30 Happy New Year Greetings

Every year is unique, every year means a start of something new, a beginning, a time to move on from your bad experiences and to somehow deal with new things. It must be celebrated, something to be shared, and because of that, it is something great to be able to greet the people around you and tell them to have the happiest year of their lives. If you have a hard time doing so, worry not because here are some happy New Year greetings that are sure to help you out!

Have a happy new year! Stay safe and everything you want to do with a smile. Stay happy!

May this coming year be good to you in all possible ways, have a happy new year, love!

To my dearest friend in this world, stay positive this year, happy new year to you!

May all the things you did last year be put in the past and may you look ahead to this year!

This year is going to give you more surprises than you might expect, have a happy New Year!


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May this new year be the best there will ever be in your life, have a happy new year, my dear!

Tons of happy wishes to you and your family from me; your best friend in this entire universe.

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Every day is a day to celebrate but even more so is today because it is the start of a new year.

I am wishing you all the blessings for this year that is coming. Have a very happy new year!

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new things that you will go through this New Year.

I hope you get to be happy throughout this whole year, I am wishing you the best for it!

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Thank you for another year of friendship and I am wishing this year would be full of you too!

I would love to tell you that this year with you has given me so much joy, so cheers to another year together, just the two of us.

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I’d like to let you know that my life has improved so much ever since you entered it. Thank you!

For all the love that you have shown me in this life of mine, I’m wishing you a happy new year!

Happy New Year Wishes

This is the New Year, this is the chance to start a new chapter of your life, my dear friend.

Let this new year serve as your blank page, and your choices be the pen to write on it, now.

Now is the time to make the most out of life, so forget all the mistakes of last year and start making the right choices for this year to come.

This is God’s gift to you: the chance to start over and over again with the start of a new year.

Another year has passed us by and it was filled with sweet memories. Cheers to another one.

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You gave me hope when I was just about to lose it this year, may you have a great new year!

All that I am ever hoping for in this New Year is the chance to be able to see you smile again.


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Every moment spent together with you is a moment to treasure, let us make more this year!

I wish that God gives you even more blessings this new year because you truly deserve it!

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Nothing in this world is going to stop me from loving you and making the best out of this year

As the New Year enters, I want to take this moment to tell you that I love you and I care for you.

I love that you still am with me up until the start of a new year, please keep staying with me.

You have had me at my worst and yet you still bring the best out of me. All the best this year.

For this year, my resolution is to repay you for everything you have done for me last year

I am going to do my best so that you get to enjoy this New Year together with me, right now.

I love you and I hope you realize that I will keep on loving you no matter how many New Year pass us by.


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The new year brings a lot of thing: new joys, new experiences and new chances to make things better and happier. Happy new year to you!

I wish that this New Year makes you a whole lot happier than this year ever made you happy.

I wish you all the best in this upcoming year and may all your wishes and dreams come true.

You are the strongest person I have ever known and I know you will survive this year too.

Knowing that you will be there for me no matter what makes this New Year so much happier.

May the world finally have the peace it truly deserves this upcoming New Year’s Day.

Another year is done and another one is here so I hope you get to have all the things you want.

Whatever your heart desires, I hope that this is the year you finally get them all, you know?


This year will be a good one, it will be kind to you but you still need to fight for it. I love you!

I hope that this year will be one of the best one you will ever had and may you be blessed too!

Be happy, no matter how many years come, you will always be one of my dearest friends.

You are strong and I am strong because you are there for me. This year, let me handle it too.


I wish that you God blesses you even more in this New Year to come, happy new year dear!

Another year of happiness and success has passed us by, but cheers to a new year to come!

No matter how many problems comes your way, I hope that you pass them all this year!

I will always be here for you no matter what, you can call me anytime. All the best this year.

I hope that this year could be the start of something new between the two of us, you know.


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I am wishing you the courage to face all the problems you are going to encounter this year.


Keep your face to the sun and you will know that everything can be solved. All the best this year.

The year may be new but I hope that the love shared between us will never grow old.

The New Year signifies so many things and it also brings new people, so make the most of it.

The New year is filled with new hope and promises of tomorrow so you should enjoy it.

Take on new adventures, go to more places and explore new things this New Year to come.

I hope you enjoy this New Year as much as I am looking forward to spending it with you

Cheers to another year of friendship ahead of us, happy New Year to you my dearest friend!

Even if we talk less now, that does not change the fact that I love you.

Every new year means a new beginning so cheers to us for another year done! Good job!

No matter how many other friends I make, your voice is still the one I look for every New Year.


The best New year greeting I can ever get is to hear your voice at the first second of it.

Throw away your old habits and make new ones this year to come. Best year, dear!

Love, who would have known we would still be together up until this time! All the best this year.

We can never go back to change what has already happened so just do better this year!


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Let us look to a wonderful future, just the two of us in this brand new year to come!

Work hard for this new year so that the next one would be a whole lot happier than it is.

The new year has come so you might as well forgive the ones who hurt you these past years.

Together with the start of the new year, let go of the things that have caused you so much pain.

New year also means new life, new choices to make and new people to be with, be happy!

I hope you stop seeing yourself as full of faults and just accept them this coming New Year.


The best gift you can ever give to anyone this New Year is the gift of love, share the warmth.

Show the world that you can do it, show the world that you are taking this New Year as a sign of hope and good faith.

Do not forget the bad things this year that passed but hold on to the lessons learned for the New Year to come.

Not much have really change with the change of the year but the choices becomes yours.

May you have the happiest, most wonderful and amazing new year ever.

Let me be your shoulder to cry on no matter how much you change this New Year to come.


May you have the most memorable New Year and may all your wishes come to life, love.

To my dearest mother, I hope that this upcoming New Year will be the best one ever!

Happy new year! May you always remember to be grateful for everything you are given.

Let the world shine on you because this New Year will be the best one in your life!

The best New year there will ever be is the one where you are going to be next to me.

Let us welcome a new year up ahead and fill it with new memories of you and your family.

Happy New Year! May this new year be kind t you just like the past year has been.

Have a happy holiday and greet the New Year with an everlasting smile! Enjoy your life and be happy!

Latest Happy New Year greetings

Sending you warm wishes for the New Year ahead, may it bring you nothing but the best and then some.

Happy New Year to a close friend, I wish you a blessed year ahead and many more to come.

May this New Year that we are entering bring you true blessings, Happy New Year.

Time to make some new goals and smash them, Happy New Year.

Looking forward to making new memories with you this year, Happy New Year.

What adventures might we go on next? Happy New Year.

May this New Year be filled with blessings for you, I wish you a prosperous new year ahead.


Another New Year to celebrate and I hope we see many more together to celebrate too.

Happy New Year, don’t be afraid to start over and set new goals. It’s the perfect time.

The New Year is a time for family and I hope your family makes wonderful new memories this year.

Looking ahead to this year and many more to come, Happy New Year friend.

May this year that we are facing now be the best one yet, Happy New Year.

To a close friend who I hope gets everything they want this year and more, Happy New Year.

May this New Year be filled with blessings for you, Happy New Year.

Wanting nothing but the best for you and hope you have a great New Year ahead of you.

Happy New Year and may you see many blessings for the years to come.

Wishing you health, happiness, and success this coming New Year.

Happy New Year and may it bless you in many ways.

Hope that this New Year helps you achieve new goals, Happy New Year to you.

Happy New Year and may you see much health and prosperity for not only this year but many more to come.