Have A Great Weekend Quotes

The weekdays are probably the worst days of everybody’s life, to have to go through a lot in school and to go through a lot in terms of studying.
It is very important to keep in your mind that you need to look forward and just have a great weekend, so you can recharge yourself to face the weekdays once more.
To anyone who is trying to be that way, wish them to have a great weekend so that they can also feel the same way you do.
Here are some ‘have a great weekend’ related quotes that you might want to see for yourself.

Have a great weekend, you deserve all the rest that you can possibly get, you’ve worked hard.

I think the weekdays are so overrated, we should make it into Saturdays and Sundays as well.

This is the time of the week to have fun, to do all that we would like to do and just relax a bit.


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Maybe you should just calm down and let yourself have some free time after all the work.

After all the work that you have done it would be really great to have some fun time right now.

You need a break, something to keep you away from all the stress you get from your job, dear.

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I wish you would have a great weekend for I just love the way she says that, that’s for sure.

Darling, take things slow, you are doing fine, you just need to keep yourself relaxed a bit.

For now, you can start by doing something that you like, something that will keep you chill.

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Try to have the best days of your life during your short break from all the jobs, dear baby.

You may want to just chill out a bit and have some great time because you deserve to, dear.

For now, what you can do is this: have all the fun you can get and be prepared for tomorrow.

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Go hiking, get in touch with nature, do something that will keep you calm down and relax.

May you have the most fantastic time in this short two day vacation that you have weekly.

After all the stress that you have gotten from work, it is finally time to destress some more.

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It is quite hard to remove yourself from stress but you can have that if you trust yourself.

And when you tell me to have a great weekend, do you know that I actually believe I would?

You are going to be alright, those pile of work can go pile themselves up, you’ll be okay.

Forget work for a bit and just have some great fun, I bet you should, it would help a lot.

Maybe what you can do is this: go on a party tonight, meet new people and enjoy the night.

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So, go dancing, have some time for yourself because you need it and you deserve to be happy.

Do what makes you happy, do something to keep yourself in a good mood, it will be worth it.

You are doing so fine on your own, what more do you need to tell yourself to just let go, baby.

Please have a great weekend, I want you to rest up real good because I care about you a lot.

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Lean back on your chair and snuggle against its covers, just calm down and breathe in, baby.

What you need to do right now is this: have the most awesome time of your life living it good.

When you seem to forget that you need to earn what you deserve to do, then you should start.

Start doing the things that makes you feel good and you will actually feel good about it, babe.


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What I really wish the most right now is that you have a great weekend up ahead, my dear.

How about you keep doing what it is that you love to do, I bet you will have the greatest time.

There is not much I can tell you but that you deserve to rest after those tons of work you did.

For now, just keep calm and remember that things are going to be better, just keep going.

I bet that you never thought you would have a great time and then suddenly you did, my dear.

What you need to do is have the best moments of your life as of these two day break of yours.

Have a great weekend and do not forget that I will always be right here for you no matter.

How about you throw a party to celebrate some rest from all those work that you need to do?

Maybe what you need is to have a bit of fun, to understand that things are going to be okay.

Forget work for a bit and just relax, you are going to be just fine, you can do great things.


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Be more than productive than you intend to and you will be more than okay, you’ll be great.

Have an awesome time on these two days because you deserve to because I love you a lot.

To have a great weekend, one must always remember to relax and just always calm down.

What you really need right now is a good book to read and some wine, that’d do the trick.

You need to relax a bit, lighten the mood and just keep a straight face, you’d do just fine.


Remove some stress in your life by coloring some art books or just watching some television.

What you need to keep in mind is that you are going to have less anxiety, you are on break.

Maybe you can run on some marathon to relieve some of the tension on your mind right now.

Baby, have a great weekend and keep in mind that soon enough we will see each other again.

Maybe now you can learn some new skill that you have always wanted to try learning about.

Be more mindful of your surroundings and for sure it is going to affect you in a better way.

Walk slowly and appreciate the beauty of the nature you are in, it is beautiful, appreciate that.


Go jogging, have fun and just keep on going on the pace that you are in, it will be okay later.

May you have a great weekend and may you be more than productive on it so you can rest up.

For now, what you need to do is just keep going, maintain your focus and be more productive.

A lot of people are relying on you but right now you only have responsibility upon yourself.

And so baby, I tell you that tomorrow things are going to get better, that it will, believe me.

I think tomorrow is going to be the best day of your life if you let it happen, so make it count.

Maybe you just need to have a great weekend to be more okay today, to be a little bit better.


Make every moment of your life matter by doing what you do best, to live a life that is great.

Tomorrow, you are going to get that moment that you have long wanted to be in, that’s sure.

Surely, you would want to curl up on your bed and just sleep all day from all the hard work.

I am sure that you are tired so go ahead and just sleep like the dead for now, it’ll be alright.

You are the most wonderful person but you may not know it yet so calm down and just go on.

If you can have a great weekend, try to do that so that you can have some energy later on.

Every person needs some rest and this time you might need to get a good night’s sleep too.


How about if things happen for a reason, then you must let fate take control of your life now.

I wish things would work out the way you want them too, I love the way you enjoy your life.

Take some action, do things in the way you would love to do so, you’re gonna be alright, dear.

And in the middle of the night I still think that you are the best thing that has ever happened.

Baby, you are all that I really need to have a great weekend, because you are the one I love.

How come I always think of the way you would look really great next to me on my bed, love.

I love seeing you sleep so peacefully, as if you have no problems in this world at all, my dear.


And if tomorrow never comes, I just wish that you would listen to me thoroughly, that you do.

For now, I just want to spend this day with you, to be the one to comfort you to sleep, baby.

If I can spend all day with you that would mean a lot for me to have a great weekend, honey.

I want to be with you, I want to stay with you in this two days that I have break from work.

All the work that needs to be done, I will do today and tomorrow, my two break days, love.

I will spend some quality time with you today so that I can go back to work with a smile.

This heart of mine has not felt this way for quite a long time and I wish it would again.


You have the sweetest smile and so I wish that you would have a great weekend, my baby.

May the stars shine upon you and guide you throughout the holidays, have a great weekend!


Oh, what a fun day to extend your vacation, you should learn to have a great weekend, girl.

You, my darling needs to have a great weekend, and to do that you must learn to have fun.

It is necessary to have a great weekend so that you can be as happy on the weekdays, dear.

All I wish for you is that you have a great weekend, that is truly all that I wish for you, love.