The 105 Winter Quotes

There is nothing more magical than seeing the dainty snowflakes falling slowly from the sky.

Winter may bring cold weather, but the coolness that delights our hearts is priceless.

Winter is a particular season that could bring people closer together, literally and figuratively, because it can create warmth in our hearts like no other.

Happiness makes you forget summer or Winter; all that matters is they are happy.

When the plants are still seeds, learn. When they are harvested, teach. When Winter comes, enjoy.

It can be an occupation; Winter is not only a season.

Recapture all the golden moments every Winter. Every idle hour is a moment to enjoy and be ready to get on an emotional journey ahead.

When Winter comes, a mile becomes two.


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Winter makes us remember our perseverance, while summer makes us remember our enthusiasm.

On a faraway land, the weather is intensely cold that the moment the words hit the air, they freeze. But when summer arrives, the terms thaw, so the words uttered during Winter become heard in summer.

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Nature has always been tough. Even if you are in your bikini without any snowshoes, the winter schedule still goes on, as Nature would want to.

I would not miss Winter for the world, for it could be my chance to hibernate like a bear and fall asleep the entire season.

Whenever you look at the pine tree during Winter, you cannot stop thinking that spring would be due to come again any time.

Winter brings to mind the lessons of grief that I had. It brings back memories of my heart pumping hard as my boots hit the mushy ground. What lessons I have experienced during that Winter!

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I want to be accessible and lighthearted, like a falling snowflake. I want to have wings and be improbably beautiful like the Snow Queen. I want Winter to last forever.

Indulge yourself on promises this Winter, for there is not much to do. Allow yourself to think about promises because you have the luxury to do so.

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It is amazing to stand on a hill laden with snow while looking out over everyone with the cold evening glow as your light.

As I stood amidst the snow, I watched the evening star as it also watched me.

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Not everyone may know it, but Winter is also a time for love. Let us take the light within this Winter.

See your dreams on the blazing fire of a winter’s night and know that it will come true.

Nature’s way of saying, Up, up and away is through Winter.

Nursing in a lousy mood is perfect for a cold, grey winter.

The bones of Nature appear during the Winter and fall; that is why I love these seasons. The very structure of the Earth becomes naked in front of me.

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No matter how dried up fruit trees become during Winter, they know they will blossom again during summer. That is how fate is for humans.

I miss my garden during the Winter. Whenever spring comes, I revel in the feeling of soft Earth, and my spirits lift.

There is nothing that excites me more than planning for summer during the winter months.


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However, cold Winter envelopes Nature; I feel warm inside because summer is within my heart.

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We cradle old habits during Winter and autumn. Spring and summer bring out the reformers in us. We are agitators during daylight and conservers during nighttime.

The passing of Winter gives a sweeter taste to spring, just like when trials pass us; prosperity becomes something to celebrate wildly.

God lets the snowfall cleanse the Earth of its impurities.

A winter’s night bring melancholy to those who hear it.

The cold burns worse than the heat.

My habit during Winter is being lazy for as long as I like without making any excuses because of the weather.

Even Winter makes me feel the pangs of unrequited love: its coldness and cruelty.


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How I wish that the winter wind would blow the spring far behind.

When summer stays long, expect Winter for an overdue stay as well.


The warmth of summer is very much welcomed due to the bittersweetness of Winter.

Winter is the spring of genius, and I love it.


Winter brings only discontent.

Spring would not be as pleasant as it is if not for Winter.


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When it is snowing, I like to pretend that the snow I am walking on clouds.

Without your presence, Winter’s cold reaches summer. Winter is cruelly colder without you.


Spring, don’t you know, is the simplest Winter on Earth.

The country welcomes Winter warmly; it stays there too long until it becomes sullen, aged, and ragged and sour.


The coldness of Winter can make either lash at you with its tail or bite you with its teeth.

Rejoice when Winter approaches, for there can never be spring when Winter does not come.

Even amid the desert, the coldness of Winter founds its way to my blood.

Falling in love with each other is forbidden for Summer and Winter.

My life was counted in summers. Winter did not almost matter; it is the summers that matters the most.


Let him brag throughout the summer; he would do no such things in Winter.

When October comes, the feeling of Summer and Winter’s opposites is strongly felt.

The Earth weeps in grief whenever Winter comes when the sun turns its face away.

The way these nudist colonies act over religion makes me think that they turn atheists during the wintertime.


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The deepness of Winter never thawed the endless summer within me.

The winter trees look perfect against the lifeless winter season, yet the fire of the summer heat still glows within each of them.

A single kind word could warm even three winter months.

Hope has always been brought to humans by summer, spring, and fall, yet Winter is the only one that awakens us to the reality of the human condition.

One summer in San Francisco is the coldest Winter I have ever experienced.

Flowers bring colour to springtime; our imagination is responsible for the colours of Winter.

The sinewy tendons of the mind are nourished during the Winter; summer takes care of the tissue and the blood, both giving structure to literature.

The coming of winter signals the start of a season of privacy. Since summer, spring, and fall are open celebrations, the quietness of Winter means long moments that belong to you.

If you want a short winter, during spring, borrow some money.

Whenever the colourful leaves fall off from their golden branches, embrace your wool sweaters.

We had turned back to children once again when Winter came to our doorstep, gracefully twirling on her feet on silver slippers.

Never grieve when Winter dies; it only turns into spring to be born as Winter again.

A mosaic of autumn shows the oil painting of summer, the etching of Winter, and the colours of spring.

People complain of the heat during summer, but they try to keep that heat warm them in Winter.

Winter is the time for the comforts of home, for a good talk, a warm smile, delicious food, and the company of someone you love.

No warm memories visit someone if their Winter is cold.

Bring me closer to Winter so I can warm everyone by making golden memories.

Since it is Winter, let me take a deep slumber and doze the Winter away.

Snowflakes flit through the window as we cuddle on the sofa on this cold winter evening.

It does not matter whether it is summer or winter, just as long as we are happy.

Winter is the time for gift-giving and sharing the warmth of our hearts with others.

The spirit of Christmas is always with us during the winter holidays.

Hot chocolate mugs and roasted marshmallows never fail to cheer me up on a cold, dreary winter day.

God created Winter to show us that even the coldest things could melt under the warmth of someone else’s heart.

Gather me up instead of a fleece blanket to warm you up this winter season.

Winter gives me peace, time to reflect, and moments to spend with myself.

So much love overflows when we see our family again for the celebration of wintertime.

Heavy, chilly winter days give me the license to submerge in a bad mood.

I look forward to every winter season because it is time to celebrate snow and snowmen.

Nobody could stop Winter from coming.

Bittersweet Winter makes Scorching Summer unusually exciting and mysterious at the same time.

Spring comes with the summer is under the sun and Winter in the shade.

The warmth of summer could not entice me more than being cold in Winter with you by my side.

How I love Winter and the endless vacation days it brings!

Winter brings more joy for the children because it is the only time to build their yearly snowman.

See those families gathered around the heat of the fireplace. That is what the winter season does, bring families closer together.

Winter’s cold burns me more profound than summer’s heat now that you are not by my side.

Our destiny sometimes resembles a flower during Winter. It may wilt and freeze beneath the cold, but it would blossom and become colourful again when spring comes.

The long winter cold gives us new hope for the spring to come.

Our hardships, like Winter, strengthen us through the challenging times as we wait for the renewal of spring to give us a new life again.

Funny Winter quotes

The cold of winter makes me shiver, but your love always warms me up.

The cold days, the long nights, and the deep snow makes me glad that I have your warm love.

Is Winter over yet?

When Winter comes around, that means spring is very near.

I only love the Winter on the first day of spring.


Down with Winter, summer forever.

The refreshing cool air of Winter revitalizes my senses.

Winter is a time for reflection, staying warm and snuggling with someone you love.

I like Winter because it gives me an excuse to warm up to you.

Your heart is as cold as a winter chill.

Let’s take a trip to someplace where it’s Winter.

I’m part of a new minority: One of the few people left on Earth that genuinely loves Winter.

I can’t do Winter.

You can’t be a winner when you love the Winter.

Summer is for losers, and Winter is the stuff of champions.

The Winter is only cold and miserable when you don’t have a particular person to share it with.

I need a thick coat, hot mug and portable heater to do Winter.

Winter is only suitable for one thing: Staying in a warm bed.

I want to share my warm body with you during the cold winter months.

I have the world to myself during the Winter since everybody stays indoors.

I love the falling snow of Winter. It is beautiful to behold.

Hey, it’s Winter; where are my skis?


When it’s Winter, that means Christmas is coming very soon.

It’s Winter, and I’m going to hibernate.

It’s Winter. Wake me when it’s spring.

Winter is only suitable for one thing: keeping my beer cold.

Winter provides instant refrigeration for my six-pack.

Snowballs and snowmen are two good things about Winter.

Hot chocolate and your warm body needed to get me through Winter.