Cute Happy 60th Birthday Quotes


Every year that is added to your life can be considered a milestone because you have gotten that far in this crazy world. What more if you have lived 60 years of a happy and fulfilled life? That’s more than achievement, and that is why 60th birthdays are one of the most special birthdays we celebrate and cherish; not everyone gets to blow 60 candles on their birthday, right?
Of course, birthdays should be a special occasion. And by special occasion, I meant filled with love and sweetness.
It’s just a once in a year event, why not make it special? Some people do not dread turning old, some people actually get excited that they are about to get their Senior Citizen’s ID.

Some people look forward to getting old, for what reasons, only they know. Kidding! Because getting old is kind of cool, if you think about it.

So, here are some messages that will make the celebrant’s day more special.

Some people dread the fact that they are about to reach 60. And because you wanted to make the mood lighter, here are some birthday messages we have composed to make the celebrant smile (or laugh) on his/her birthday:


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It is your birthday today! Let’s dress up tonight and party hard! Kidding. Happy birthday, my friend. Let’s have a peaceful date later? At your favorite place, with your favorite tea. I hope life will be less harsh now that we are getting older. Enjoy your day!

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I hope your parents are not strict because tonight, we will party all night long! We will dance ‘till we drop, and we will laugh ‘till we cry. Being 60 does not mean you have to be boring, so put on your party dress, gather all your credit cards because you will have the most epic celebration you ever had.

Happy 60th birthday to you, my dearest friend! I can’t believe you are 60, because you totally do not look like one. I can still mistake you as 40, fabulous at 40. I hope you will enjoy your day and all the love everyone around you will give. Wishing you all the best!

Happy birthday! You are now one of the most valuable people in this world because you carry a lot of history. Kidding! You are wiser now more than ever, wisdom comes with age. You may have less hair on your head, but you have gained a lot of friends and family throughout the years. Who cares about the hair, right? Enjoy your birthday, it only comes once a year!

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I think your body forgot to age, because you still look gorgeous as ever! Nobody can tell you are 60, I guarantee you that. Happy 60th birthday to you! I hope you are living the life you have always wanted because life is meant to be happy, and life was given to you to do the things that makes you happy.

They said, life starts at 40 but mine started when I retired. So for me, life starts at 60, and your life is just starting now. Let go of the worries about getting old, if you think about it, you are younger than you will be tomorrow and the next days to come. Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy your 60th birthday celebration!

Happy 60th birthday! Wow, you are a vintage collection. You sure are rare and cannot be replaced. I wish you more fun-filled memories in the years to come. And I am praying that the Lord will grant you all the desires of your heart.

Happy 60th birthday! I hope you are done with your mid-life crisis. Enjoy your day!

I think your wrinkles forgot that they are supposed to make you look 60. I mean, where are they? Aren’t they supposed to be showing up right now? Life’s unfair! But, happy birthday!


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I read in the papers today that there’s now a secret to being forever young. But I guess, there is no point of telling you because you are already old. Happy 60th birthday!

Have you forgotten that you are 60 today? Not a surprise to me, forgetfulness is one of the signs of aging. Happy birthday and welcome to the seniors club!

Don’t hate your wrinkles, they signify how many challenges you have overcome. Kidding aside, don’t mind the signs of aging because I can’t see any of them in you. You are lovely as ever. Happy birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Son

You lived your life being a good role model to all of us, now is the time to let go of the good image, have some fun, break the rules. Or is it too late? Kidding! Do not stop doing what you love, do not stop chasing your dreams, do not stop dreaming. Because that’s when you grow old, when you stop seeing magic everywhere you go. Stay young at heart and have a happy birthday!

I hope you still have the energy to spend all the money you have saved all your life. If not, I can help you with that. I have a lot of time and energy to spend on shopping. Kidding! Life still has a lot to offer to you, look forward to it and enjoy every minute of every day. Look at life in a positive attitude and you will never feel old. Happy birthday to you!

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Worrying about turning 60? Worry no more because you will get to experience that again when you turn 61. Get used to it. Happy birthday!


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I bought a cake with 60 candles but the fire marshal forbid me to light them up. So I just lit up 6 candles and let’s assume there’s a zero after. Happy 60th birthday!

Stop worrying about turning 60, because the more you worry, the more you age. You don’t want to look 70 while you are still 60, right? Enjoy getting old! Not everybody gets to live this long. It’s a blessing. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend!

I guess the age 60 loves you because it looks really good on you. If getting old is like that, I will stop searching for that “forever young” spell. Happy birthday to my most gorgeous friend! No one could tell you are 60, because the way you dress says you’re 30. Wishing you all the best!


Is there really a significant difference with turning 50 and turning 60? I think not, because you haven’t changed a bit. Have you stop aging? How do you do that? Anyway, I wish you the happiest birthday! I wish that your grandkids will make you feel young again, as usual. I wish that your day will be filled with love and good cheer. I wish that the Lord will hear all your heart’s desires and grant them all for you. Happy 60th birthday to you!


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Compared to those who get to live up to their 100th year, you are still young! Happy birthday!

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Happy 60th birthday, darling! Though a lot of kids today are calling you grandma, and you may have your senior citizen’s ID, but to me, you are and you will always be my baby. You are still beautiful in my eyes, you will always be.


If being 60 is like that, then I would gladly embrace getting old. You make it look so easy and fun! I can’t even see you struggling with painful knees and back aches. Happy 60th birthday to the most awesome person on Earth!


I can tell that you really are aging because you are grumpiest than ever. Stop frowning because it results to wrinkles. Getting old does not mean that it is the end of the world. Happy birthday, old man!

You have spent most of your life taking care of people around you. Now you are 60, and I hope you retire from that and let us take care of you now. You have a lot of people who loves you so much, you will never have to worry who will take care of you. We love you! Happy birthday!


You are one of the kindest person I know, it’s no surprise that you make it this far because you have a happy and healthy heart. Your heart contains nothing but kind words and love, I admire you for that. I hope that the Lord will bless you more years, and that you will continue spreading kindness in this harsh world. Happy 60th birthday! This universe is undeniably lucky to have you in it.


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I am pretty sure that as of now, you have achieved most of your life goals. I believe you are one of those people who live their life with no regret. I cannot wish you anything but a life filled with happiness and love because you have everything you need. Happy 60th birthday to you! I wish more people will live their life like you do.


As you get older, more hair will get lost, more parts of your body will ache, and more of your bones will weaken, but you will see who among the people you love, loves you the most. But you are such in a good shape, I do not think you’ll get to experience those pain. Happy birthday to you!

It’s time to enjoy all your life’s savings! You have saved since you started working and now is the time to enjoy all the leisure. You have worked so hard all your life, loosen up a little bit because you are now free from work stress. Happy birthday to you. I hope you will receive all the blessings you deserve. We all love you!

Say hi to your retirement. Say hi to days without alarm clocks and toxic schedule. Say hi to less-tax shopping. Say hi to unlimited discounts everywhere. Who says getting old sucks? From what I can see, you will have a lot of rewards. I guess, that’s the universe’ way of telling you “good job! You made it this far”. So, on this day that you are officially old and senior, I am wishing you all the best this life has to offer. Happy birthday!

Happy 60th birthday wishes quotes

There is a beauty in getting older, wiser, a grace that comes with age. You make it look effortless my friend. Happy 60th birthday.

A birthday is a day to be cherished because life is a gift, it is a true blessing, and we should take the time to celebrate every birthday as big as we wish. Dance to your hearts content.

Don’t let this birthday pass without taking a moment to pause, reflect on life, be thankful for all that you’ve had but still dream big for the years ahead. I will be right there with you. Happy 60th birthday.

60 years of experience in life, you couldn’t put a price on that. Sending you warm thoughts on this birthday occasion and hoping you have a memorable celebration filled with love.

I wouldn’t have asked for a better friend, it isn’t possible. You have been a true blessing to have and know in life. Thank you for being you. This day means the world to me because it is the day to celebrate you and all that you are. Happy birthday.

On this special day I hope you take the time to eat your cake, blow out your candles, and still dare to dream big for your life. You are never to old to dream big. You deserve the world my friend. Happy birthday.


To someone special who always knows what to say, who is always there, may your birthday be bright and filled with love, friends, cake, drinks, and great memories.

For a friend on their birthday, 60 years of fun and we aren’t stopping now. Happy birthday today and many more yet to come for us that we will celebrate even bigger.

You are never too old to celebrate your birthday. Start here. Happy birthday to you my friend.