35+ Happy Birthday Mummy Quotes

Aside from Mother’s day, another special day to mark on your calendar is the Birthday of the most special woman in your life – your mommy! On her Birthday, be sure that you make her feel extra special by sending her a lovely birthday wish.
Don’t miss the chance to see that sweet smile on her face and have a look at these special birthday quotes below just for her:

Happy bday to the woman who sacrificed half of her life to see me smile. Love you, mommy.

This world may be cruel and full of darkness, but I have nothing to fear as long as I have my mommy by my side. Wonderful Birthday.

You have endured so much, you have sacrificed many nights, and yet, here you are with your arms wide open ready to comfort my weary soul. Best Birthday, mommy.

There will be no other person in this world that I look up to and come running home to other than my mommy. Wonderful bday!

No one knows me better than my mommy does! She knows how to nurse me through my heartaches and loves me despite my tantrums. I love you! Best bday!


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I owe all my beautiful and colourful childhood memories to you, mommy. With your love, you taught me all the wonders this world holds and how I need to stand back up when life knocks me down. Happy Birthday.

I cannot imagine a life without my mommy. Best bday.

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Even if you are burnt by the words I’ve said, even if my mistakes scar you, not once did you think of leaving me. I love you, mommy. Happy Birthday.

If I can come even just a little closer to your awesomeness, I would consider it my life’s most outstanding achievement. Wonderful bday, mommy.

Mommy, I know that when half of your dreams weren’t realized because of me. I will spend my life paying that debt. Best Birthday.

When I was little, you were my number one enemy. Back then, I didn’t understand why you were doing those things that made me hate you. Now that I’m all grown up, I know very well the reason behind it – you were doing everything for my sake. Wonderful Birthday, mommy.

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Without you, I won’t have the strength to fight for my dreams. Happy Birthday, mommy.

I hate when you tell me things that I should do. I’ve always thought you were holding me down when little did I know that you gave me my wings to soar the skies. Thank you, mommy. Happy bday.

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All I need is your comfort and love, and I can get through anything that life will throw at me. Happy bday, mommy.

No matter where life takes me, I will always come home to you. Wonderful Birthday.

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I am one of those lucky girls who have their moms as their best friend and their mentor. Best Birthday.

I am standing on the foundation of love and care that you have given me so generously. Wonderful bday, mommy.

The only person I know who will still love me after seeing me at my absolute worst is none other than my mommy. I love you! Best bday.

I’m the luckiest person in the world for having such a cool and awesome mommy like you. Best bday.

You make the best sweets in the world, but it is nothing compared to the sweetness of your love. Wonderful bday, mommy.

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It gives me so much comfort to know that my name is part of your prayers every night. Happy Birthday, mommy.


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Mommy, you are the only healing I need against the wounds inflicted by life. Best Birthday.

When my sails are torn and battered, I know that you are the tailor I need to fix my broken wings. I love you, mommy. Happy Birthday.

The reason for your high expectations for me is that you believe in my strength and how much more I can achieve. Wonderful Birthday, mommy.

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I will spend my lifetime trying to pay for all the sacrifices that you have made. Happy bday, mommy.

Life may be full of pain and sorrow, but as long as I have my mommy as my light of hope, I can get through it. Happy bday.

It drives me nuts when you touch my things, but I always cry out for you when I can’t find it. Happy Birthday, mommy.

For me, the perfect woman is my mommy. Wonderful Birthday.


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The best mom in the world is, of course, you, mommy! Best Birthday.

Someday, if I am to be a mommy, I want to be just like you. Wonderful bday.


Mommy, no one in this world can comfort me better than you do. No one else can heal my wounds better than you do. Most of all, no one knows me better inside and out than you do. Best bday.

We have fought so many times in the past. I’ve tested the extent of your patience, your love and forgiveness. And yet, you never parted away from me. Thank you, mommy. Best bday.

Over the years, you’ve nagged me to do things that I never wanted to do. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I love you, mommy. Wonderful bday.


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My mommy is my superhero, my saint, my guardian angel, my best teacher, and everything good in my life. Best Birthday.

My life’s mission is always to see your eyes shining with joy, never of tears. Wonderful Birthday, mommy.

The only person I look up to as my role model is my mommy. Happy Birthday.


No words could ever amount to the magnitude of my love for you. Thank you for all the sacrifices and pain you have endured for me. Happy Birthday.

Every year, I celebrate the treasure of life when your Birthday comes by. Happy Birthday, mommy.

The safest and proper place in the world is in the arms of my mommy. Happy bday.

I know that life isn’t perfect, but I’m lucky enough to have a great mommy like you around. Happy bday.

All I need is your firm belief in me, and I can stand up against anything. Happy Birthday, mommy.


To a mommy who has the grace of the queen and the fierceness of a tiger, happy Birthday.

I don’t know how I can ever repay all the love, kindness and sacrifices you’ve ever given me. Wonderful Birthday, mommy.


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Cheers to the remarkable woman who raised me and taught me the ways of the world. Best Birthday, mommy.

Dear mommy, I wish your life will be filled with as many blessings as you have given my life. Wonderful bday.

Mommy, there will be no one who can ever take over your throne in my heart. Best bday.


What is a mother’s love? It’s deeper than the ocean, higher than the blue skies above and as immeasurable as the stars in the universe. Best bday, mommy.

To the woman who gave me boundless and incomparable love, wonderful bday, mommy.

Mommy, thank you for being a mother any child could ever hope for. Best Birthday.


I only need your love to soothe my rocky waters. Wonderful Birthday, mommy.

Happy bday to my mommy, who made my life as sweet as a wonderland.

You are the guardian angel that God has sent me from above. Happy bday, mommy.

Over the years, I’ve seen how much you have sacrificed for the sake of my happiness. On your Birthday, I wish you receive thousandfolds of joy you have given me in your life. Wonderful Birthday.

People around me will eventually leave me when I hit rock bottom. Not you mommy, I know you will never leave me even if the last star stop shining. Best Birthday.

The thought of you is all I need to keep going. Wonderful bday, mommy.

For each time I count my blessings, your name is always a part of it. Best bday, mommy.

I am wishing you a new chapter filled with new adventures and overflowing happiness every step of the way. You deserve the best, mommy. Best bday.


If there is one person who deserves every blessing this life could ever have, that would be you! Wonderful bday, mommy.

When I ceased believing in love, your comfort reminded me of its warmth. When I stopped getting up from all the pain I’ve borne, your strength lifted me off the floor. When I have erased all hope inside my heart, your light brought back its fire. Best Birthday, mommy.

You are the one who taught me not to settle for things I don’t deserve. Thank you for pushing me to reach for the things that will make me happy. Happy Birthday, mommy.

Yes, I am weak, fragile and selfish at times. But, mommy, you have shown me the road towards strength, selflessness and hope. Thank you. Wonderful Birthday.

You are the yearly winner of the ‘coolest mom’ award. Happy bday.

Which each passing year, you only grow more beautiful and cooler than ever. Happy bday, mommy.

We may be far apart from each other, but the love that binds us together will never waver. Wonderful Birthday, mommy.

Dear mommy, thank you for trusting in my strength when no one else could. Best Birthday.

Thank you for all the sleepless nights, tears shed, dreams sacrificed, and boundless love you’ve given me. I can never do enough to repay it all. Wonderful bday, mommy.

The stories you’ve told me every night built the foundations of who I am. You said, ‘you can do anything just like the princess in the story.’ Now, I have achieved so much because of that. Thank you, mommy. Happy Birthday.

Your words are the life’s lesson that guides me through. Best bday, mommy.

I’m wishing you health that never falters, happiness that overflows and peace that heals—Happy Birthday to the most special woman in my life.

It is my life’s greatest goal to see you happy and contented. I will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Best bday, mommy.

It is my prayer every night that God may watch over you every single second of your life. Wonderful bday, mommy.

Best happy birthday to mummy wishes

Happy Birthday, mummy. You feed me, give me a place to sleep, stay warm, take care of me, and love me. You are the best! Thank you, and have a good day!

My mummy is awesome. She’s pretty and smells nice, and tucks me in every night. She makes lots of yummy food. Today, I’ll make yummy food too. Happy Birthday!


Mum, you brought me into this world; you never asked for anything. This day is for you, about you. Happy Birthday!

When asking what a great mummy does, I say watch mine. She’s better than everyone’s mum, and she doesn’t have to try! Happy Birthday, mummy. I love you.

Happy Birthday, mummy. I love you! Thank you for being my mum!

A mum needs to be strong, fierce, a lion to protect her babies! Mine is a soft kitten, but I love her more because she is sweet and cuddly. Happy Birthday.

Mummy, you mean the world to me. You are my best friend. My protector, my confidant, you are my everything. People come and go, but you love me forever. Thank you, Happy Birthday.

Mum, thank you for everything you do. No one does the things you do with a smile as you do. You are always tired, hard-working. You are inspiring. Happy Birthday.

Anyone can have a baby, but it takes a true woman to be a mother. Mummy, you are a real woman. You prove it every day. Happy Birthday!

Mummy! You work hard every day at your job, at home, with us. You need a break! Have a restful, happy birthday.

My friends always brag about how great their mums are. What they don’t know is mine’s the best. Happy Birthday, mummy. Thank you for being the best!