The 105 Happy Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Have you heard of the saying, ‘if you have not loved, you haven’t lived at all?

Your girlfriend is the person you chose to love and who chose to love you as well.

You owe it to each other to be given a chance to experience the joys of love.

Make the special day of your special girl even more wonderful with a heart-melting birthday greeting that will indeed send warm flutters into her tummy.

Pretty as a daisy, graceful as wings taking flight, and elegant as the rising sun, nothing can ever come close to how beautiful you are. Happy bday, love.

I promise that you will have the best day of your life on your birthday. You deserve only the best, that’s why! Wonderful birthday.


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We may be both imperfect, but we are the perfect pair. You know all of me, and I know all of you. We love each other too, and that’s what makes us more than perfect. Best birthday, honey.

Even if it hurts my pride, as long as you are happy, nothing matters. I love you. Happy birthday, love.

The world doesn’t know about your smile. Otherwise, your picture would have replaced Mona Lisa’s place in the Louvre. Wonderful bday, honey.

I never believed that I was even a bit attractive until a stunning princess like you fell in love with me. Happy birthday, honey.

Best bday to my gorgeous angel, my dream come actual princess, my complaint buddy, best friend, fashion stylist, and nurse. I love you.

100 Birthday Wishes

This world has been too kind to me by sending you into my life. To show my appreciation for such a blessing, I promise only to love you more each day. Best bday.

I never knew that falling in love could be this good until I met you. I never knew that kisses could be so sweet, embraces so warm, and having someone to love be this good. I love you, baby. Have a wonderful birthday.

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All I want in life is right in front of me. I want to be selfish and ask you to stay with me every waking moment of my life. Happy birthday, honey.

You are made of the sweetest, hottest, and most beautiful things in this world. You are just perfect for me, honey—best birthday to you.

Your birthday will be filled with love and happiness because you are a ray of sunshine everywhere you go! I’m so blessed to have you as my rising and setting sun. I love you! A wonderful birthday, darling.

Your arms are my home, and your lips are my sweet bliss. I have found comfort and peace in every way. Thank you for loving all of me, honey. Happy bday.

Before you were mine, hearing your voice over the phone was enough to drive me insane. Now that I get to hear and see you almost every day, it’s like living a dream! I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

200 Happy Birthday

I’m not a dancer, but you taught me how to waltz through our music together. I’m not a singer, but you taught me how to sing songs of love just for you. I’m not a poet, but you taught me how to write the pages of my life more beautiful. I love you, honey. Happy bday.


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Happy birthday, love. Seeing you flip through another chapter of your life makes me so proud and happy. I love you.

Today is very special to me because it is your special day too. Whatever makes you happy makes me happy too. Wonderful birthday.

You are the best girlfriend in the entire world. You understand my darkness, my tantrums, and my weirdness. I wonder how you can keep up. I love you. I hope you don’t get tired of me soon because I will never get tired of you! Best birthday, sweetheart.

The 60 Happy Birthday Beautiful

Let’s toast for another chapter in your beautiful life. I wish you are teeming health, overflowing happiness, and unique opportunities to come your way. No matter what path you may take, honey, always remember that I will support you all the way. Most of all, I wish to write my succeeding chapters with you and you with me. I love you. Wonderful bday, my angel.

I am happier than you are on your birthday. See, I am the luckiest man in the world for having such a beautiful, intelligent, and kind girlfriend. More importantly, she will be entering a new chapter in her life with fresh opportunities and new experiences waiting for her. I love you, honey. Best bday.

Aside from my mom’s and Christmas, another important date has been added to my calendar – it is your birthday, honey! I thank God every day for sending you into my life. I have never imagined meeting someone with the same frequency as I do. Best bday!

Up until today, I couldn’t believe that you were mine. Once upon a time, you were the girl that I could only admire from afar, the girl of my dreams who is both intelligent and beautiful. My knees would shake, and my mind would go ballistic whenever you were near. Even if I made a fool out of myself so many times to get your attention, I could say that it is all worth it. The privilege of basking in your love is more than I could ever ask for. Wonderful bday, baby.


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There are many pretty girls, smart girls, and a combination of both brains and beauty in this world. However, a rare type of girl is the one who is not only beautiful and intelligent but is overflowing with kindness as well – and that is exactly who you are. I am a lucky man to have the privilege of calling you mine. Best birthday, honey.

Top 60 Happy Birthday Princess

On this particular day, I want to remind you how much you mean the world to me. You have shown me love that I never thought I was worthy of. I love you. Wonderful birthday.


How can I deserve you? You are so beautiful, so caring, so kind, so bright, and so strong. I must have done something incredibly great in my life to be given such an honor to love a woman like you. Happy bday, baby.


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No gifts can amount to the joys that you have given me. No flowers can amount to the beauty that you hold. No chocolates can amount to the sweetness of your love. Happy bday, honey.

Indeed, you are the only one in this world who finds my imperfections beautiful. You are the only one who manages to lift me when I am at my lowest. You are the only one for me, the most fantastic person in my life. I love you with all certainty, baby. Happy birthday.


When you walked into my life, everything turned bright. It is the same as painting my room with the luster of the stars, only more brilliant than ever before. You connected the constellation on my back with the traces of our history since the galaxies exploded in our eyes. No, you are more than rare than a shooting star, you are one of a kind soul, and the mysteries of this world can’t even compare to you. A wonderful birthday, honey.


It is not every day that you’ll find a woman who shares the same obsession with video games as you do. You’ll be surprised that she is a total geek just like you who loves Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter too! It is like a heaven-sent kind of miracle. But do you know what the best part is? She is my girlfriend! I’m lucky to have found such a treasure! I love you, honey! Best birthday!


Angels do exist in the world. Some are silently watching from the sidelines while some dwell among us. I know your secret, honey. You are not human, but a sweet and lovely angel sent from the heavens above to change my life forever. Wonderful bday, baby. I love you.


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People say that a woman is a man’s diversion towards his dreams. That is wrong! More than anyone else in my life, you have been my greatest cheerleader and supporter of my voyage towards my goals. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your patience, understanding, and your priceless love. Best bday, baby. You deserve everything excellent in this world. I love you.

Though we are apart, always remember that my love for you never falters. Though we are a thousand miles away from each other, keep it in your heart that there is not a day that goes by that you don’t cross my mind. Though I can only hear your voice over the phone and see you through Skype, never forget that I miss the warmth of your body and your sweet kisses every day. I love you, honey. Best bday.


Your smile is all I need to brighten up my dull and stressful day. Your warm embrace is all I need to calm my raging heart and conquer my fears. Your sweet love is all I need to feel alive and grateful every day. Wonderful bday, baby. I love you.

Every day is a special day to be celebrated, not just your birthday. The fact that you are with me, a woman who possesses a heart of gold and incomparable beauty, is a blessing I am thankful for in my every breathing moment with you. Happy birthday, my love.

My life changed completely the moment you walked into my life. I used to go on with my day lifelessly; now, colors filled my days just from hearing your voice. I used to eat dinner and watch movies alone; now, I want to take you with me everywhere I go. I used to keep everything to myself; now, I wanted you to be the first to know if something extraordinary happened. Thank you for painting my world with your love, honey. Best birthday.

The best thing in this world has a girlfriend who is your best friend, and your partner in crime rolled in one. I thank God every day for having in you my life, honey. Wonderful birthday.

Happy birthday to my girlfriend quotes

Happy birthday to a girlfriend who has been by my side through all of the hard stuff life brings and never abandoned me.

To a girlfriend who deserves to receive flowers on every day of the year, not only your birthday… happy birthday!

Happy birthday to a girlfriend who had held my hand when I struggled, always cheered me on and pushed me forward.

May today be a birthday that is filled with flowers and fun, family, and a great big chocolate cake… you deserve it, girlfriend!

Happy birthday to a girlfriend who has always been the sweetest person in my life, the one who is cheering me on and encouraging me.

You are a girlfriend who deserves to be celebrated every single day of the year, and we celebrate you on this birthday of yours!


Happy birthday to a girlfriend who does things for others without expecting to receive anything back in return.

I hope that you have a happy birthday, my girlfriend and that today proves to you just how much you mean to me!

Happy birthday to a girlfriend who is always looking out for the needs of people like me… today, we celebrate you!

I hope that you have a fantastic birthday, my girlfriend and that you always know how much you mean to me and all those around you.

Happy birthday to my girlfriend… someone who is not celebrated enough for all that she gives to the world!

You are always doing for others and never taking anything for yourself… happy birthday to a girlfriend who is loving and sweet!

You deserve an excellent birthday for all that you do, my girlfriend, and I hope that today is all that you want it to be.

Your birthday should be one filled with flowers and chocolate, my girlfriend, and I hope that this one is that for you!