Happy Birthday To My Handsome Nephew

To that cute little boy you were not expecting to come, here is to the nephew that makes your life a whole lot more fun; may you be an uncle or an aunt, here is to him.
Your nephew is practically like your son because of your age gap or maybe your cousin; either way, here is to him, and here are some awesome happy birthday wishes and quotes to try to tell him.

You are an awesome nephew and I am sure that your parents are proud of you, happy day!

Happy bday, nephew, may you finally achieve all your goals and dreams soon enough.

You are truly the light that makes our family shine, I hope you enjoy this birthday of yours.

You are an amazing nephew and you deserve an amazing birthday, I hope you enjoy it!

Have the best birthday in the world, my nephew, you are cool enough to deserve just that.


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I know that you will do great things, I see it in you, wonderful birthday to you my dear nephew.

Time flies by so fast, it seems only yesterday that you were still in diapers, best birthday!

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You may be my nephew but the love I have for you is like you are my son, wonderful bday!

You made me happy in ways you never even knew you did, happy birthday to you, nephew.

I am so proud of you, my darling nephew, you made changes in the world, best bday!

A blessing is what you are in this world so continue being the blessing that you are, nephew.

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I hope that every birthday will top the previous one, happy birthday to my favorite nephew.

I wish you a wonderful life full of amazing things, best bday to you, dearest nephew.

I will be a constant in your life, you can be assured of that, best bday, dear nephew.

Today is a day to be silly, to live life to the fullest, best bday to you my dearest nephew.

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There is no one who could ever surpass you here in my heart, you are my favorite nephew.

If you ever need a place to go, know that my house will always be open for you, my nephew.

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You have a family that loves you, do not forget that, wonderful bday to you, my dear nephew.

I wished you could have stayed a kid forever but here you are now, best birthday, nephew.

You really did a great job even as you grew old, you did mature, wonderful birthday, dear nephew!

Birthdays may come and go but the love I feel for you remain the same, happy bday to you.

After all this time, I still try to look for the child I saw back then in you, happy bday to you.

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Whenever you are feeling down, just call me and I will try to cheer you up, wonderful birthday my dearest nephew, try to find the better things in this so called life!

Every year, the time to celebrate your birthday comes around and it sure is cool, my nephew.

Show the world what you are truly made of because you are capable of it, best bday!


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You are the one that makes us laugh when we all feel sad, best birthday to you our nephew.

From your aunt and uncle, all we really want is for you to be happy, wonderful bday to you!

I hope that the world will bring you out to be the best person you can be, best bday!

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There will be a lot of challenges in your life but I will be here for you, best bday to you!

You have brought pride to our family and that is your legacy, wonderful bday, my nephew.

I am happy for you whenever you do things that seems impossible, best birthday, nephew.

There are times when you are a brat but I love you nevertheless, wonderful birthday to you!

I always pray that you grow up to be a kind man with a wise mind, happy bday to you!

You grew up so fast, as if it happened in the blink of an eye, happy bday to you, nephew.

I wish that nothing can ever ruin your special day, wonderful birthday to you, dear nephew.


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Just continue living your life to the fullest, my beloved nephew, best birthday to you!

 I hope that you never lose that innocent smile of yours, no matter what, wonderful bday.

Have a bright day today because I love you and a lot of us loves you, wonderful bday to you.

I cannot even imagine a life without you because you have brought us so much joy, nephew.

Keep on being the awesome goofball that you are, nephew, have a best birthday today too.

I wish that you would always be the kid I knew you once were, wonderful birthday to you, nephew.

No matter how much time passes by, I will be with you, I am your uncle, happy bday!

I wish you all the best in all the things you decide to take part in, happy birthday to you!

Thank you for being born in this family, we love you and we cannot get enough of you!


Happy birthday to the world’s most awesome nephew, know that we love you so much!

There is not a place I would be but right beside you on your birthday, rest assured of that.


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I love you and all that you are, my nephew, stay the same bright bubbly person you always are!

I just hope that today, you will be relaxed and happy and not think of any problems at all!

Today is your day, my nephew, it is your birthday so just go out there and have some fun.


I love the way you look especially when you are so happy, so stay happy, my dear nephew.

Seeing you smile takes away all of my worries, so keep being happy, happy bday to you!

You make me so proud of you, especially with all the things you have become, wonderful birthday!

Thank you for being awesome and showing people that you can do things, best birthday!

Do not forget that we will always be here for you no matter what, wonderful bday to you!

Our whole family will always be supporting you, nephew, just keep that in mind all the time.

No one can replace you in our family, so just keep being the blessing you are, happy birthday.

You make people happy and that is your talent, so keep doing that, best bday to you!


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Let me tell you that you are awesome and that I wish you would tell me all your problems.

Whenever you are ready to share your problems, know that we are just here waiting for you.

Happy birthday to you, I hope you know we will lend you all ears whenever you need it.


You have the kindest heart in the world so do not let anyone take that, happy birthday, nephew!

You make us feel happy whenever you are around, you are the person that we all love, nephew!

My love for you can conquer all the odds, nephew, I hope you have a fun birthday today too!

May you always do the right thing even if the world tries to stop you, happy birthday, nephew.

You are always going to be my favorite nephew, as you are the only one, wonderful bday!

Loving you is not really difficult because you are really lovable, thank you and best birthday!


No matter what happens to you, I will be here for you, I am just one call away, wonderful birthday!

You make me believe that there are still better things in life out there, happy bday, nephew!

Who would have known that a nephew like you could change my view in life, happy bday!

I want to take this moment to thank you for being you, wonderful birthday to you, dear nephew.

I love the way you smile, it is very contagious, really so keep on smiling until it hurts, nephew.

No one can ever surpass you as my favorite nephew, do not worry, best birthday to you!

In this world, there will be a lot of hurdles and challenges but I know you can do it, nephew.

I believe that you are strong enough to overcome all life will throw at you, happy birthday!

Wonderful bday to the nephew that showed me what he is really made of, keep being you!


You are perfect just the way you are and that is what I really like about you, best bday!

Thank you for always being you, that is the best thing I like about you, happy birthday, nephew, you are awesome and I hope you never change.

Do not try to become anyone else because you are awesome as you are, best bday to you!

No matter what happens, we will stand by you, your aunt and I, so go make a change today.

The world will keep on trying to bring you down, so remain strong, hold your ground.


Happy birthday to you, nephew, keep in mind that we will always be here for you, all the time.

Things would never change between you and I, I am your uncle and that is the reason why.

Wonderful bday to you, whenever you need me, I am just here, so do not hesitate, my nephew.

We love you just like we love our son, I am glad the two of you get along so well, best birthday to you, my favorite nephew of all.

You are my favorite nephew, probably because it is your birthday right now, happy birthday!


May you always try to find the right way even when it seems impossible to do so, wonderful birthday, my nephew.

Things will get messy in life but as long as you believe in Him, things will be okay, happy bday to you!

Make every choice you make count so that you would not regret anything at all, nephew.

Life will be full of things to regret so do not live life like that, stand up for you choices, happy bday, nephew!