80 Advance Birthday Greeting and Wishes

Sometimes, time does not permit us to spend time with a birthday celebrant close to our hearts. Birthdays are unique to all of us, and all of us also want to receive warmth during this day.
Instead, we make up for our absence by greeting them in advance so they may know that we have never forgotten their special day.

I may not be in time for your bday, but I want you to remember all the memories we shared.

I am already starting to celebrate your birthday even though it is still days away.

It makes me so sad that I will miss your birthday party, so let me greet you with an advance happy birthday today.

We have been so close for years now that one greeting for your birthday is not enough. Advance happy birthday, best friend.

Good friends remember each other’s birthday right on the date, but best friends remember birthdays days before.


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I could not bear to think that you are turning much older, so let me greet you before that fateful day comes.

You may not know how much I value you in my life, and I want to show you that by greeting you way ahead of others.

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I was given an option between greeting you in advance or belatedly. Of course, I will welcome you in advance. Beautiful birthday in advance.

You have become my confidante to whom I can tell everything; now, I take this time to greet you ahead of others.

I may miss the coolest party ever, but I will make up to you by being the first to greet you.

Even before you celebrate your bday, here are birthday greetings that will surely make your day.

Happy Early Birthday – Congratulate Birthday in Advance

Even though I am not there beside you, it never means that I do not care. Wishing you the best birthday.

I would rather be early than late in greeting my favourite person.

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I will race everyone else to greet you before your bday.

Your birthday deserves more than just a day of celebration, so I will go ahead and start the party by greeting your birthday!

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Let’s not celebrate your bday with a birthday card. Let’s do a countdown and a race to greet you first!

I wish I could have a pause button to walk out of my other appointments and celebrate with you. Still, happy, beautiful birthday in advance!

I do not care about the date; all I care about is you, so let’s celebrate already!

I may be going away on the day of your birthday, but my heart will remain with you. Advance happy birthday, my love!

Your birthday might be days away, but just a single wish would never be enough for a beautiful person like you.

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I could not wait for your bday to make a wish for you so that I will do it now.


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Have your bday even though I am not there, but I will greet you even if today’s not the date.

I can beat Facebook and even my phone in wishing you the best birthday.

You know that I am always lazy and late, but I am more than punctual when it comes to you.

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I must be away from you on your special day, but don’t let this spoil everything. We’ll have a blast when I get home.

I always want to be your first in everything, and greeting you for your birthday is not an exemption.

I cannot be there for your bday, and that merits a second celebration when I get home!

I know that I will miss your party, so let us celebrate beforehand.

We cannot live forever, so I am greeting you far in advance already.


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50 Happy birthday in Advance Wishes With Beautiful Images

Let me make it up to you when I get home, but for now, here is an advance greeting for you.


I will beat the countdown to your bday, so let me greet you with a birthday!

I am a forgetful person, but for my favourite persons, I always remember in advance.

Blame my bills because I have to work hard to pay them, even on the day of your birthday. Advance lovely birthday anyways!

Advance Birthday Greeeting

You are always on my mind, so let me wish you the best ahead of others. Advance happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

I always think in advance, and greeting you for your bday is no exception.


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It may not be your bday today, but let me say the things I wish to say.

I am no ordinary person in your life, so that I will give you a not-so-ordinary greeting too.


I am away from you on your birthday, but I will indeed celebrate for you no matter where I am.

Since our motto is to live like there would be no tomorrow, I will not wait for tomorrow to greet you. Best birthday in advance!

All your friends will remember to greet you on your special day, but I will make you feel special even before that day.

I wish that God would shower you with all the blessings you deserve.

I know that surprises are in store for you, but let me surprise you by greeting you.

I may not be meant to celebrate with you on your bday, so I am sending you my greeting even before the others do.

The only people I greet in advance are special to me, and you are on the list!

Greeting you is a race, and I want to be in the first place. Best birthday wishes to you in advance!

You are such a particular person that I cannot help but wish you all the best you can ever have. Best birthday to the most special person!


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Your friends may remember your bday on the exact date, but I remember it days before.

Because you are so modern and advanced, I want to greet you in the same way too.

You are a particular person, and because it is your special day tomorrow, let me give you a special greeting too.

I wish that you would have a birthday full of sweet memories even without me.

The most amazing thing that happened to me had a special friend like you.

An avalanche of birthday greetings is already coming your way, and I don’t want mine to get lost amid all of them.

I want you to feel extra special on your birthday, so let me greet you in advance.


I am so proud of myself because I beat all the reminders and notifications of your bday.

If I greet you a day before your birthday, it’s not a guarantee that I will be the first one. So let me say congratulate birthday days before!

I never want to forget your bday, so I am greeting you in advance.

I do not want to miss your birthday, but I have to pay my bills. Let me wish you all the best in advance!

However much I hate giving you advance greetings without any advance treats, I still want to greet you on your bday in advance!

You love to be at the head of the race, so let me greet you first, too.

I would instead remember your birthday ahead than remember it late.

We prepare for events in life in advance, which is why I am now greeting you days before your bday.

You are so lucky because you will have two birthdays: one on the day of your birthday and the second when I return from work.


I hope you will save me some food because I won’t be able to attend your party.

I may not be able to access you on your bday, but know that my heart will only beat for you on that day.

No matter how I cry or beg, I still have to write an exam on the day of your birthday so I’ll miss it. But happy bday in advance to you!

It may rain on your bday, but let me give you sunshine through my advance greeting.

I want to be your first in everything, especially in greeting you on your special day.

Let us throw you an advance birthday party, a birthday party, and a belated birthday party! Cheers in advance!

I wish that this year your desires would be realized. Advance bday to the most special person!

I always tell you everything first, so let me be the first to greet you too.

Before your phone is filled with birthday greetings, let me wish you a happy birthday in advance.

I wish that happy memory would fill your bday. Wa

Only smiles and laughter on your birthday! Advance happy bday!

Know that I will think of you even though I am not there for your bday.

To the most special person in the world, advance happy bday and lots of great surprises for you!

Advance happy birthday greetings quotes

Hi, happy birthday in advance. I think you are a great friend so expect a lot for your birthday. Get psyched because I’m excited too.

Happy early birthday, dear. You are a wonderful woman, an exceptional wife; you are the reason our home and family works as well as it does. I love you.

I know your birthday isn’t for a few more days, but I’m just so excited I can’t wait. Happy birthday, in advance!


I may not see you on your birthday, so I wanted to let you know, happy birthday in advance. I love you, and you are a great person; I wish I could be there with you and celebrate.

Have a pleased birthday while I’m away. I’ll make sure to contact you on the day; I love you.

Can I say you are a delight? Your life has done nothing but good for the people in your life. Happy birthday in advance; expect to be spoiled on the day.

When a person finds someone special in their life, they want to celebrate every day they are born from then on. Every day of this month, I will be on my knees in gratitude and wish you an early happy birthday.

I’m so sorry I can’t be with you on your birthday, I would if I can. I wanted to say happy birthday in advance, and in the evening we can do something together.

Today, tomorrow, the next day, and the day after that. Happy birthday in advance. You can never understand how much you‘ve impacted my life. Your birth was a gift.

Tomorrow, I can’t be there with you. I’m sorry, but I wanted to say happy early birthday. You are a gem, and you deserve everything. I will make it up to you, I promise. I love you.