The 85 Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

As an uncle or aunt, you serve as a role model to your nephew.
If you want to be that cool aunt or uncle that your nephew loves and adore, make sure to send a sweet and thoughtful message on his birthday.
Take a look at these quotes that are sure to send the love across to your dear nephew:

I grew up with my brother/sister thinking that he/she would not do great things in his/her life. I was proven wrong when you came along. You are indeed the best blessing in his/her life. You are destined for greatness, remember that. Happy bday, my dear nephew.

You are the son I never had. Nothing can come close to how much I feel blessed with having you around. Have an awesome birthday, my dear nephew.

My dear nephew, you are the only reason why I did not regret the decision of killing my brother/sister when we were kids. Happy birthday!

Trust me when I say that I tried my best not to spoil you. But you are just too adorable! Wonderful birthday, my nephew.

I don’t think I’ll need kids of my own if I have an awesome nephew like you! Best birthday.


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When you feel like doing something silly that your parents will surely oppose you from doing so, think of me, your cool and awesome uncle. Wonderful bday!

During the times when your parents scold and ground you, don’t ever think that the world is against you. I will never let you sulk and eat cold pizza alone. It’s you and me against the world buddy. Best bday, little man.

I love the relationship we have – you are the son that I can dote endlessly without boring and I am your parent minus the responsibility. Best bday!

Remember, I am an aunt you can rely on and a best friend rolled in one! Happy birthday!

No wonder your parents can’t help but hate me for all I do is to spoil you lavishly. Happy birthday, my nephew.

You are my own child minus the pain of carrying you around for 9 months in my belly. Wonderful bday!

As your uncle, it is my duty to be the coolest one out there. A cool uncle means an equally cool nephew. Happy birthday!

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Being a referee during the war between you and your parents is easy – you’ll know I’ll always choose your side. Best birthday.

One of the best gifts of life is to spoil, pamper and fuss over my little handsome nephew. Happy birthday.

When you walked into my life, I turned from being a simple man to being an amazing and awesome uncle. Wonderful birthday, little buddy.

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When you grow older, you will never let go of your silly and mischievous way for sure. But please do me a favour and hold on to your extreme adorableness. Happy bday!

I will never feel the hands of time when I have a nephew who will always make me feel forever young. Happy bday!

We are more than uncle and nephew, we are also the best of friends too! Here’s a toast – a champagne for me and a root beer for you. Wonderful birthday!

The only problem I have with you is you make everyone else in the family look boring to hang out with. Best birthday, my cool little nephew.


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Since you help me with some stuff at home, I will surely return the favour by getting you out of being grounded. Wonderful bday!

You are more than a nephew to me, you are also my son and my best friend. The magic you have has conquered every corners of my heart. Best bday.

My friends are getting mad at me for spending less time with them. Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with a cool and amazing nephew and best friend in one! Best bday.

You may be the ideal son to your parents and the coolest among your friends, but these are unmatched with how great you are as my nephew. Wonderful bday.

Your parents made a lot of great things in their life, but bringing you in my life is their best achievement. Best birthday.

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When your parents say you can’t, think of me and you can! Wonderful birthday, my little nephew.

You are the one who taught me the essence of tantrums, naughtiness, fun and adventure. Thank you my little nephew. Happy bday.


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I wish you success, blessings and happiness. Then, I will be a blessed uncle to a celebrated nephew. Happy bday.

You are what make this family dysfunctional. Thanks to your naughtiness, our bonds are stronger than ever since you make everything more fun! Happy birthday.

Cool, handsome, smart and charming – you’ve taken after your uncle obviously. Wonderful birthday.

I never had any weakness before, until you came and swept me off with your cuteness. Best birthday, my little nephew.


The world does not produce awesome nephews like you every day. I’m lucky to have a classy limited-edition nephew like you in my life. Wonderful bday.

One of the reasons I love my brother/sister very much is because they open the path to having you as my nephew. Best bday.


I wish you all the most adventurous experience, the most overwhelming success and the greatest happiness along your journey. Remember that you have a cool uncle/aunt to support you in that cause. Best bday.

It is a delight to see such a cute and charming nephew. You remind me how beautiful life can be. Wonderful bday.


One of the things I’m looking forward to in my life is to see you climb the ladder of success and grow into an even more amazing person. Best birthday.

It’s amazing how life has blessed me with a lot of great things, one of them is having a crazy cool family and an awesome nephew like you. Wonderful birthday.


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If I have one wish you, my dear nephew, it’s to go after your dreams and never let anything stop you from pursuing it. I am looking forward to seeing the day you cross the finish line. Happy bday!

Your parents hate me because they spend a lot of time instilling discipline on you, while I come in and spoil you fully. Happy bday.

To the best and most caring nephew, I wish you all the sweet things this life can give. I am proud of what you have become today and in the future to come. Wonderful birthday.

To the mischievous kid in the family and the superhero in every party, best birthday! May you conquer more hearts as you go on your journey.


Make your birthday party the event of the century. As a present to you, I will not allow your parents to crash it. Wonderful bday.

I know that you will grow into a handsome and great man someday. To me though, you’ll always be my cute and cuddly nephew no matter how many years pass by. Happy birthday.

You have your whole amazing life ahead you. Seize the wonderful opportunity that will come your way. Always remember, I will be here to support you every step of the way. Best bday, my awesome nephew!

I’ve been watching how you walk your path since you were little. I’ve witnessed some of the greatest moments of your life. Someday, I know that you will accomplish many beautiful things. Wishing you all the best and always, my dear nephew. Happy birthday.

As each year go by, the cooler and the more awesome you get, just like your uncle! Best bday.

You are the son I’ve always wanted and because of that, I’m wondering if I need to get a son of my own now that I have you. Wonderful bday!

In your little ways, you have thought me how exciting and how life is filled with wonders. To see the world in a child’s eyes taught me a lot of things. Don’t grow up too fast, my little nephew. Best birthday.


Birthdays will come and pass. But the fact that I am your aunt/uncle will stay forever. Wonderful birthday.

If I will have a son someday, I want him to be just like my nephew – classy, smart and funny. Happy bday!


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Your laughter chases the boredom away. You’ve brought such an abundance of joy in my life. A nephew as cute as you is truly one of life’s priceless treasures. Happy bday.

I am looking forward to more days spent conquering video game quests with you, talking about the latest gadgets and what’s happening in our lives. Wonderful birthday to my cool nephew.

It is so wonderful to have you as my nephew. I have someone to pass on my tricks with and share the greatest fun with too. Happy birthday.

‘God made nephews to let uncles/aunts experience the joy of having a child. Thank you for giving me that kind of chance. Best birthday!

I’m pretty sure that there will be awesome adventures ahead of you. Brace yourself for the fun ahead and live every moment. This is the best advice your cool aunt/uncle can give you on this special day. Wonderful bday.

As you grow each year cooler than the last, so does your aunt/uncle. That’s how awesome we are as a family. We grow cooler and more awesome together. Best bday.

Family gatherings are definitely more fun when you are around. I have a partner in pulling pranks on the other members of the family. Let’s do it year after year together! Happy birthday.

I can’t wait until the day that we can have a beer together and bet together on our favourite basketball team. Growing older is now so much fun with you around, buddy. Happy birthday.

You’ve grown up to be such a great man, just like your uncle. Best bday!

We may be far apart but never in our hearts. My nephew will always have his own special corner in my heart. Wonderful bday.

I am glad to have a little guy to spend my great days with. Spending time with you is one of the highlights of my life. Best birthday!

Wishing you the best in your awesome birthday for an awesome nephew deserves all the awesomeness.

My Little Nephew Birthday Wishes

Having a nephew like you makes me so happy, and I hope that you enjoy celebrating your birthday today!

The world would not be the same without you in it, my nephew, and I am so lucky to have you in my family. Happy birthday!

Having a nephew like you brings so much joy into my life, and I hope that you know how much I care about you on this birthday of yours!

This world would be a dark place if you had not been born, and I hope that your birthday is special, my nephew!


Having a nephew like you means everything to me, and I want this birthday of yours to be one that you will remember forever!

Having a nephew like you is a gift, and I am grateful for you on every birthday that you reach, including today!

You are such a special person, my nephew, and I hope that you know how much you are loved as you celebrate this special birthday.

You are a part of my family and a part of my heart, and I hope that you have a great birthday, nephew!

I have watched you as you have grown through the years, nephew, and I am excited to continue to watch you. May you have a happy birthday!

Happy birthday to someone who is growing up too fast and who is always able to get me laughing. I love you, my nephew!


May today be about all of the things that mean the most to you, nephew, and may you feel loved as you celebrate your birthday.

Today we remember the day that you were born, my nephew, and I look back on that day with great joy.

You mean everything to me, my special nephew, and I hope that you celebrate this birthday in a big way!