The 85 Happy Birthday Images

Heartwarming birthday wishes can certainly liven up a birthday celebrant’s day. But sometimes, we find it hard to come up with happy birthday greetings to send to someone celebrating his or her birthday, whether it is for a friend or a family member. So here are some of the happy birthday images wishes that you can send to anyone celebrating their special day.

Birthdays are certainly a great start of a new beginning and a perfect time to pursue new adventures and achieve new goals. So move on with confidence and have the courage to reach your dreams. Remember that you are a very special person, have a happy bday!

Count the candles on your cake and not the wrinkles on your face. Count your blessings and not the mistakes you have made. It’s your birthday, so have a blast!

Happiest birthday to you! It’s time to forget the past and look forward to your great future. Remember that the best are yet to come.


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Wonderful birthday to the most charming and talented person!. You truly remind me so much of myself.

A birthday is considered as the most special day in a person’s life. So enjoy yours to the fullest! Have a blast and make as many wishes as you can! Happy birthday!

It is your birthday today and my wish is for you to continue to love and not to stop dreaming. You are surrounded with so many great people not only on this special day of yours, but all the days of your life. So cheer up, best birthday!

Happy Birthday

One of the biggest advantages of old age is that you get to be able to spread your love to the people around you. Have a wonderful bday

Remember that words alone will not be enough to express how happy I am that we are celebrating another year in your life. My only wish is for you to stay happy and healthy for the years to come, best bday!

Have a great birthday celebration, my dear! I wish that you will be happy on this special day of yours.

Thank you for being with me no matter what. I love you my sweet friend and I am so excited to share this special day with you. Best bday!

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Love Hearts Birthday Video

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Mr.Bean Birthday Video

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Your birthday is such a wonderful occasion. As for me, this day is truly special and I want to thank God for the friendship that we share, wonderful bday!

Ever since we are small, you have always been there for me and I am so happy that we are still sharing that special bond today. Soon, the day will come that we will be sitting beside each other in our rocking chairs while laughing at the crazy things we did when we were younger.

You truly deserve the best birthday celebration on this special day of yours. So be ready, as the most amazing party will now start. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes Image From the Heart

Happy birthday images

Birthday is a great time to celebrate. May you have a wonderful day that is filled with so much fun and happiness! May this day gives you the most amazing memories and may all of your wishes come true.”

“On this birthday of yours, I would like to look back at the wonderful memories we have shared together. I am certainly thankful for all the great adventures we share and of all the things we did as friends. Cheers! Here’s looking forward to many more memories with you.

There are truly so many things in our friendship that I want to treasure forever. Your birthday is one of those. Today is the best time to celebrate a special day and I want you to know that your friendship truly means to me. Best birthday!


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I cannot believe how lucky I am to have found a special person like you. You truly make my life so special and my goal is to ensure that your birthday will be one of those special days ever. Wonderful birthday, I cannot wait to party with you!

One of the best things of having you as my friend is that I am able to go crazy and wild without a care in the world. Happy bday to you my best friend!

Happiest birthday to you my dearest friend. I do not know if I would be able to convey to you how much you mean so much to me. Please stay happy specially that today is your birthday.

A friend like you is truly precious. You are even more priceless than the most expensive diamond in the world. You’re not only strong and wise but you are kind and thoughtful too. Happy bday to you, my dearest friend!

My dear friend, today we are celebrating your birthday and I want to look forward to celebrating more birthdays with you!”

On this birthday of yours, I wish you the warmest joy and happiness. I wish that all of your dreams and wishes will come true. Wonderful birthday!

You truly are a great source of joy my best friend. May this special day bring extra happiness to you, best birthday friend!

Happy birthday best friend

Because this day is special, sending you birthday wishes is simply not enough. So I am sending you a day where all of your dreams and wishes come true and a year that is filled with so much happiness, too. Wonderful bday!


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I am so happy that you are born. You truly have brightened my life and filled it with so much joy and happiness. I hope that your day will be as special as you, best bday!

Your birthday is the day that you have been brought into this world. I am so thankful for the blessing and inspiration that you give. You truly are a wonderful person, happy birthday!

20 Happy Birthday Sister Images Painted With Love

Happy Birthday Sister

Best bday! As you can see, the sun is shining more brightly today now that we are celebrating your birthday.


On this day, I wish that all your drams and wishes will come true. Don’t forget that as you go on with your life, make sure that you count all the blessings you receive and realize that you are such a blessing to everyone. Wonderful bday!


Friends will not let friends celebrate their birthdays on their own. So let us get your party started, happy birthday to you my best sister.


Best birthday to you! You might still be young enough to stay reckless, but you are already old enough to be charge as an adult for being such a wreck!

Happiest birthday to you. May your day be as warm and bright, and as breezy as the wind outside.


Wonderful birthday! Here’s to a birthday that is filled with life and happy memories.

Happy bday to you. May you live to be very old that a mere sight of your presence will be enough to scare the young kids away! Just kidding!


“Wherever you are now, I want you to know that you are so special to me and this day reminds me of the wonderful friendship that we share.


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You may add another year into your life today, but remember that our love for each other will never get old. This is because we will remain together forever. Happy bday to you!


As far as the fathers would go, you are simply awesome. Of course, I might be slightly biased since you are my dad, which is the recipient of your awesomeness. So wonderful birthday to you, the most awesome dad in the world!

15 Lovely Happy Birthday Mom Images


Happy Birthday Mom

If God has created friends, then He has made them out of your image. Because you truly are the best mom that anyone would love to have. Best birthday!


As your friend, I can say that you truly are the best mother in the world. You simply are amazing. And now that you are adding another year to your life, you have become an even better person and as always a great mom for all of us.

When I say that there is no one who compares to you, please know that I truly mean it. You are truly one of a kind, in fact, you are the best kind. Wonderful bday to you!


There are things in life that certainly exceeds our expectations and do you know that you are one of them? Happy birthday to you, my amazing friend.

Another year will be added to your life today. So it’s time to celebrate and blow all the candles in your cake, best bday!


“Blowing another candle on your cake would mean that you have lived another year of happiness and love. It also means that you have contributed to making this world a better place to live, happy birthday!


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Best bday to you! Here’s wishing you a wonderful year ahead. Your birthday truly deserves a grand celebration since you are special, one of my life’s best treasures!


To the person who touches each life of the people around her, wonderful bday! May the love and happiness that you share to others be given back to you a hundred fold!”

On this birthday of yours, I wish that you will have a magical day that is filled with so much love and happiness. Happiest birthday to you, my dear sweetheart!

I hope that your big day will involve a cool ay and a sizzling hot night, best birthday!


Wonderful birthday to you. I hope that you will have an absolutely amazing day.

If little kids will ask hold old you are, then do not be afraid to let them guess. They may be distracted in trying to figure out your real age, they will surely have a blast.


Happy birthday to you! I hope that on your party today, you will dance so wild while your guests will sing with joy at the thought that you are adding another amazing year into your life.


I just want to great you a very happy bday and I wish that you will have the best birthday celebration ever, along with the happiness that each of this day brings.

You might look older or younger than their age. Nevertheless, it feels good to party on this special day. Happy bday!

I just wanted to wish you a very wonderful birthday and I hope that you will have a blast on this day!