30 Happy Birthday Ex Girlfriend Quotes

There is always going to be the ex that you are going to curse, to hate, to make sure you never see again. Still, there is also going to be an ex that you will hope you can have again, the one that you still think of every time, the one that you still want to be with, the one that you will never forget memories and relate it with everything that you see.
At the end of it, you will also have the ex that you will go back to being friends with again; you will have that one to exchange stories and enjoy their friendship.
Once you have gotten it back, you can find a reason to greet her on her big day.
For this occasion, here are some wishes to help you out.

Happy birthday, ex-girlfriend; I still thank the Lord that He made it a point for me to meet you.

Today is a good day to celebrate the day of your birth, my dear ex, so go out there and have fun!

Thank you for all the letters you sent me and for appreciating me back then, enjoy your birthday!


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One of the best moments of my life was having you, was being with you, so just stay beautiful.

Life did not happen like we wanted it to but it once gave me you and I am happy enough for it.

I am with you today because I wish to enjoy your special day with you, my sweetie pie, I do.

When I was with you, all my anxiety was erased and I loved it about you, thank you, enjoy this.

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I am just so glad and grateful that I get to share this day with you happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

I did not get to keep you in the end but I hope you are going to be happy from this birthday on.

I will forever keep our memories in my heart, to remember you by because I still care for you.

May you have the blessing of the Lord up in heavens and live a happy life, my dearest ex-gf.

Nothing can ever erased the moments that we have been through together, honey, no one can.

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I am wishing for a moment that might bring us closer once more, enjoy your birthday, my dearest.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, one day when everything is okay again, you will come back.

May this bright day bring you all the right things in life that you have long been wishing for.

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You were my sunshine and now you are gone, I just don’t know, still have the best birthday ever.

The smile on your face lets me know that you are happy and that is fine with me, have fun!

Falling in love with a person like you has been a happy experience for me, so stay happy!

I can be okay because I know you are okay, so I hope you can be the person you are meant to.

What you are is a remarkable and an amazing person so have a happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

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There are days when my heart still aches for you, for a touch, a kiss, a hug, but today, enjoy!

I want to tell you that I am happy for you and that I am wishing you all the best in this life.

One day, I hope that the large gap between us will be lessened, will be gone one more time.

I once devoted all my life to you, now I can only devote one day a year for you, your big day.

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You betrayed me when I have been nothing but loyal to you but I love you enough to greet you.

Stop blaming yourself for what happened between the two of us, happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

My world used to revolve around yours but now it does not anymore, still I wish you the best.

Have the best birthday celebration that you can get and just keep going with the flow that life has.


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Things have gone rough between us, a lot has changed but you and I will always remain still.

Enjoy this day, a life changing moment for you, how I wished that I could still be there for you.

I honestly think that you are the best thing for me, but we ended so fast, all burned up and lost.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, you deserve to be happy today because you gave it your best.

No one can ever replace you in my life and you deserve to know that I have forgiven you.

Today, you become a woman, no longer a girl and I wish you can have the world I actually do.

We are still on the road to finding how to be friends again, how to keep it and I really love this.

One day, I hope you find a person that is right for you, who will love all of your flaws my dear.

Thank the heavens that I had the chance to meet you in my life, happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

We have gone to each of our ways and I wish that your life is much better now that we had.

I am sorry that I once broke your heart, I swear I did not mean it, I wish you a happy birthday!


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Your heart has always been generous that I took it for granted, still have the best birthday ever!

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, our separation may not have been great but I miss what we had.

I miss all the moments that we had shared and can only wish to be back in them once more.

How can I ever forget your sweet smile or the little things I love about you, have fun today girl!


Life moves on and apparently so have you, I wish you to have a happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, you are always in my dreams and in my thoughts even until now.

Every second I was with you was pure happiness I can just appreciate now, have a happy day.

Keep living a life that I know you will be proud of, I still wish you all the best in this life, dear.

I can see that you are doing so well without me and it hurts but I am happy for you stay happy.

The truth is I still miss putting my arms around you, having you, happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

I live with no regrets because I see just how much better you have become, enjoy your big day.


You brought so many colors to my life I can’t even imagine and for that I will always love you.

Thank you for bringing direction to my life like before, I wish you can get all that you want.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, things have changed but my feelings seem to remain the same.


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Today is your day, so go do all the things you want and just have a little more laughter, dear.

People leave and come but I will be a constant, even if we are not together any longer, sweetie.

You are still one of the people that is in my favorite list, I hope we can catch up real time soon.

It was a short journey with you but I love you for all that, so just celebrate the best you can!


How can I not remember this day when I am still in love with you happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

I do wish we had more time together, that we could celebrate your birthday before we went apart.

Enjoy this birthday without me and just live a happier and brighter life, I will appreciate that, girl.

Knowing that I once loved a person as great as you is enough for me, I am happy for you, love.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, you are still beautiful, time and time again, you still are pretty.

My life is incomplete without you I was a fool to let you go so just enjoy this big day of yours.

I spent a lot of sleepless nights because I thought of you and how we can get back together.


What I miss is the joy, the happiness of having a person like you there, I miss you so much.

There is something about your presence that soothes me and now you are no longer here, love.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, you destroyed me once and yet I still love you with all I have.

I want you to know that you are important to me, still are, and I wish you to enjoy this day.


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Today is your day, something that is solely yours to take so make the most of it, my dearest.

I know you are okay now but now I hope you are even better girl, happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

A lot of factors broke us apart but my love still cannot be severed just as you easily did yours.


I am so restless at the thought of you being sad, I wish nothing but happiness for you, my dear.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, they can call me crazy for doing this but we are friends, right?

Darling, no matter what happens, just know that you can call me any time of the day, okay?


May this day of yours bring you all the happiness in this world, happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

Enlighten me with your presence once more just like before and I will thank you now and ever.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, I am done feeling sorry for what happened, I have let it go now.

More than ever I want to see you and be with you even just for a moment that is what I want to.


My love for you is still there, years have passed and it remained, happy birthday ex-girlfriend.

Have a blast today and just have all the fun you can get, live your life better than before, girl.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, you are one of the people that have made me who I am today.

There is not much I can say but thank you for the memories that you have left me with, my ex.

Happy birthday ex-girlfriend, someday, I hope I can look at you and tell you just how I feel.