Happy Birthday Notes And Messages

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Celebrate your Birthday this time. Celebrate being extremely happy every time. Happy Bday!

May your day be filled with lots of sunshine, contagious smiles and echoing laughter. Enjoy! Wonderful Birthday!

I am wishing that you will have tons of tons of birthday fun and joy. Best Birthday!

You are already at the perfect and right age where you are old enough to recognize what is better and not but still young enough not to care and still have fun. Wonderful Bday!

All the best greetings to your Birthday! Be ready for the best things in life will now come to you. Happy Birthday Dude!


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May this year be the best of the best of your life. Happy Birthday!

I am wishing you to have an extravagant and joyful birthday until the next one. Happy Birthday!

100 Birthday Quotes

I wish that you will get to live all the days of your life full of happiness and without a single regret. Best Bday my dear friend!

Happy Birthday, on this day I wish that you will grow old until your golden years with content and fulfilled heart. Once again, Happy Birthday!

My simple Birthday wish for my friend like you is that you continue to love and explore life. Best Bday!

Wonderful Bday, on this day I wish that you will never quit dreaming and continue in pursuing all of them. Best greetings!

The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

I wish that splendor and joy will surround you not only on your special day, but each day. Best birthday wishes for you! Happy Birthday!

Book a trip for your Birthday. Have fun and savor every moment of it. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Greetings from President Trump

Get a personalized birthday video greeting from the President. Great for sharing on Facebook.

Funny Dog Birthday Video

Get a personalized funny dog birthday video. Great for sharing on Facebook.

Love Hearts Birthday Video

Get personalized love hearts birthday video. Great for sharing on Facebook.

Your Birthday can only be celebrated once a year, so make sure this will be one of the most memorable birthdays. Best Birthday to you my dear!

A special wonderful birthday to a special person who holds an out of the ordinary place in my heart. Happy Birthday sweetie!

The 60 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

Words are not sufficient to describe the happiness that I feel today for you are celebrating your Birthday. I wish you a happy bday and keep a smile all day!

A loving birthday greeting for a loving and sweet person like you. Happy Bday my candy!

I want you to be always happy and healthy from now until forever. Wonderful Birthday sweet heart!

A best and thoughtful birthday greetings to my adorable best friend. Happy Birthday my friend!

As you blow out the candles in your cake, may each candle remind you of my sweet and compassionate birthday wishes for you. Have a wonderful birthday celebration! Best Birthday!


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Another year has been unfolded in your life; count the experiences rather than the number of years. Have an awesome birthday celebration my man!

International Women’s Day Quotes

We put a candle on a birthday cake not because it symbolizes the years of our life, rather a candle is place to give and shed light to an upcoming journey ahead. May your journey be bright as you celebrate another year of your ever fabulous life! Wonderful Bday dear one!

You may not know this but actually you are making the world a better and peaceful place to live in with your advocacies in life. Best Bday and cheers to what you are fighting for!

May you receive tons of delightful birthday wishes because you deserve it girl. Best Bday!

Birthday Wishes For Lover

An exceptional wonderful bday to an exceptional person who holds an exceptional place in my heart. Happy Birthday my dear wife!


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A birthday is a time to forget the bad happenings of the previous year’s including all the lost chances and failures. A birthday is a new beginning for a new story of life. Enjoy yours, sweetie! Best Birthday!

Forget what happen last year, this year will be the best for you. I just know. Wonderful Birthday dear my friend!

Happy Bday! I wish this is the start of something splendid for you. God bless you!

You were brought in this world for a reason; always make sure to keep it in mind. Your very existence matters. Happy Bday!

You are such a blessing to all the people surrounding you. Wonderful Birthday to you young lady! Have a blast!

I am so blessed to meet a person like you because you are an inspiration to others. Best Birthday and may you have all the fun today!

I wish that you will have a superb and incredible birthday celebration. How I wish I can be with you on this day. Wonderful Bday and keep me posted!

I am counting our great moments together especially the moments when we celebrate your birthdays, just like now it is your special day. Best Bday to girl who is full of humor and love.

Best bday to the girl who puts the sweetness of honey and sugar to shame. Enjoy your Birthday sweet pie!

It is your Birthday, if you ever think that you are already getting old stop worrying because next year you will be older. Wonderful Bday sugar plum!

I wish that this birthday greeting will make your heart sing. Wishing you to have many blessings. Best Birthday!


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I wish that our friendship will last; a simple birthday wish is all you ask. Thank you for allowing me to celebrate your Birthday with you. Wonderful Birthday!

You are both sharing and caring. A grand birthday celebration- truly you are deserving. Happy Birthday!


Have a whimsical birthday filled with hugs and kisses. Many happy bday wishes to you! Happy Birthday and more blessings!

Each flickering candle on your birthday cake will become a wish come true. So I hope that you will have a moment of your life today. Happy Bday to you!

Wishing you to have all the super in life. Wonderful Birthday and have a blast in partying!

I wish that your joy from this day on will never end. Many best Birthday wishes to you!

May your Birthday be filled with joyful and delightful hours. Celebrate like no other! Many wonderful bday wishes and blessings to you!


I wish that your Birthday will be the most fantastic, delightful and all the good adjectives that you can think of. Have a grand birthday celebration. Best Bday to you!

Best Bday to the wittiest person I have ever known. Enjoy and have fun!

I hope that whatever you wish will become a reality soon. Wonderful Bday dear one!


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The wrinkles you have does not matter as long as you enjoy every moment of the hour. Happiest Birthday!


I was confused whether to send you a private message, chat you or email you so I decided to write this birthday message to you. Have a magical birthday celebration!

Do not mind the fact that you are already aging and let us start partying. Best Birthday dear!


Birthday is a good and subtle term used to let you forget that you are already getting older. Have a wonderful birthday party!

The idea of getting old will not sink until you start pouring the drinks. Wonderful Birthday to you!

I want to give you money but all I got is a bottle of honey. Happy Bday pancake!

I can’t decide what gift to give you, so here is a birthday wish which I created just for you. Happy Birthday and may all your wildest dreams and aspirations come true!

Happy Bday to my one and only best friend. If you were not born in this world, probably I am alone on my own. So you are such a blessing to me! Love lots!


Wishing you to have a rich and wealthy year ahead so I can borrow from you. Just kidding. No I am not. Happy Birthday my friend!

I will always be present on all your birthday party, not because I value you so much but because I can’t resist the delicious cake your mother baked for you. Wonderful Birthday! See you later dear cousin!

Here is an extra candle just in case you forgot how many candles you really need. It is alright my friend, we will grow old together. Happy Birthday!

I wish that your birthday gifts this year is something of your liking because seriously I am getting tired of helping you arrange those tea cups every year and you don’t even like tea. Best Birthday my friend!

I may not able to give you a material gift but the gift of friendship is all I can give. Wonderful Bday my friend!

Best Bday to the person who farts louder than cannon. Happy Birthday my coolest friend!

You love us with all your might, if someone makes you cry, you will see me fight. Best Bday Mama Bear!


With a father like you are, I could not ask for more. I love you Dad! Wonderful Bday!

You are not just my sister, but you are also my friend and my confidant. Happy Birthday my sissy!

Happiest Birthday to the super hero of our lives! Happy Birthday Grandpa!

The years on your life does not matter or count, what more important is life through your years. Best Birthday my friend!


You act mature but you don’t look mature even if your age does. Wonderful Birthday my old friend!

Happiest Birthday to our dearest baby daughter who is now a lady. Time flies so fast! We wish that all your wishes and ambitions will come true. Happy Bday sweet pea!

Happy Bday to my buddy whom I love as much as I love tacos and pizza and beer.

Do not forget to give thanks to all the people who sang you a birthday song and permit me to thank you for inviting me celebrate to with you. Wonderful Birthday!

Time is now exactly 12:00AM.I did not doze off early so that I will be the earliest one to greet you a best birthday and wish you the whole thing your heart aspires.

Each time I wish for you to be cheerful, each wish becomes a star in the sky. That explains why the sky right now is shining vividly with all my wishful stars. Wonderful Bday!

The notes for happy birthday

Wishing you a wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday to an amazing friend.

Have the best Birthday possible!

Sending you warm wishes on your special day!

Happy Birthday! May you have a year full of laughter, love and happiness.

Birthday wishes from your loved ones!

Birthday blessings to our favorite nephew.

Wishing you a birthday that’s amazing as you are!

Have a blast at your birthday party!

Happy Birthday, rockstar! Have an awesome day!

Happy Birthday to the super hero of our family! Thank you for all that you every day!

Wishing an amazing friend a truly awesome birthday!

Happy Birthday to our little ray of sunshine!

Birthday wishes from your friends overseas! We love you and miss you. Hope your day is outstanding!

Happiest of birthdays to an amazing human being.

Sending you best wishes and positive thoughts on your Birthday.

Happy Birthday to my best bud!

Happy Birthday to my little brother. Even though you’re taller than me, you’ll always be my little bro. Have a great day!

Wishing my sensational sister a very Happy Birthday today!

Happy Birthday to an unforgettable uncle. Remember, you’re only as old as you feel.

Happy Birthday to an awesome aunt. Hope your day is incredible!

Your Birthday is your own special holiday, so make the most of it! Make it a day that’s truly unforgettable.

I’m so thankful that I get to spend your special day with you. Hope you have the best Birthday ever!

Happy Birthday! Don’t forget to blow out the candles and make a wish! Hoping all of your wishes and dreams come true!

Another year wiser, I see! Happy Birthday to my oldest child. May the upcoming year bring you many days of happiness.

21 again…for the 30th year in a row? What’s going on here? Happy Birthday, Dad!

Wishing my magnificent mother a very Happy Birthday! Love you lots!