50 Unique Smile Quotes

Smiling is a straightforward and natural thing that solves many problems, yet it is often underestimated and forgotten.

A smile has the power to make people look more confident, friendly, beautiful, and ultimately more attractive; it also gives optimism and happiness, which in the long run means that people who smile more often are more successful, healthy, and live longer lives.

Here is a collection of quotes that will make you and your friends smile even in the most challenging situations.

The sun is always up there, smiling at you; it’s just that sometimes you can’t see it through the clouds. So don’t be sad and smile back.

Do you know an easy way to look great instantly? Smile! A smiling face is always beautiful.


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Sometimes all you need to do to feel better is to make someone smile.

Everyone knows that being happy makes people smile. Few know that it also works backward: smiling makes you happy. So smile no matter what, and your happiness is inevitable.

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Your smile is only complete when you smile with your eyes because the true smile comes from within the heart, and your eyes are a window to your soul from without.

Smile is the language that everyone speaks. Smile at older adults, and they see you respect them. Smile to friends, and they see you care. Smile to children, and they see they’re safe and loved.

Smile is the best gift: it’s free, and you’re sure people will like it.

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Smiling is good: it makes you happier, more beautiful, it attracts incredible people and events into your life. Making someone smile is excellent because it doubles these effects.

Make it your mission to make one person smile every day. You never know how big a difference this simple thing can make in these people’s lives.

Don’t forget to make sure everyone knows you’re happy: all someone needs might be your smile.

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You don’t need a reason to smile. However, your smile is the reason for many wonders to enter your life. Also, it might bring about other smiles.

Smile no matter what, and one day life will give up on upsetting you.

Smile is the most adorable curve of yours. Please keep smiling!

A smile releases tension, relaxes your mind, warms your heart, lights your face, and makes your eyes sparkle! 100% Vegan. No side effects. They are not tested on animals.

There are over 7,000,000,000 beautiful smiles in the world, but yours is the best.

Warning! Smiling can be very contagious. Avoid looking into the eyes of a smiling person; a second is enough for the infection to spread!

Smiling is cheaper than electricity, and yet it is enough to light up someone else’s heart.

Like a rainbow that follows the rain, there will be smiles that follow your sadness.

The world is a mirror. If you show it your tears, it will give you more reasons to cry. If you show it your smile, it will provide you with more reasons to smile.


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If you run out of words to say, smile and see if this helps.

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Smile in the morning is your way to a day full of achievement.

You know you’ve lived a happy life when all of your wrinkles are from smiling and not frowning.

Smile is a must-have this season: a sincere smile never gets out of fashion. It’s suitable for every occasion, one-size-fits-all, and completely free. And it looks great on you! Also, smiles make good gifts.

A smile makes you look mysterious: people will be wondering what has put it on your face.

So powerful it can break the ice, a smile is a sword in the hands of beauty.

Smiling is simpler and more rewarding than explaining why you’re sad.

You only need a moment to smile, but some of your smiles will be remembered forever.


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How do have more good things happen in your life? Don’t cry when they come to an end, but do smile, remembering they were there in your life.

The power of a smile is underestimated. It is a welcome message to the whole world, a way to change both the lives of those who give a smile and those who see it.

Try smiling at your reflection in the mirror, and you’ll soon see your life change.


Smiling in trouble is the real courage; smiling through tears is the real strength.


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Happiness looks like a big thing, but it’s made up of small things scattered along the way, like eventual smiles and kind words. Imagine how many people’s happiness you can contribute just by wearing a smile every day: millions and millions of people.

The best thing you can do to someone who lacks self-confidence is not to say something, but to smile, because a smile is more comforting and reassuring than a million words.


Life looks more beautiful from behind a smile.

There are many things that you can give to others that cost nothing to you: a smile, kind words, a pat on the back, your time, or your listening ear. You are wealthy! The same rules apply: increase your capital by investing.

A smile is the most affordable facelift; mood lift comes as a bonus.

Most people smile because they saw someone else’s smile, but you always can be the first to start a chain reaction.

Smiles are one of the things that are always better shared with the world.


Nothing more efficient than self-confidence and a smile was ever invented in terms of making you look better.

Smiling is both sexy and warm at once. It is smiling that wins hearts, not just beauty or an awesome sense of humor. Few guys want a supermodel girlfriend, but most want a smiling one.


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There is a rule: if you smile, someone will smile back eventually. Feel free to check if it works.

Here is a way to check if something is worth being a part of your life: if it puts a smile on your face, it is. If it doesn’t, consider getting rid of it.

A smile is not just a way to exhibit your happiness and well-being; it is also making other people feel good about themselves.


There is a simple way to meet people: you don’t need to know pick-up lines or be extremely attractive. Just smile and say hi.

Don’t give up smiling if you don’t feel like it. A fake smile is better than no smile at all, and it soon becomes a genuine one.

It’s always better to meet people with a smile than a cold glance. It changes everything.

If you’re nervous, smile, and you’ll calm down. If you’re in trouble, smile, and it will be solved. When no one is there for you, smile and make friends with yourself.

Every person has a right to smile, however harsh life is being on him. This is, in fact, most human: smile in the face of danger and grief, and be optimistic about life.

It always feels good to see a smile, but we remember these sincere and broad smiles.


Sometimes a smile and some kind words can go a long way – especially when you feel like your smile didn’t do the job. It did.

It would help if you tried hard to allow yourself to smile, but then it comes out naturally. And then it becomes easier with every smile.

There is nothing better than seeing smiles on the faces of people that you love. Or wait, it knows that it’s you who makes them smile.

When you have to do something you don’t enjoy doing, just put a smile on your face and do it.

Let babies be your teachers at how to smile. Just forget your troubles, even if a moment before you were weeping, and don’t say anything, smile to everyone, even strangers. You can’t but smile back, can you?

A recipe for a happy lifetime: find something that makes you smile and do it every day. Also, find someone who brings a smile to her face and be around them every day.

True love is what makes you smile when you don’t feel like smiling.

Be positive, smile a lot, do what you love doing – and however you look like, you are attractive, and people want to be around you.

One of the cases in which you need to smile is when there is no reason to smile.


You know you’re doing it right when you see everyone around you smiling.

Don’t smile for the camera; smile for the cameraman instead. He’ll appreciate the change.

A stiff upper lip must be kept at all times but makes it very hard to smile.

When you enter a room full of people, one thing to do is to have a broad, sincere, happy smile.

Probably the best advice when talking on the phone is to smile. Your interlocutor might not see your face, but they are sure to notice your smile.

Surprisingly, the same strategy is the best with your friends and foes: you should smile at them. Your friends will appreciate this as a sign of love, care, and support. On the other hand, your foes will take this as a menace, a symbol of strength and confidence. It also works with people who are neither your friends nor foes: they are easier to communicate with if you smile at them. Always smile.

There is no point in doing something that doesn’t make you smile in the end.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make someone else smile.

Face hurt from smiling is how you recognize a day well-lived. Wrinkles from smiles are how you realize life is well-lived.

Always start your interactions with a smile. It works like an oil, making your gears run smoother and last longer.

Smile at friends, and they’ll smile back at you. Smile at strangers, and it may change entire lives.

Everyone can smile when they’re happy, but only the strongest ones can smile when they’re sad.

If you’re feeling happy and proud, smile all you want. If you’re feeling down, smile all you can.

Quotes about happiness and smiling

A smile has a value that is all its own, and you should never forget just how powerful your smile is.

I smile every single time that I think about you, and I hope that you find yourself smiling when you think about me, too.

A smile can bring joy to a person who is feeling down, and you should share your smiles with those around you.

Smiling can help turn a dark and gloomy day into one full of sunshine and life!

I smile when I remember all of the memories that we have made through the years, and I am so excited for what the future holds.

A smile is one of the most beautiful features that a person can have, and it should be shared with the world.

Smiling at a stranger can help to change their attitude, and it can make you feel a lot better about life, too.

I smile when I remember just how many people in my life care about me, and I smile when I think about just how blessed I am.

Your face brightens up each time you smile, and I love watching how a smile can transform your look.

Smiling can help to bring light to a world that is often dark and depressing, and a smile shared with those around you is never wasted.

I smile when I look at the sunshine and when I look around at all the beautiful people who are part of my life.

Smiling helps to change our world, little by little, and it is a powerful thing.

Smiling is one small thing that you can do to help touch the lives of all of those people who are around you.