.

Happy birthday ex-husband, we may not have had forever but we ended in friendly terms still.

I know that every moment that we had and was definitely worth it, I miss it even until this day.

For a long time, I have known you for who you are and I have loved you for it, I still do, really.

May you be able to meet a person that will fit you better than me, happy birthday ex-husband.

Both our expectations were not met both sides and that is why we failed to be a great couple.

I still care about you, we did a lot of things together, after all, I wish you will have some fun.

I have long forgiven you and what I can say is that I wish you a happy birthday ex-husband.

And know here we are, back to where we are started, back to being strangers to each other.

What we had was not enough for the both of us, that is the truth we still have yet to accept.

My dear, I was a bit selfless back then and that I guess is the flaw that I have made all along.


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Happy birthday ex-husband, may every wish you have ever made finally come true this day.

Let us both learn from the experience that we both had, on what we have been holding on to.

A pain to the heart is what this relationship has moved towards and I guess it does hurt so still.

I have learned how to move on when something is not working, you taught me that, thank you.


I see what we had as something that I can definitely learn from, happy birthday ex-husband.

What we had wasn’t just a failure, it was a worthwhile experience, happy birthday ex-husband!

You will hurt in life, we all do and years later, things get to be forgotten, no one remembers.

Letting you know that all the bitterness I had back then is gone now, I’m sincerely happy now.

I will not carry over any resentment to my life, I will keep on living a life full of magic, dear.

There is no argument here, we had the worst and best times together, enjoy a happier life now.

You may not like this message coming from me but I wish you a happy birthday ex-husband.


I guess after all this time, we were not meant to be together but I hope you get to enjoy today.

Dear, I know you will find the person who is meant for you, so sit back and have fun this day!

This day is something to celebrate although we are already apart, so have some golly fun!


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It may be weird to call you as we are nothing to each other but happy birthday ex-husband.

Actually I thought life would be a mess without you, but I am okay now, enjoy your birthday!

Have the happiest birthday without me, my dearest ex hubby, I wish you have lots of love today.

We rushed things and that is why we did not have the fun we should’ve, sorry but enjoy!


Have the best birthday that you can ever get and just have fun, happy birthday ex-husband.

I wish we could exchange some great things and move on, have an amazing birthday party, hubby!

Divorcing you was not an easy decision but one I have learned to live with, enjoy your big day!

You made me angry and it burn still but I still think of you, dear, happy birthday ex-husband.

Thank you for being part of my growth, you deserve to be happy on the day you were born.

We have known each other for this long and I am just happy for you, may this happiness last.

We were both disappointments to each other so let us just move on for now, I care for you still.


Enjoy your new life and make the most out of it, no more taking for granted, happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday ex-husband, thank you for those sweet memories that we once had, that I do.

May you have an unforgettable experience in the day of your birth, ex-hubby, wishing the best.


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I have long let go of my resentment for you because I love to be free from hatred, enjoy today.

You were actually one of the best people I have met in my life, but we were not meant to be.

We let go before we made each other miserable and I appreciate that, may you have fun today.

Happy birthday ex-husband, have a great time without me, and just make your memories last.


It was surely difficult to adjust from what we had before to this point but I am glad to be here.

What we went through is something I never want to go to again, let us be happier right now.

You were an important person in my life and I just want to tell you that I will never forget you.

I want to tell you that even though what we had was not perfect, I am happy I had it with you.


Happy birthday ex-husband, this is the first we celebrate it apart but still I wish you the best.

Through all that we had, we remained friends and that is what is important in the end of this.

Today is a day to be happy so cut the cake and just have all the fun that you can get, ex-hubby.


You left me and that made me stronger than I was before, thank you so much, and enjoy today.

The road sure was rough for us both but I did have fun, my dear, happy birthday ex-husband.

No more arguing between us because now we are away from each other still, I thank you.

What brought us apart was the two of us and a whole lot more, happy birthday ex-husband.

You will always have a place here in my heart no matter what has happened between us two.

Happy birthday ex-husband, we may be far from each other now but you are in my heart, still.