45+ Happy Holidays Quotes

Holidays are always filled with love and happiness, and it becomes even happier if you receive a holiday greeting from someone so dear.
So whether it is Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year, consider sending the best happy holiday messages to someone special.
Here are the happy holiday quotes to help you come up with the best holiday wishes ever.

May all the blessings that this season brings shower your heart with so much love, peace, joy, and laughter! Have a happy holiday season!

Wishing you all the joy and happiness on this Thanksgiving holiday.

A celebration of the holiday season is a gratitude for the gift of life. Here’s wishing you the warmest sentiments and best wishes of this season.

The wonderful gift of the joy of family and friendship surpasses each and every exciting wishes of this holiday season. May you celebrate this special day in the company of the people you dearly love!

As this holiday season begins to pile up with a new day of joy, may you find the fulfillment of your new endeavor! Best wishes to you in everything that you plan to do.


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On this moment of the year, we are so proud and happy of your achievements. May the envelope of peace, abundance and happiness fill you this Christmas season and in the coming days.

May the holiday be your best holiday ever! May you have so much fun and never get tired ever. Here’s wishing you a fun filled holiday celebration.

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The long awaited holidays are finally here. Fun and joy is waiting there. May you have a blissful holiday season! Looking forward to see you after this short holiday break.

Here’s wishing you a comfortable, healthy and prosperous holiday ahead. Enjoy your day!

Happy holiday! May you spend this day with peace, love and joy that your heart could ever desire to have.

Holiday is a perfect way to escape from the hectic schedule of life and beyond. Here’s wishing you a very happy holiday, go on and enjoy life!

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Here’s wishing you an unlimited fun and infinite joy all year round. Happy holidays!

Lots of amazing gifts are being shared during holiday. But the gift of knowing and loving you is truly a pleasure, which I considered the best holiday gift for me.

May you find happiness each time you turn this fresh year. Best wishes to you on this New Year!

We only wish all the best things for you and thank you for helping us to achieve our goals. May all of you have a fun filled holiday celebration!

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On this message I’m sending you, I want you to know that I am sending you the best gifts of the season – joy, peace, laughter and love.

The year has finally come to an end. On the upcoming year, may you soar even higher and fulfill all your dreams. Best wishes to you on this holiday!

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Family gatherings are usually held during this season. Meaningful memories and wonderful celebrations are always done with the people you love. Have happy holidays everyone!

The coziness of quilts and the warmth of sunshine. May you have an amazing holiday to the fullest! Here’s wishing you the warmest and fun filled holidays!

Best wishes for a happy new year that is filled with happiness, health and a wonderful success!

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One of the real happiness of this season is the opportunity to thank the people you love and wish the best on everyone on this season.

Let the spirit of the holiday season fill your hearts and homes. On this loveliest of all seasons, I wish that you would find the many reasons to celebrate love and happiness!

Here’s wishing you a joyous holiday, filled with harmonious tone. May you enjoy each and every bit of the season and end it on the same note.

There are so many gifts exchanged during holiday. But the best of them all would be the gift of friendship.

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All the best wishes for a joyous holiday and a very happy new year.

Warmest greetings of the season and bet wishes for happiness all throughout the entire year.

May this holiday bring you so much joy and may all the blessings be showered upon you today.

There is no time more suitable to say thank you for all the things that you do than this holiday season. So thank you and I hope that this day will bring the kind of happiness that you deserved!


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One of the best things this holiday season is the opportunity to thank you and wish you all the best for this New Year. Happy holiday!

With deepest gratitude, I would like to thank you and wish you a very happy holiday.

During holiday, the air would become cold and people tend to laugh so hard. Let us celebrate this day filled with so much love.

I am sending this message as a special thanks to all that you do. Even if we are miles apart, always remember that I am thinking of you not just this holiday, but in every single day.

On this holiday season, everyone must rejoice for the son of the Lord has finally come. May you have a happy holiday!

Family gatherings are common on holidays. Meaningful memories will always be done with the people you love. Have a joyous holiday everyone!

Give drink to the thirsty and feed the hungry. These are the things that we can give back to the Lord Almighty on this holiday.

It’s holiday! So make the most out of everything for we are not certain what life would bring next.

Many thanks to everyone who showed kindness and love. This season, may the Lord bless you with the things you have been praying to have.

To hug and cuddle with someone so dear is definitely the perfect way to celebrate this New Year.


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On this holiday, it’s time to dim the lights and light the fireplace. Wait for the fireworks to come out and give light to the night!

The spirit of Christmas can be found all over us. All we need to do is to have fun and enjoy the night. Happy holiday everyone!

How wonderful it is to hear the children sings. May every night be as beautiful and amazing as what this holiday brings!

Here’s sending my warmest regards and greetings to everyone this holiday season.


This holiday, take inspiration from the Lord and follow his footsteps, for He is the one guiding you in every step of the way. Happy Holiday!

Whenever you feel sad and alone, always remember that God is with you all the time, most especially this holiday season. So do not ever feel sad. It’s time to rejoice and be glad of the things you’ve had.


Gifts are material things, but presence is a priceless gift that everyone should learn to appreciate. Happy holidays everyone!

Spread the cheers of joy this holiday season. Celebrate with lots of cakes and crazy pastas. Food tastes really great during this season so do not even think of wasting this precious time.


Let’s celebrate! Let’s sing songs of praise for it’s the birth of our savior. Let everyone know of His great love and may this Christmas be a celebration of faith and love.

Warm hugs and hot chocolates. These are the best things that we need on this cold holiday season.


Make everyone feel special this holiday for it is the greatest days that come each year.

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with love and joy and may you give the kids on the streets some of your toys! Happy holidays!


You should learn to forgive so you can learn how to live without burden and hatred. It’s time to forget the pain and just live a glorious life this holiday season.

Receiving gifts and lots of toys are among the things we look forward on holidays when we were kids. I hope that you will love this little gift I have prepared for you. Happy holiday!


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On this holiday, my wish is for you to have someone to share your life with and the wonderful things that come with it. May you have a joyful holiday ahead!


Love and friendship are what I wish for you this Christmas. May you use these in the greatest way and may you have a fun filled holiday!

This holiday, it’s time to reflect on the things that have happened but never focus on the bad side. Be thankful for the great things you have repay the Lord by doing a lot of good things in life. Happy holidays to you!

May joy, peace and harmony be upon you as you celebrate this holiday! So cheer up, have fun and enjoy the day.


Sing and dance like never before. It is truly wonderful to be alive and to have lots of friends to celebrate the holiday with. So put the music on and let the wonderful music fill your heart.

This holiday, it’s time to welcome a stranger in your home and share a meal with the hungry souls. You will never know that an angel might just be passing through.

It is through giving that we receive so much more than we expected. So let us celebrate this holiday by sharing love with everyone else around.

May the spirit of holiday bring you love. May the gladness of Christmas brings you hope and May the warmth of the season grant you peace in your heart.

Happy holidays! Here’s wishing you all the joys of the season and the happiness all throughout the upcoming year.

May you enjoy all the gifts you received this holiday. Here’s wishing you a blissful holiday ahead!

May the wonderful times and treasures of the present turn out to be the golden memories of tomorrow. Happy holidays to you!