Happy Birthday Ex Wife Quotes

Breakups happen all the time, even the best relationships in the world go through it at least once, but once it has become a permanence in one’s life, you learn to move on.
Of course, being friends with your ex is one thing and being able to look at her directly and say what you want is another.
Sending her birthday messages on her special day is something that can help you to let go of all the stress you might be feeling and therapy for you just the same, so why not make someone happy today? After all, she was your wife in your past; does that not count for something? Here are some quotes that will make sure that you keep it wholesome and friendly.

Happy birthday ex-wife, I lost you once, but I will never forget how good you were then.

We once promised each other a lot of things that we did not see through but enjoy this day.

My dear, you will always be close to my heart, even now that we are thousand miles apart.


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I thought our feelings would last us a whole eternity, you and me, but it was doomed then.

You were my destiny, I believed that but we did not last, I wish you the best on your big day!

What we had did not last long enough, that is the truth, I wish it did, have a happy birthday, love.

You were not just my wife but my best friend as well, I miss you so, happy birthday ex-wife.

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As you celebrate the moment you had life, I realized what we once had has already passed.

We just were not the right people for each other, that is the reality of it, I wish you the best.

What I am wishing for you is a new day that you can fill with memories with your new love.

You are growing up to be a stronger and better woman and I am proud to say was once mine.

I admit I was the one to mess it all up but I hope on your big day today, we can reconcile on it.

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Happy birthday ex-wife, I may not be by your side anymore but I hope that you get to enjoy it.

I was never the unfaithful husband you painted me to be but I got over it now, have fun today!

If I ever broke what we had because of my lack of faith, forgive me and I hope you are happy.

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The truth is that my feelings for you never changed, they just got more complicated, than ever.

My ego got in the way of what we had and for that I am sorry that I lost you, have fun today!

On the day of your birth, I am happy knowing that you are fine, that you are doing just okay.

All my thoughts are with you today and I just wish you to have a very happy birthday ex-wife.

You are and will always be a part of my life no matter what happens, happy birthday ex-wife.

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I wish you to have the best time of your life and that maybe you can think of me even for now.

My respect for you has never wavered, I still have a great amount of it, you can be assured.

Enjoy the day and know that this one is meant for you and yours alone, so get the most of it.

Have an awesome time celebrating your birth with some people that can understand you, dear.

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Every minute ever since we were apart are still tearing into my heart and it does hurt still.

Happy birthday ex-wife, I cannot pass up the opportunity of seeing you happy once again.

I cannot hate you because out of all the things that happened to me, you matter, that is it.

We were separated but I still wish you to be happy and that you get to have the life you want.


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This smile plastered on my face is yours, you are the reason, at least you were once the reason.

You are flawless to me, you are beyond any price of the world, I still miss you, enjoy this day.

I still do miss you, which is the downright truth of things, I still do, so happy birthday ex-wife.

Blow those candles out and take everything off your mind for a second and make a wish, dear.

We were a unit you and I, a family but even that is gone now still I wish you get to enjoy today.

I look out for your interests, the best for you still, even years after we have broken apart, wifey.

Happy birthday ex-wife, my memories of you remain good and valuable, I wish you the best.

Dear ex-wifey, I just wish that you would not be a bit sad as you celebrate this coming of age.

You were my companion, someone I leaned on to when I needed comfort, now we are not.

We may have separated but some feelings remain true and untold, I wish you are happy now.

The love that we shared slowly disappeared in front of our own eyes, happy birthday ex-wife.


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This was what you wanted, a separation, now I have given it as a birthday present just for you.

If I ever hurt you without my knowledge, I am sorry I hope we can stand on a better foot now.

You deserve to be a happy person, you deserve someone better than me, you never settled.

You will always be the first woman I have loved in this life of mine, happy birthday ex-wife.


Happy birthday ex-wife, things may not have worked out okay but I love you still in my heart.

You are one of the people I have always prized so much and still do, happy birthday ex-wife.

We now live in a world where things are not as we planned, always but I do miss you, my dear.

You may have been self-centered but you were mine back then, without me go and enjoy today.

Life is always going to mess up plans and feelings, I never thought it would undo ours so fast.

Keep being blessed and keep smiling because life is full of happy thoughts, happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday ex-wife, now I see that you do not look the same but more beautiful than ever.


I wish that your life would be filled with laughter and more happy memories, enjoy your day!

Never have I felt like this, maybe because I am free once more, so you go out and be free too!


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We took each other for granted and ended up divorced but at least you can go on, be happy.

You are embarking on a new journey of your life so I wish you have a happy birthday ex-wife.

May you always have a smile in your face no matter what happens, I will still be here, dear.

You were a calming peace turned into a raging storm for me, but still I wish you a happy birthday!

You broke my heart as I did yours and still we are where we needed to be so enjoy your day.


Happy birthday ex-wife, we cannot be together like before but I hope you know that I still care.

You are the one who made me into the person I am today and I want to thank you just for that.

I am just not comfortable without you but I will deal with it, that is just the way life is meant.

One day, I know you will find a person that will happy with you, I am sorry it wasn’t me at all.

Cherishing you was my job and now it is but a memory locked away, happy birthday ex-wife.

What we felt was so strong that we had a hard time holding on to it, happy birthday ex-wife.

Being comfortable with each other means your soul is in peace, so sleep tight and just relax.


There is a certain kind of loneliness that only a divorce can bring and it still does hurt a lot.

My reason to live is you and it will always be until I find a woman good enough for me to do.

Happy birthday ex-wife, I would have never thought our story would ended just like that, it did.

I was unlucky to have lost you in my life, your creative mind in every project, I still miss you.


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Now, we need to be far apart because we are no longer with each other, I hope you are happy.

Happy birthday ex-wife, a bad experience is what we shared but we still saw a light in the end.

I left you then but now here you are, proving to me just how wrong I truly was back then, dear.


Dreams are what made us into a couple but I was looking for a companion not a boss, wifey.

May you be happy enough this day that you will forgive me for all the things I once did to you.

No one in the world understood me more than you do and that is exactly what I am missing.


I wish we can turn back time and correct our mistakes but still, happy birthday ex-wife.

I tried, everything to maintain a healthy relationship but it was not enough, so we broke up.

An idiot is what I should have been called for letting you slip out of my life, my companion.

When all things come to an end, I would like you, I just want to move on from what we had.


Happy birthday ex-wife, what we had back then was special but so is what we have right now.

Let us now forget all things between us and just come clean to each other, no strings anymore.

I should have suffered as you did back then I am sorry but I wish you all the best in this life.

Happy birthday ex-wife, I do wish the best for you and that most of your wishes to come true.