40 Happy Married Life Wishes

When you have two close friends get married or if a friend suddenly plans on tying that knot, you need to greet your friend.
You have to wish them to have a happy married life.
If you feel like you cannot think of anything to say by then, worry not because here are some awesome happy married life quotes that you can try to tell them or them so that your friend would feel that you care and that you are glad for them.

The secret to a happy married life is to remain faithful to your partner, so keep the faith.

For your marriage to succeed, you have to keep being friends with your partner.


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Try to see the person you are with an eye to eye; try to understand why he is acting the way he is.

Marriage is but a companionship, growing old with your best friend together until you die.

When people learn to love each other better, to know when to let go, marriages will last.

If you want your marriage to succeed, focus on finding a partner, not just the right person.

Always be courteous with your partner; keep on remembering the small details, you’d be fine.

Never forget to be sweet in the little ways and to make your spouse feel special just the same.

Love stays when love must, so just keep on going strong, you will be alright, believe me on it.

It would be best if you learned to be kind to your partner, or else things will not work out the way they are.

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Base your marriage on a friendship that has a strong foundation, and so will your wedding.

Happy married life. May the two of you always have the right amount of patience, my friends.

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I wish you would have a happy married life because you’re one of the best people I know.

Respect one another, and you will be okay; you will not get that shiny divorce that is waiting.

When happiness is shared between two persons, then marriage will work for the better it.

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Enjoy the company of the person you chose to be with, and you will be alright, for sure, dear.

The most important thing that you have to do is love your spouse with all you have.

Remember that marriage is a commitment; it means that it should always be your priority.


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The tip to a happy marriage is to fall repeatedly for the same person over time.

Time and time again, prove to the person you married that you love her so much, boy.

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Fall in love with the character and not with the looks, and you will be just fine, believe me.

If you want to maintain a happy married life, learn how to listen when your spouse speaks.

Be comfortable with the silence and sooner or later you will see that your marriage will last.

When you learn to accept the flaws of the person you married, you will leave a better life.

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The key is to never think of leaving, of giving up, keep on fighting to salvage your marriage.

Find someone who you will never be bored with, who keeps you on your toes and live happily.


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The answer is to be together, to actually try to hold on to the other no matter what happens.

When a long conversation between the two of you is never enough that is the ground for it.

Everything will feel better when you are with that person you love so hold on to that, always.

Realize that there is something about living together with the person you love that is amazing.

Stay by her side, even when she is mad, hold her tight, do not let go until she becomes okay.


Understand him, his point of views, the way he looks at things, how he stays no matter what.

It is when you realize that holding on is the hardest part that you give importance even more.

It is imperative to know how to be understanding in order to have a happy married life.

Learn to actually hold on to the person that has been with you through a lot of things already.

Look her in the eyes and remind her of why you chose her to be your wife in the first place.

Tell him that you love him until he believes you and tell him that you will always stay with him.

Remind her that she is still the most beautiful woman in your eyes now and forever, tell her.


Imagine life without him, if this is his last day, tell him what you wish you can tell him then.

Bring her roses, a dozen of them and tell her how much you truly love her, what you feel.

Show him that you care for him by telling him that you appreciate all the little things he does.

And when it comes to a moment that you want to leave, kiss her and remember why you won’t.

In the end, it is about being able to make compromises that lead to a happy married life.

If you really want a happy married life, the key is to actually keep on falling in love with him.

Be at peace with yourself and I am sure that you will have a happy married life, my friend.


When you are contented with your partner you know that you will have a happy married life.

It is easy to maintain a happy married life especially when you are actually satisfied with life.

Show her that you respect her by listening when she talks and telling what you think of it.

The thing is that you also need to remind him that you love him, assure him he’s the only one.

Your story together starts after your marriage and you need to make it to be what you want.

The bottom line is to find someone that you want to share the last piece of pizza with, girl.

You keep your marriage by actually forgiving each other, by knowing that love means her.


I wish that you would always find the reasons why you married and that you’d stay together.

Forever is a long time but with the right person forever will seem like seconds, that is for sure.

May the two of you have all the years that God allows you to have together and forever.

It may seem difficult right now but eventually you will come to a day when you will remember.

Cheers to a happy married life for you and your spouse, I am wishing you all the best, dear.

Keep on trying to understand one another and you will truly have a happy married life.

I want you to know that you are one of the best couples that I have ever met, I am so proud.


There is something about the way you look at her and you need to keep that fire burning.

Marriage is an exchange of vows that you should surely try your best to keep no matter what.

I just know that you will find happiness with each other and that alone is enough for me.

If I could show you just what you marriage needs I gladly would, so just enjoy being together.

May your time together be filled with happiness, bliss and laughter, I wish you the best.

I know that the two of you will make a great home and that is what I hold on to when I pray.

A happy married life is a bond between two people and you need to actually make it count.


I am praying that the both of you will find the right reasons to stay together and not fall apart.

When you feel like you are falling out of love, remind yourself why you fell in love anyways.

I can see that there is true love between you two so I hope you keep staying together forever.

You truly deserve each other and I can see it so please do try your best to make it work out.

This is you guys trying to pursue the best life there ever is as husband and wife, do your best.

To have a happy married life, one must learn to sacrifice, to forgive, to make things happen.

When the time comes, you will have children and you will live even happier than you are now.


You are both so great so I really am expecting great things from the two of you, enjoy this life.

The key to being married for a long time is to just keep on loving each other through the years.

There is more to life than just arguing every day, let your love for each other blossom too.

When you love someone you will accept every flaw that they have and that is what you should.

It is even better to stay in love with your spouse than to opt for divorce, believe me on that.

There is something so sacred about marriage that it is something not to be taken so lightly.

Keep on loving each other and you will see that many years will pass you by so quickly.

When you are married to your best friend, you will see it as hanging out every single day.

You are going to break each other’s heart many times but you will keep loving each other.

And when the day comes, you either try or at least have a really happy married life, okay?

One day you will find the man of your dreams & I wish you would have a happy married life.

There are so many requirements to a happy married life but for most part it is just to love.

A bond between spouses is important and that is what makes up to be a happy married life.

Let yourself find a happy married life and you will be with the right one for you eventually.

There is something about having a happy married life that makes people live life fuller.