The 60 Happy Birthday Brother in Law Wishes

A brother-in-law is an excellent addition to the family.
It’s a package!
When you marry your partner, you get an extra sibling along. Most of the time, brothers-in-law are cool.
You can hang out with them, and they can provide you with inside information about your partner.
On his special, once-a-year big day, drop him a birthday wish that will brighten up his day.

On this awesome day, may all your heart’s desires, whether a brand new car or the latest gaming console, be granted to you! Happy bday, brother-in-law!

There is nothing like a great friend and a cool brother rolled in one. A person with a heart full of love and character deserves all the goodness in the world. Happy birthday, brother-in-law!

Your sister is right. She was telling me how wonderful you are and what she told me is true and more! Happy birthday, brother-in-law!


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Wonderful birthday to my long-lost-brother-by-blood! ‘in-law’ is an understatement of how much like a real brother you are to me.

We have so many fun and crazy moments that the label’ in-law’ does injustice to our relationship. You are an extended family that has brought so much joy to my life—the best birthday to my dear brother-in-law.

I don’t know how you manage to tolerate the craziness and demands of my sister. You deserve a toast for that, mate! Happy birthday, brother-in-law!

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My sister has made so many mistakes in her life. But one of the biggest and best decisions she has ever made is choosing you to spend the rest of her life with. Not only did I get a great uncle that my kids can count on, but I also got a brother with overflowing generosity and sophistication as well—wonderful bday to my dear brother-in-law.

A man such as my brother-in-law, a person filled with kindness, respect, and strength, is worthy of countless blessings, the best adventures, and a gift of boundless good health. Best bday!

I’ve always wondered how it was like to have a brother. Now that my sister has married you, I was given the gift of having one! Not just a brother-in-law, but a funny, generous, and kind one to boot, who is like a real-blood brother to me! Best bday my dear brother-in-law.

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My son looks up to you and loves you like his own big brother. When he grows up to be a young man someday, I want him to be as generous, charming, and kind-hearted as you. Wonderful bday, dear little brother-in-law!

Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for taking good care of my sister. She can be a hell to be with sometimes, but she is the person that I have always leaned on the most. Knowing that she is in the arms of such a good man is all that I could ever ask for. Best birthday, dear brother-in-law.

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Family gatherings are now more exciting and cooler with you on board. Happy birthday, brother-in-law.

Your gentle and warm demeanor makes you an excellent addition to the family. I hope you can stay calm amidst the craziness of the family. If not, then welcome to the jungle! The more, the merrier! Wonderful birthday brother-in-law!

A lot of people have made excellent testimonies about your character. My kids tell me how cool you are, my sister-in-law tells me how great you are as a husband, and my husband tells me you are an awesome brother. Even mom and dad tell me that you are a splendid addition to the family. Happy bday to the best brother-in-law!


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My brother should start behaving more like a civilized human. I think you will be the perfect coach for teaching him the ways of being proper and sane! I’ll leave that in your capable hands! Happy bday brother-in-law.

The trail of cool and handsome indeed runs in your genes. No wonder I have such a good-looking husband, as well as a dashing brother-in-law! Happy birthday!

God has blessed me with the best of both worlds. Not only did He give me a hard-headed but loving brother, He also gave me an excellent and reliable brother-in-law too! Wonderful birthday!

A brother-in-law is a natty package that consists of a reliable friend, sagely adviser, drinking buddy, handy co-repairman, and a second player that I trust to cover my back. You are an excellent addition to the family, mate! Best birthday, bro!

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We just wanted to say Happy Birthday this year and every year in the future.
Happy Birthday Brother in Law

You are the perfect combination of beer and blood…horrid, right? It means that you are the ideal combination of a buddy and a brother. Wonderful bday, mate!

We are such brave men for surviving the temper and quirks of our wives. Knowing that I’m not alone in this ordeal takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. We can always drink to that when the going gets tough! Best bday, mate!


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Ugh…you are outshining my grandeur with your sophisticated and level-headedness. Nonetheless, I can never hate you because I know that you are someone I can count on when I need a drinking buddy! Best bday, mate!

You fit perfectly in our big family. Your warmth, love for fun, and generosity are such a gift! Wonderful bday to my awesome brother-in-law.

I’ve always thought that in-laws are a bit stiff and scary. But when you came into our lives, you have proved that notion wrong. Who knew that in-laws could be so cool? Best birthday, my amazing brother-in-law.


They say that when you marry your partner, you also end up marrying the whole family. That has always scared the wits out of me. But when I met you, that concept was utterly brought down to pieces because I never thought that my brother-in-law could be such a remarkable person! Wonderful birthday!

I know now where my wife got her good looks and kindness. It looks like the best qualities run in your family. I’m a lucky man to have found such a gem for a wife and a generous person as a brother-in-law. Happy bday, mate!

When I met your brother, I knew that I had found the best thing worth fighting for in this cruel and beautiful world. When I met you, I knew that life couldn’t get any better. I have a love of my life with me and his best man – such a blessed life I have! Happy bday brother-in-law!


You know how brothers are very protective of their sisters. I have given you a hard time all those years, and yet, you never backed out. Now that you are officially a member of the family, know that only a few people get past me, and that’s because I considered you worthy of being part of it. You deserved it a long time ago when you decided to stay with my sister despite her being a total wreck at times. I have been meaning to tell you this when you met my sister at the altar. Now, I’m seizing the opportunity. Welcome aboard, mate! Thank you for looking after my sis! A wonderful birthday, bro!


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My husband can be hard-headed at times. I find comfort in knowing that he only listens to his big brother, a warm-hearted and wise man. Thank you for steering him on the right path all the time! Best birthday, dear brother-in-law.

You treated me like your own little sister, and I could never be thankful enough. Growing up in a family without a brother could be trying at times. I have always taken the role of both the eldest brother and sister. Knowing I have a big brother to rely on now gives me a lot of relief. Wonderful bday, my dear brother-in-law!


I used to cook in small batches; now, I make an extensive set of everything I cook because I have another man to feed with my cooking. At times, I know you are just being polite by telling me that my dishes are good, even though they are not. It means a lot to me, brother-in-law. You deserve the grandest things in this lifetime! Best bday!

Best bday to the coolest and best brother-in-law in the world! Not everyone is blessed with a brother-in-law to ask for dating advice, game strategies, and the latest cars and gadgets recommendations. Stay calm and excellent, mate!


I could never thank you enough for loving my sister the way she deserves and more. When you guys were dating, she wouldn’t shut up about you. I can sleep early now, but I will miss her chatter. I can rest easy knowing that her dream has become a reality by marrying you. Wonderful bday dear brother-in-law.


A big toast to the coolest brother-in-law! Not everyone can stand my sister’s voice and her ability to be meticulous with every single detail. Best birthday, mate!


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I want to thank you for looking after my kids and being such a great uncle to them. They are indeed wonderfully blessed to be surrounded by such a great family who exudes warmth and thoughtfulness: a wonderful birthday, my dear brother-in-law.


Throw away the word ‘in-law.’ It doesn’t work for us. You are like a real brother to me! Happy bday, brother-in-law!

My dearest brother-in-law, I wish you excellent health, overflowing wealth, boundless love, and a devil’s good luck! You deserve all of it and more! Happy bday!

Another chapter, another adventure, aren’t you thrilled? So far, you have drifted through life like a pro surfer. I’m pretty sure you will blaze brightly on the highway of life like a Formula 1 driver. Keep going strong and steady! Happy birthday, brother-in-law.

Today is your day! We can eat all that steak you’ve been craving to have and wash it down with that cold and sweet beer. We can play pool or sing the night away in the karaoke if you still have the energy. Your choice, your day! Happy birthday, mate!

It seems you got everything you need in life. It wouldn’t hurt to wish you more of it. Here I go, more birthdays, more cars (it wouldn’t be wrong to have more than one), more health (so we can play sports longer), and more luck (you have a lot of it): an excellent birthday, brother-in-law.

Happy birthday to my brother in law quotes

To a brother-in-law who has brought a lot of joy to the family, thank you for taking care of my sister. I hope you have a great birthday; happy birthday to a fantastic brother-in-law.

What a blessing it is to have made it this far, to see another birthday. Glad to share it with you, and I hope the celebration is everything you are hoping for and then some.

Take time to celebrate today because it’s truly a gift to make it to another year gone, don’t forget to blow out the candles and make a wish. It’s never too late to dream a new dream.

You’ve been a great friend and brother-in-law all these years, and I hope your birthday brings you plenty of joy—all the best, dear brother-in-law.

To a great brother-in-law on your birthday today, I hope that you have a day that is filled with people who you love; thanks for always being there. I hope you have a great day and many more love-filled years to come.

Who knew that we would end up knowing each other this long when we met so many years ago. Now you are celebrating another year gone, and it feels like time has flown by. I hope you make the most out of this birthday, and I hope you see many more yet.

You might be over the hill being that you’re now another year older, but you have never looked better, all the wiser for it. Happy birthday brother in law, and I hope you get everything you want and more.

For a brother in law that has been a blessing to the family, I wish you a happy birthday, one that is filled with love, good cake, and good memories—all the best to you on this special occasion.