35+ Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

Birthdays are the perfect time to express your love to your best friend.
A simple message will not do justice to the degree of friendship you have.
Make sure to pick out the best one out there for your best friend.
Here are quotes that will help you express your affection for the person with whom you’ve shared some of the greatest memories of your life:

If I could summarize our friendship in 5 words, that would be – We’ll stick together longer than forever. Happy birthday!

Life may be full of affliction and adversity. However, I have to thank it for bringing me into my journey. With you, life became bearable. You filled its corners with craziness, joy, excitement and adventure. Words cannot express my gratitude for you! Happy birthday!

If Facebook has the ability to sort my real and truest friends out, it will only choose one – you, of course! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the best friend that knows me inside and out, through good and the bad, and is the greatest person in my life. Cheers!

Isn’t ironic? I am celebrating another year closer to the death of the person I cannot live without. Happy birthday, awesomeness.


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If you were a guy, I would totally date you. But you are not, that’s why we’re best friends. Happy birthday!

Our friendship is like the stars in the skies. Even if you can’t see it, you know that it is always there twinkling behind the clouds. Happy birthday!

Ever since you walked into my life, everything has been a lot more fun and exciting. Thank you for splashing vibrant colours into my life. Happy birthday!

Let’s grow old together and watch each other’s back. We’ll be each other’s bridesmaids at our weddings, and our kids will be best friends too. Knowing that you will be part of my future gives me great comfort. Cheers to you and our wonderful friendship! Happy birthday.

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When I was a child, the wish I blew to my candles was to have a best friend with who I will spend my best memories. It came true when I met you. Happy birthday!

When do I think about you? Every second, every minute, every hour of every day. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365days a year. Happy birthday!

Best Friend Birthday Quotes

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Whenever I try to come up with a plan, you always pop into my head. Well, simply because you are a partner in crime and my best friend! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend List

My best friend is my conscience, my cheerleader, the wise sage I turn to for advice and my drinking buddy. I’m so lucky to have you in my life! Happy birthday!

The treasure of my life has you to spend it with. Thank you for sharing some of the greatest moments of your life with me. Let’s stick together through thick and thin, like we always do. Happy birthday.

I promise to do better as a best friend, to support you even more on your pranks and master plans. Let’s conquer this world together! Happy birthday, buddy.

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You are the one I ran to when my world was falling apart. You are the one who saw me through my sober and drunken days. Even when I was the most unlovable person in this world, you did not flinch by my side. Thank you, my best friend. Happy birthday.

On your birthday, I wish you a landslide of success, a tsunami of happiness and earth-shattering blessings to shower your life. Happy birthday, buddy. You deserve the very best.

Just like how beer is perfect with chicken, red wine with steak, and cream over frappuccino, my life would be incomplete without you. Happy birthday!

You are like a red velvet cupcake; no other cupcake out there can ever come close to your sweet and tangy personality – the perfect combination! Not even a chocolate chip cupcake, blueberry muffin or a molten lava cake. Happy birthday!

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Since I can count on you whenever I’m in trouble, let me repay the favour by treating you to a nice drink. Happy birthday, buddy.

Towering ice cream cakes, a fountain of champagne, hundreds of birthday cards or the most expensive gifts are nothing compared to how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, buddy.

Thank you for making every moment of my life worthwhile; I hope that I did my part well too. Happy birthday.


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I am starting to think that you are my life’s lucky charm. Whenever you’re not around, things are not as good. When you are here, everything turns from good to best. Happy birthday, buddy.

Happy Birthday Wishes for your best friend in the world

Every time spent with you are moments painted in gold. These are the precious times I will treasure when I am old. Happy birthday!

Being with you eases my burdens. Our good times are the ones that give me happiness despite the hurdles I‘m facing. I could not imagine how my life would turn out without you. Happy birthday.

As we celebrate your birthday, we celebrate the years of friendship we have as well. Happy birthday.

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Happy birthday to my best friend, who never left my side, even if I’m a hard person to be with most of the time. How can you tolerate me all this time? I guess that’s the magic of friendship.

Friendship has no written agreements; it only has a contract between two people’s hearts. Happy birthday!


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The reason you have the title ‘best friend’ is simply that you are the best person in my life. Happy birthday.

Our friendship will stand the test of time for sure. Even if everything turns to dust, it will endure. Happy birthday, my best buddy.


You fill my world with happiness and grace. Everywhere you go, you leave traces of greatness. I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend. Happy birthday.

I don’t mind making mistakes and falling to the ground because I know someone got my back. Thank you for your endless support in my journey. I vow to do the same and more, of course! Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my best friend, who has a permanent residence inside my heart and never pays the rent.

The major difference between you and my other friends is they only know me from the outside, but you know me inside and out and everything there is to know. Happy birthday!


Cheers to my only friend who went to parties with me and still stayed after. Happy birthday.


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The day you walked into this world is also one of the most significant days of my life. Happy birthday.


Only a true best friend would stick by you through thick and thin, through laughter and tears, through triumph and failures. There can be only one person in my life who did all that and more, and that is YOU! Happy birthday!


When I tell my future grandchildren about my life, I’m pretty sure that your name will come up not only once or twice but a couple of hundred and thousand times! Happy birthday!

The mark of a best friend is the ability to boast about you even when you are most annoying and unbearable. Thank you for staying, even if there are millions of reasons for you to leave. Happy birthday!

I had debunked the theory of love, never standing the test of times when I met you. I’m pretty sure that ours will and forevermore. Friendship is love that time cannot erode. Happy birthday!

Another year, another chapter together; I am beyond excited about what’s in store for us together. Will it be another exciting adventure? Will it be Friday nights over pizza and beer? Will it be a trip to a land unknown? Who cares! As long as we’re together, we’re invincible! Happy birthday!


I hope you won’t get tired of me. I hope you will still stay despite my endless blabbering and how I love to annoy you for no reason at all. I hope you will continue to guide me through the harsh reality and never sugarcoat things to protect me. Happy birthday!


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Wishing my best friend to have all of life’s greatest riches, all of their wishes fulfilled, and happiness no sadness can extinguish. Happy birthday.


Hey, buddy! Here’s to another year of rock and roll. As long as we got each other’s back, nothing can ever break our spirit. Happy birthday!

May the roads of your journey take you to wonderful places you’ve always dreamed of. Happy birthday. You deserve every life’s blessings.

Even when I feel worthless, you never fail to make me feel that life is still worth living. Don’t ever get tired of me, okay? Because I will never get tired of you, no matter how tough it gets.

I feel like I can conquer everything; that fear is just another hurdle for me to overpower, and no matter how hard it gets, it will eventually get better. Happy birthday.

Ours is a friendship that will remain untouched by the hands of time, stronger than the toughest steel and brighter than the sun itself. That’s the closest I can get to describing how much you mean to me. Happy birthday!

I think we are more of twins separated at birth than best friends. You are indeed my other missing half. Happy birthday.

Ours is a friendship with the benefit of faithfulness, support, reverence, love and kindness. And, of course, free cookies and a sleepover at your place anytime; happy birthday!

Who needs a sister/brother when I have an awesome best friend like you! Happy birthday!

You’ve seen me cry more times than my own father. You witness me fall apart more times than my own mother. Sometimes, I can’t help but feel like you are a best friend and a parent rolled in one. Happy birthday!

There are many times that I didn’t make sense, but you always did your best to figure it out. There are more than a hundred times that I’ve been mean to you, but your patience never wavered even if I felt that you would throw me out the window anytime. I cannot ask for a better best friend. You are simply the best of the best out there. Happy birthday.

Funny Best Friend Birthday Quotes

Having a best friend like you helps make life worth living, and I hope that your birthday is amazing and a day that is all about you.

You bring so much joy into the world, my best friend, and I hope that this birthday shows you just how much you are loved.

You bring so much life into the world, my best friend, and I hope that you can celebrate your birthday today in a big way.

Today is a special day because it is the day that we celebrate your birth, my best friend, and I want you to know that I love you and hope that you have a great day!

May you feel loved on your birthday and every day of the year, my best friend, and may you know how much you mean to me!


You are so special, and I am so blessed to call you my best friend. May you have a birthday that you will remember for a long time!

A birthday is a special day, especially when celebrating someone amazing like you, my best friend!

You have given of yourself to me over and over again, and we celebrate you on your birthday, best friend!

A best friend is there when the world is going crazy, and I hope that this birthday shows you just how much you mean to me!

A best friend gives, over and over again, and I hope that you know that I care about you on this special birthday of yours.

I couldn’t ask for a better best friend than you, and I hope that you feel my love on this birthday of yours!

A best friend can change a life forever, and I want you to know – on your birthday – that you have changed my life for the better!