The 105 Happy Friday Quotes

Who doesn’t love Friday? Who doesn’t love the most exciting day of the week? Well, if not all of us, I guess somebody is so excited today. Aside from your stressful work, how about planning your weekend getaway? Or Friday night out with friends? Come on. It’s not the usual thing that we do every day. Give yourself a break, a time to relax, and to freshen up everything. Here you can find exciting Friday quotes because you know, you only live once. 🙂

Let’s give Friday a warm welcome and thank God for this is the day the night will be ours. See you all my dear friends!

Nothing can beat the excitement I feel every Friday. From the moment I woke up until at work, all I am thinking is that I am going to see you again after a week. And it gives me butterflies in my stomach.

I love Friday! Thinking of sleeping tonight without having to set the alarm. Oh! I love to sleep.

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My mom would always cook the best dishes every Friday. That’s what makes me want to go home early tonight.

Friday night with good friends are always the best.

Partying till we drop because it’s Friday! No work tomorrow, no worries.

It is the time you spent with good friends that makes Friday night the best.


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I love Fridays because it gives me more time to think what I am going to do next week.

Fridays are perfect time to drink but not to get drunk, to get enough sleep, and to thank God for the week that have passed.

My weekends start every Friday. So happy I have enough time to relax and enjoy my life.

I never knew what special about Friday until my friend take me out on a Friday night. It feels good and fun all the time.

I spend little on other days so I can spend more on Fridays. Time for a cold beer and endless laugh with crazy friends.

No one cares whether it’s raining or not on a Friday. What we care is the time that we are going to spend together. Happy Friday!

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I love the fact that today is the last day work for the week and tomorrow is the day I am going to sleep all day. It is always a happy Friday.

I just cannot imagine my week without Friday. I cannot miss cold beer in a cold night, sharing stories with good friends, and of course more sleeping hours.

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I now understand why all are thanking God for Fridays. This is what life is all about. Having good times with good friends is priceless.

50 Happy Friday Quotes With Images

We have prepared for you best happy Friday quotes collection with images that you can share with your friends and colleagues to celebrate the end of working week. Enjoy in them and have fun reading these Friday sayings and sharing of course.

Night bars are full. Many people are on the street having fun, laughing, and all smiling. Ah yes! Because it is Friday.

I am always excited to go home every Friday. My mom would cook, my dad would fetch me at work, and of course having precious moment with you.

My Friday always feel like Saturday. Laziness all over me. Make me want to sleep all day.

I have double celebration today. First, because it is my birthday. And second, because it is Friday. Enjoy everyone.

How can I not love Friday when all it brings is hope and happiness?

Time to leave the stress from work, I have to welcome Friday with a happy heart. No worries, we are going to have fun.


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Friday means the beginning of my dream life.

I’m glad I made it until Friday. My work is giving me too much stress. Thank God it’s Friday!

I do not have any plan on Friday except to party all night and get drunk until it’s midnight.

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Why do I have this feeling that I am going to have so much fun on Friday? I am so excited!

Hey! It’s Friday! Come and let’s celebrate.

It’s only Thursday but I already planned my life tomorrow. Hey Friday! Here I come.

The most exciting news you’ll here at the office is to know that your payday is on Friday.

I have been waiting for you since Monday. What took you so long, Friday?


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Hello Friday! I am so in love with you. I hope you’ll stay always the same.

Friday feels? Well, just a little energetic than other days. How about you? What’s your Friday feels?

Finally it’s weekend! Thank God I am still alive. Have fun everyone.

You know what’s scary about Friday the 13th? It is when you know that payday is set every 15th of the month and unluckily it falls on Sunday.

I knew it’s weekend coming when all I can feel is that my body wants to sleep and my mind wants to rest.

Thank you for peace and hope you bring me. I love you, Friday.

Happy Friday Quotes With Images

Happy Friday! Wishing everyone a fun-filled weekend and Oh so fabulous weekend.


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The only time I treat myself is when it is Friday. So, basically I am not available on that day.

So many things to be thankful for. Friday is on top of my list.

It’s been an amazing Friday with my favorite person in the world. Looking forward for more precious moments with you.


Everyone is excited on last day of the week, and I am like, “Oh well, it’s Friday, so what?”


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I believe we all deserve a break. Break from all the stress, worries, and problems. Today is the perfect time. No day is better than Friday.

I cannot find any reason why we should not feel happy when in fact it’s Friday today. Get up! We’ll go party all night.

No other day is better than Friday. Come to think of the time when you can sleep all you want, no early meetings, and most especially more time to spend with your loved ones.

I am tired of my usual Friday routine. Today, I decided to dedicate it to the Lord. Worship night and hearing word of God is better than night bars and beers.

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I promise I will date myself on Friday. I will eat whatever I want, I will go shopping, and I will sleep as long as I want. I’m sure my self will thank me for it.

The hardest day in life falls on Monday, and the happiest day fall on Friday. Happy last day of the working week!


The truth is that we are all waiting for Friday to arrive. The time where we can rest our body and mind.

What happens every Friday remain a secret. See you again next Friday for more secrets.


It seems I am starting to fell in love with Friday. I never feel this way on any other day.


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The only thing that makes me sad on Friday is the fact that Monday is near approaching again.


I hope today you find your happiness. Relax for a while. Time to rest and refresh. Happy Friday.

It’s a merry Friday for everyone. Let’s all thank God for giving us time to rest our body and mind.

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I knew it when it’s Friday when all I can see are happy faces of my officemates and they are all asking what my plan is tonight.

The longest day is Monday and the shortest day is Friday. I wish someday they will swap.

Friday means preparation for your weekend getaway. Have fun.

Enjoying every second of my Friday because after it another long day is coming my way.

It’s sad when all your friends are having fun on a Friday night and you are at your office working overtime.

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No other day could ever make me feel this happy except Friday.

Friday is the day where streets became busy, people are happy, and me sleeping soundly.

If you don’t do stupid things on Friday, you’ll have nothing to worry about when it’s weekend.

There is always magic in Fridays. All my pains, stress, and tardiness are suddenly gone. I’m so full of energy. Thanks, Friday!

Everyone is planning their usual Friday hobbies. And I am here, with lots of paper works to finish.

Friday is family day. No other perfect time to spend dinner with them, tell your stories and hear theirs, and show them that no matter how busy you are still, you have time for them.

No one ever said that Friday is their worst day.

Woke up with a feeling that this day will be as awesome as last Friday. Hello again, Friday.

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

FRIDAY. Fun. Relaxing. Interesting. Delight. Awesome. Yippee.

Two words to describe my Friday: Fun and Exciting. Happy Friday!

Let no one in this world ever proclaim that Friday is no beer day.

What makes Friday extra special is because it is the first day of weekend sale in every malls.

I am not lazy. I am just conserving my energy for Friday.

It always feels good when you are here. Till we meet again, Friday.

Happy Friday to all my friends who never stop making my life exciting. See you all tonight.

Cheers for more Friday night out and more hangovers on Saturday. Enjoy!

While everyone is excited to go out tonight, I am here enjoying a cup of tea while watching my favorite movie.

I can still remember how you kiss me that Friday night. Always and forever the best Friday of my life.

The best time to catch up with friends is on Friday. No excuses because most of us need not to work on weekend. Happy Friday!


The best part of my week begins early on Friday and ends immediately on Sunday. And it took me another 4 days to wait to be happy again.

I spend less on Monday so I can spend more on Friday. Both energy and money.

Happiness is when holiday falls on Friday. It will be a long weekend full of fun and excitement.

It was an ordinary weekend night until you came and smile at me. That’s the best days of my life.

My last day of the week will never be complete without good friends and cold beers. Always thankful for this opportunity even it happens only once a week.

We are still lucky to have a day in a week where we can shake it off all our stress. Hello, Friday. Nice seeing you again.

Inspirational Happy Friday quotes

You have pushed through a difficult week and you have not given up at all, even when times were especially hard… happy Friday to you!

Happy Friday to someone who is always working hard and always putting in a little more effort than everyone else.

You have worked hard all through this week and no one deserves a break right now as much as you do. I hope that your Friday is a special one!

Happy Friday and start of the weekend to someone who always gives their all to the job before them and puts their heart into their work.


Happy Friday to someone who deserves to take a break but just does not put aside their work often enough.

I hope that you take a break on this Friday and you allow yourself the chance to get away from your work and all of the stress that it brings into your life.

You have survived another work week and it is time for you to celebrate the fact that it is Friday!

Happy Friday to someone who has a difficult job and who could use a little more rest time in their life.

You deserve to take a break on this Friday and start to make some plans for a weekend that is filled with fun and relaxation – and I really hope that you do that!

Happy Friday to someone who is always working for the weekend and longing for the chance to take a bit of a break.

Happy Friday to someone who gives so much time to their job that they just do not have enough time to focus on their own life.

I hope that you enjoy this Friday and that this upcoming weekend is one that is filled with all kinds of good things for you!