Happy 78th Birthday Wishes

Being 78 indeed feels nice, and it is a good reason to feel happy.
Imagine if you are the one that is turning seventy-eight. Would it not feel a bit better to have someone greet you with a happy 78th birthday instead? If you can imagine what someone feels when you give them a happy 78th birthday, you should do that.
Spare all the excuses and greet out a lot of people with these happy 78th birthday wishes that you can use for all types of people, for anyone you know!

There are so many wishes that I want for you to come true, but today happy 78th birthday, you!

You may not have had it that easy, but from now on, it will be better. Happy bday!

To the person who showed me never to lack motivation, I wish you only the best, happy bday.


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There is no reason not to celebrate though you may be older, have the best bday party ever.

It was not easy getting to where you are now, but you truly deserve all you have; enjoy it.

Happy 78th birthday, when everything has come and passed, all I hope is you remain to be you.

100 Happy Birthday

Today is one of those days where you should get out of the sun and enjoy the warmth, dearest.

The love, I want to thank you for all the support you have given me though I failed a lot now.

For you, the dear person, know that nothing can break our band, you and I.

You have been dealing with a lot of turmoil, so now relax and have fun, have a happy bday.

Happy 14th Birthday Quotes

I wish that you would get all the things you want in this life; happy 78th birthday!

The truth is that you are lovely, a natural gift from God; I wish you were there is genuinely well.

One of the beautiful things that God created is what you are, so have the best time today.

Each time I fall, you were the cushion to support me through it all, have a good birthday.

Happy 19th Birthday Quotes

I bet that one of the happiest days of your life is today, so for that, happy 78th birthday to you.

You always know what is on my mind, and for that alone, I feel like we are closer; happy bday.

May you have an excellent time on your big day; remember that I will always be here if you need it.

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We are no longer children, we are older, but it just makes our bond so much stronger today.

Happy 78th birthday. May you always try to do your best in everything you decide to join into.

I hope you enjoy your big day for the sister that I will always love, and I miss you a lot, too.

Good Luck On Your Test Messages

The years passed by, and little did we know that it would all turn out this way. I miss you now.

All that I wish is that you will be safe from any harm, that you will always be alright as well.

You were my friend, and I adore you a lot, have the best time of your life for this day now, girl.

Sometimes, all you can do is keep having fun, and you really should; happy 78th birthday!

50 Birthday SMS for Sister

It is never too late to change and be happy, so for now, have all the fun and remember me.

Darling, you are lovely & all that I wish is you would not forget to smile happy bday.

I know how pretty you are and caring too and I can’t live without you, enjoy your birthday.

Sis, I remember how you always smiled whenever we were together; I’d like to see it today.


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I now wish you would listen to me when I tell you to enjoy life, happy 78th birthday!

Happy birthday to you; I hope that every wish you want to come true today finally.

To the most beautiful friend in the world, you bring joy to me every time we see each other.

You brought me joy in this life, love and I cannot thank you enough hope you enjoy your day.

I always think of you, especially at times like this when it nears your bday, have tons of fun.

Happy 78th birthday. May blessings keep on coming your way, for you are truly unique too.

May you keep enjoying yourself on your big day; you do deserve to be happy as well now.

May you be able to put the past behind you today and make your wishes come to life today.

You are never too old to dream about things and life, so keep dreaming; it is not harmful to do so.

I do not even know how to express things to you, but I wish you a pleased 78th birthday!

I still remember every fight we have ever had, and I miss them a lot, brother.


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May we finally be able to put the past behind us and focus on celebrating your day now.

Happy 78th birthday; for every second you are alive, I thank the Lord God for giving it to you.

We shared so much, and I know I can’t live without you, so have a grand time for today.

It seemed only yesterday when you were just eight, and now you are 78; what an incredible journey.

To my lifetime companion, I feel glad to have you with me; enjoy your special day as well.

For always being kind enough to me and making me feel better than ever, I wish you the best.

There are many reasons to find yourself happy; it is your day today. Happy 78th birthday!

I hope that you will always be happy wherever you go and enjoy your day with love.

May every candle in your cake serve as a wish you can have come true; go blow them all out.

Ever wish you would make something that will fill you up, and I hope you all the best.


May all the wishes that you have made be granted & that you have tons of fun for today now.

This should be one of the good days of your life, so just enjoy it & have a happy 78th birthday.

The wishes on your cake keep adding up every year. I hope one of them comes true.

In everything you do, all I wish is that you will have a cake to enjoy too, have fun!

Good wishes are all that I want to give to you and special greetings too; I love you a lot, mom.

Happy 78th birthday; this should be enough reason to stop sulking and go out there to enjoy.

I could not have wished for a better brother than you, so let us go out to celebrate your birth.


All the wealth and fortune in this world can’t ever replace you in my heart; happy bday too.

What you are is my best friend, my sister, and I can’t help but be happy for you now, enjoy.

You will always be the best person and the most important one in my heart, my baby.

And I know this isn’t much, but I want you to know that I do love you so, happy 78th birthday!

You are the best that I never could find again, so I hope you enjoy today. I love you a lot, sis.

What you are is a superhero, or at least for me, that is what you are, have the best time today.

There is not much time for me to pick a gift to greet your happy 78th birthday!


Friends come, and they also go unexpectedly, but you will never leave me; happy bday sissy!

For always understanding me even when no words are spoken, I wish you the very best today.

Happy 78th birthday to the woman who brightened up my world with just a single smile, dear.


Thank our parents, who made the two of us into siblings, and you for being my friend, my bro.

We are the ones who should be proud of ourselves, especially on our bday, enjoy it too.

Through all the emotions that we had shared, my favourite is laughing with you. Happy bday!

You are still as handsome as ever, even at old age, so let me wish you a happy 78th birthday.


It is super great every time I get to spend with you. May you have the best day for today too.

You are wonderful and spectacular, and nothing will ever change that in my mind, have the best.

Happy 78th birthday; I hope that this gift will let you know just how I feel about you for now.

The best time of my life is with you, and I hope you get to have more years to come too.

I may not get to talk to you every day, but you are still in my heart, happy bday.

For always bringing happiness in my life, I wish you all the best and have a good day.

All the riches in this world can’t even dare to compare to your worth in my life, happy bday.


Do not worry about failures, and you are still young enough to start over now. Happy 78th birthday!

Never would I miss any opportunity to wish you the best bday ever; I hope you have fun too!

I never thought you would have things, but girl, you got me so happy for this day.


You are always the one bringing joy to me; this time, on your big day, let me be the one too.

I never want that opportunity to miss a special day in your life, so have a happy bday now.

I pray to Him that He may keep on guiding you and showing you how wonderful life truly is.