The 105 Facebook Birthday Messages

There are now many ways to greet our loved ones on their birthday.

Social media is one good example.

Aside from the usual birthday cards, or text messages, it is very common nowadays to use Facebook as a way of greeting someone on their special day.

Whatever way it is, always remember that it is the thought that always counts.

We hope you’ll enjoy our Facebook birthday messages especially made for you and your loved ones.

Wishing you a blessed birthday today. Another year means another blessings and success to your life. We hope for the best and may you have more birthdays to come. Happy Bday!

Today, as you celebrate your special day, we would like to give you our heart-warming birthday greetings. Wishing you good health, prosperity, and long life. Enjoy and have fun. Wonderful Birthday!


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Happy Birthday! Wishing your special day will be full of blessings and good friends. Always keep in mind that we only want nothing but the best for you.

Thank God for blessing my friend a brand new year again. I pray for guidance and protection in his life and in his family. Give him prosperous life so he can still continue to be a blessing to others, and give him the desire of his heart. Wishing you a best birthday today, my dear friend.

100 Birthday Wishes

A wonderful birthday to a wonderful person like you. May this special day of yours be filled with love and joy. Happy Birthday!

I hope it is never too late to greet you a happy birthday. You may be miles away from me but my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I wish you good luck on your career and good life. Happy Birthday!

Just wanted to say happiest birthday and I hope I make you smile today. May this simple message touch your heart and bring you joy always. Have a jolly birthday and I hope everyone will enjoy.

All great things start with great people who touch many lives. And because you are great, you deserve this warmest Wonderful Bday greeting. Prosperity and success is waiting for you. Have an awesome day and enjoy every minute of it. Happy Birthday!

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Love Hearts Birthday Video

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Birthdays are more beautiful when you have awesome friends to celebrate with you. Come and join the fun as we celebrate our friend’s birthday today. Bring yourself and let’s rock the world tonight. Happy Birthday!

105 Funny Birthday Wishes

May God bless you with good life and more birthdays to come. May He surround you with love and grace in every walk of your life. May his blessing be always upon you every day. Best Bday!

I am sure you’ll have a fun-filled day today because many wonderful surprises are waiting for you. There is nothing you need to do but to accept each and everyone’s wish for you with a happy heart. Happy Birthday!

Let God’s love be your shield, his hands be your healer, and his words be your bread every day. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful person I’ve ever known. My only wish is for you to be successful and may all your dreams be fulfilled.

Wishing you success, happiness, and good life for your birthday. Let this day be one of your most memorable birthday celebration. Walk in faith every day and trust the Lord with all your heart. Happy Birthday!

The 60 Belated Birthday Wishes

Happiest Birthday to all who is celebrating their birthday today. Wishing you happiness that is endless, a blessing that is abundant, and a love that never fades. May God bless you good health and good life always.


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Let us take this special moment to thank God for all the blessings he showered you. And now another blessed new year was given to you. Never forget the one who is always there for us. May God be your strength, your savior, and your guide always. Happy Birthday!

Each birthday is a blessing from our God. Take a time to give thanks for all the blessings, life experiences, and achievements that happened to you. Wishing you always a happy wonderful life. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Always remember that in our hearts there is only one awesome mother that is and will always be the best. Our prayer is for you to be happy and successful all the days of your life. Be blessed so that you can be a blessing to others.

I take this opportunity to greet you a blessed birthday today. You are an angel from above, the one who makes us happy always and not a minute goes by that you haven’t touched our life. We are always here to guide you and to help you whenever needed. Have a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday!

Light of our life, one of the greatest advisers, a true friend, happiest birthday to you. Our Lord knows all the desires of your heart. Believe and you will receive all of it. Wishing you always a heart filled with love to others, a hand that is a giver, and a soul that is pure. Best Bday!

The 60 Cute Birthday Messages

It is your smile that speaks hope and your voice that tells everything will be alright that I want most about you. And today, I want to let you know that I am praying for all your endeavors and success in life. God bless you good health and prosperous life. Wonderful Bday!

Age is only a number. People don’t remember it about you. What people usually remember are the things you’ve done that create an impact on the life of many. Continue to touch lives and let God rewards you. Have a blessed birthday!


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Wishing you more blessings, good health, prosperity, and overflowing happiness in your birthday. May you live your life without anger, love without hesitations, and give without asking any return. God bless you more. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


To the most amazing person in the world, best birthday. Not everyone is blessed to reach that age. Thank you for your understanding, love, and care. Wishing you a happy birthday and many more birthdays to come.

I am praying for you today on your special day. May God give you all the glory and blessings in life. Always remember to be good and awesome as you can be. We only live once, so why not live it to the full. Happiest Birthday!

For someone who has been so good to me, you deserve my special greeting. Wonderful Birthday TO YOU! You may get a little bit old, but you are still awesome. You are the same person that encourages me whenever I feel down and the one who stays with me through my ups and downs. I am praying for your life always. Stay humble, kind, and loving as you are.

Happy Bday! Today marks one of your most memorable days. We are wishing you endless happiness and prosperous life. Have fun and enjoy your day.


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All our friends are one in greeting you a happy wonderful birthday. God gave us good life to let other see His faithfulness. Remember that everything we do, we do it for His glory. And whatever circumstances we are in, He is always there to help us. Happy bday to you!


Happy birthday to the best dad in the world. May you always find peace in your heart, happiness that is beyond your expectations and blessings that is overflowing. I am blessed to have you as my father. I love you always and forever.

Another year to be filled with joy and laughter, love and happiness, and new experiences. May God shower you His grace and protects you all the time. Wonderful Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Do not let your hardships hinder you in achieving your dreams. Always and forever, be thankful. Enjoy this day and do not forget to invite your friends. Have fun and rock the world.

Have an amazing birthday celebration today. Everyone is looking forward to see you successful and happy in life. Never lose hope in a battle. Always persevere and fight for your dreams. God is always there for you.


To the one who keeps on motivating and encouraging us, happy birthday. May your life be filled with good friends, new endeavors, and many blessings. Always remember that a true friend will be there with or without a party celebration.


Receive God’s blessing today in your special day. Allow him to use you for his glory and always trust in him. Have a blessed birthday. God bless you.

Greeting you a best birthday with love and kisses. Receive God’s love and blessing as you turned into a lady now. Always put God first in everything you will do, and you do not have to worry anymore. Happy Birthday to you.


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May you always find the joy in your heart as you continue in your walk with God. It is your chance to become the best that you can be by the will of God. Your life is a blessing not a curse, so do not ever think negative about your life. Wonderful Bday!


Our love is what keeps us strong and happy all these years. I am overwhelmed because of your love. Today, as you celebrate your special day, I wish that you will always stay happy and lovely as you are. Praying for a good health and a prosperous life ahead. Best Bday!

A love that never fades is a love that is everlasting. A wonderful birthday to you, my love. May you always find the joy in your heart in the beauty of everything. I love you to bits. I hope you’ll enjoy and have fun-filled night with your friends.

Happiest birthday! Counting not your age but your achievements in life. I am proud and happy for you. Let your success be someone’s goal in life. Always speak love and success. God bless you more each and every day.

The true happiness in life is not measured with the richness of this world. It is because of good friends, happy memories, and life’s success that make someone a happy person. Everything else can disappear but a true and loyal friend will stay. Thank you for staying with me through my ups and down. You are a one true friend. Best Bday to you!

Happy birthday Facebook messages

A birthday is a special occasion to feel thankful and blessed, especially to be surrounded by good friends.

To someone who knows me sometimes better than I even know myself, you are the best friend that anyone could ask for and I just want to say Happy Birthday to you. Hope that you have a great day today and many more birthdays to come.

For a good friend on their birthday, I hope you know that you make life more fun, you are a great friend that I don’t deserve but I can only try to be a good friend back and hope that I have been. Love you and Happy Birthday.


Just want to let everyone know that today is a special day for me because it is time to celebrate someone close to me, a special friend who is having their birthday today. Let’s spread the joy and wish them a great one.

Happy Birthday to a special and dear friend who is always ready to help others and spread happiness, I hope today brings you much joy because you deserve it.

I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know that it is my friends birthday and that they mean the world to me. Please join me in celebrating today and sharing in the happiness.

A birthday celebration is much more fun when it is celebrated with those you love, sending a big hug to a good friend today who I hope has an amazing birthday.

Sending all of my love and light today to my friend celebrating their birthday, may it be one of the best ones yet.

Today is a special day because it is the day to celebrate a special friend and their birth, don’t know where I would be now without you. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday to an amazing friend who is always there for me, may today bring you blessings and joy.