The 60 Happy Birthday in Advance

When you send a loved one an early birthday greeting, it means that you do genuinely remember their special day.
There will also be a time that you will be occupied during the day of their birthday, or you want to be the first to greet them.
Send a special greeting or two to turn their birthday in advance into an extraordinary occasion.

This is just a warm-up to fill your tummy with butterflies and to keep your adrenaline pumping for that special day tomorrow—Happy Early Birthday.

Better late than never, but wouldn’t it be awesome to be early? Advanced happy birthday.

It does not matter whether my greetings come late, on time, or too early because I want you to know that I don’t need Facebook to remind me that your birthday is tomorrow! Happy birthday in advance.


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Who says birthdays ought to be celebrated for a day only? Let’s start now and make your birthday a weeklong celebration! Happy early birthday.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

I can’t believe that I will miss out on one of the best parties of the year! Thinking about the tons of crazy fun you will be having on your birthday without me makes me very sad. Nonetheless, what matters is that you have a blast! Drink and eat a lot for me! Happy early birthday.

Do you know what good friends do? They don’t settle for just one greeting; they shower you with more as the minutes draw closer to your birthday. This is just round one! Happy birthday in advance!

The mark of a true best friend is genuinely remembering your friend’s birthday well in advance before the actual day of her birthday.

I know you are sad about turning a year older. Let me add to your misery by reminding you about it in advance! I wish you the best birthday.

If you’re worth in my life is measured by the number of birthday greetings I will give you, brace yourself for the avalanche of wishes coming your way! I will start with showering you with greetings in advance because one day is not enough! Happy birthday in advance.

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I’d instead choose advanced than belated. A particular person like you deserves all the very best in advance! Happy bday!

You are my go-to person, the first one I tell all things to when something remarkable happens in my life. It is only fitting that I give you an advanced greeting because your birthday is a fantastic moment for me.

Missing your birthday party hurts a lot, for I know that I will miss out on one of the most significant events in my life. I promise to make it up to you every day that will follow. So to compensate a little for my absence, I am sending you an advanced greeting—happy early bday.

You are too fantastic to have just one birthday celebration in 365 days, so let’s celebrate it with another day in advance! Happy early birthday.

It breaks my heart to be away at your birthday party, but that does not mean I love you any less. I wish you the best things for this fresh chapter in your life. Happy birthday in advance.

No one likes late, so I am dropping you an early birthday wish instead. Advanced happy bday, mate.

Happy Birthday

I am crossing the finish line first and beating everyone else with my early birthday greeting for you! Happy advanced birthday.

The most special way of making a person feel exceptional is to do a countdown and welcome their birthday together with open arms! Let’s throw a welcome party in advance for the unfolding of a new chapter in your life. Have a wonderful day.


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I am indeed too excited about the coming of your birthday. I cannot contain myself any longer, so I am sending you this birthday greeting in advance! Best wishes for your birthday in advance.

I may always be late with our appointments, but I want to be early when it comes to your birthday—a wonderful advanced birthday.

In my heart and mind, I want you to know that you always come first. Therefore, I am sending you a bunch of advanced bouquets of sweet kisses and special wishes—happy early birthday.

I don’t need Facebook or any reminders to remember your birthday because the date of your special day is imprinted in my heart, that’s why. To prove that I genuinely do, here is an advanced birthday greeting for you!

The 60 Belated Birthday Wishes

Do you know the jolt of happiness when you wake up ahead of your alarm? That is how it feels like to remember your birthday in advance!

How dare you throw the craziest party of the year while I am away on a business trip? Best wishes for your birthday in advance.

Getting stuck in the traffic of birthday wishes for you is not a good idea. So, to avoid getting trapped in a jam, I might as well go ahead and greet you with a happy early birthday!


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The rising sun holds more brightness than the setting sun, just like my early greeting holds more love than a late one! Happy early birthday!

I prefer to be in the front seat of your birthday, so I am sending you my early birthday wishes of excellent health, bountiful wealth, the realization of your dreams, and a pocketful of luck to take with you in this new chapter of your journey. I advanced the best birthday!


An angel like you is worthy of more than just one greeting, but of thousand folds of good wishes and tender greetings for her special day. Have a smashing birthday! Watch out for another set of birthday greetings later!

Someone as great as you need more than just one birthday greeting; you will need one for every hour that draws closer to your name-day! Happy early birthday!

If for every birthday wish you get, you will receive a basketful of blessings; then I shall start the avalanche of greetings ahead. Prepare yourself for the flood of good things coming your way! Happy early birthday!


Your name day is too extraordinary to be celebrated once only. Let’s do it ahead, on your actual birthday and even after it! Best wishes for your special day!


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I wish I have two bodies, one that goes on my business trip and the other to celebrate with you on your birthday. Since it is virtually impossible, I am dropping you an advanced greeting instead. Enjoy your birthday.

Yes, your birthday is days ahead, but my best friend needs to remind me that she will be the superstar of the day in advance—best wishes for your early birthday.


Your birthday is drawing closer! I can’t wait for it to come around, that’s why I need to greet you in advance. Here’s to my confidante, my partner in crime, and my soul mate! Happy early B’Day!

Since I won’t let anything get in my way in celebrating your birthday, we will do the celebration twice! One in advance. The other, when I am away for essential travel on your birthday. Happy early birthday.


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Making you feel like a celebrity throughout your birthday week is my job as your best friend. And so, I will start the countdown towards one of the most significant days in your life. Happy birthday in advance!

Since you are at the top of my friend list, I will go ahead and top everyone else by greeting you in advance! Happy early birthday!.


The mark of a true best friend is remembering and showering her buddy with as many birthday wishes as she can. Since your special day is just around the corner, I will start greeting you now! Happy early birthday!

I can already feel the sugar rush of your birthday. I can already smell the delicious meal and the fragrance of the freshly baked chocolate cake filling the air. I can already feel the surge of excitement that will unfold at your party. To appease my anticipation, I will start greeting you days ahead of your birthday! Happy early birthday.

I am doing you a favor by sending you an early birthday wish. This is to remind you to plan your party days. Who knows, you might get discounts for buying stuff in advance. Plus, you would want a reservation for your birthday cake, right? Advanced wonderful bday!

There are three phases of my birthday greeting plan for you – one, in advance; two, on the day of your birthday; and three, after your birthday. Phase one starts now. Happy soon-to-be birthday!

I’m getting the silverware ready, the glasses and the cups for the party. I’ve already planned the menu and the program, and the guests to be invited. Did I forget anything else? Yes, of course, this excitement is all about your birthday tomorrow. It is only suitable to top all of this with an early birthday greeting: advance best bday, my love.


I can’t believe I won’t be able to witness you get all crazy on your birthday. I guess our friends will help me record your wild dancing. I will go ahead and greet you with a happy early birthday. Sorry, I can’t be there to go to the party.

Because you mean the world to me, I am sending my love ahead to wrap you in warmth and comfort before your birthday comes. Happy birthday in advance.

I hate doing things last minute. And so, I will do my birthday greeting for you ahead—happy early birthday.

You are a person who is never late. It is only fitting to match your promptness with a punctual birthday greeting.

Being forgetful is part of old age. I don’t want my disability to get in the way of greeting on your birthday. Happy early birthday.

I’ve been thinking about you all the time, and so does your B’Day that will come in a few days. Let me greet you ahead and many more times before that awesome day. Happy early birthday.

Life moves faster than the blink of an eye, and so before your birthday passes by without me realizing it, I want to go ahead and greet you with a happy early birthday!

Funny Happy early birthday wishes

I’m sorry that I won’t be there to celebrate this time with you, but I hope you have fun without me and I know that you will. Have a great birthday; I hope it’s a beautiful day for you.

It might be early, but I hope that doesn’t make it any less meaningful because you mean more to me than you could ever possibly know. I am so happy to have a friend like you and wish you a happy birthday with many more to come.

To a friend who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, sending you all my love on your birthday, hope this gets to you in time.

Sending you love and light on your birthday, am I the first one to say it? I hope so! You mean so much to me, and I will never forget this day. I hope it’s everything and more.

Who says that you cannot celebrate early? And you can start right now with this card; I love you more than ever and am so happy to have a particular person like you in my life. Happy birthday, all the best.

It is never too early to say happy birthday; I hope it’s filled with plenty of fun and new memories. I’m always here for you and wish you nothing but the best.

Happy early birthday to a friend who feels more like family. I cherish your friendship more than you will ever know; thank you for being such a positive inspiration. I hope you have a fantastic day today.

I wish you health and prosperity, blessings for this birthday, and many more yet to come. Grateful to have you in my life and hope to enjoy many more years together.

Start celebrating your birthday early right now, don’t be afraid to eat the cake, dance all night, and laugh until it hurts. I hope you have a fantastic birthday that is more memorable than the rest.