The 105 Real Integrity quotes

A man’s word is usually used to gauge the quality of his personality or character. Sticking to your word, no matter how hard or sacrificial it may seem, could judge whether you are worth a person’s trust or not. As far as the world goes today, with as many crooks as there are saints, it would be a practical move to know one’s integrity first before cosying up into a personal relationship with them. Read this fabulous and famous honesty and integrity quotes.

Telling the truth is far easier than telling a lie because you do not have to remember anything, just the plain, old truth.

There is no repeating, no lying, and no shading of the truth. The only one that remains is your right to remain silent.

If you are already famous as a man of pure integrity, then the consequences for you in this world are already higher than you expect them to be.

Decisions are always made with the right sense of mind. Doing what is right and sticking to it is a mark of keeping true to yourself and others.


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A man who lacks knowledge but is full of integrity is useless and weak, while a man who is full of knowledge but lacks integrity could be a dangerous and dreadful person.

How men act would ultimately lead to what quality of character they have.

Give a man adversity, and he will emerge triumphant despite the hardships. However, give him power and see if he can still stand in the same character as before.

Do the right thing, and it will save you loads of time to explain why you did something wrong.

One may not be wise in words but watch him and the way he acts, for he is more knowledgeable in his actions than in the words he speaks.

If you never leave words and deeds separated from each other, then you will find that power is actually realized.

No matter how you dress your actions as nicely as you could, if the whole world can still see the ends to your means, then you ought to be ashamed of it.

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There is genuine integrity if you keep doing the right thing even though no one is there to watch and admire it.

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A perfect man never counts what he has but cultivates and nourishes what he is.

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Once you have gotten to know success, integrity is easy to let fade into the background.

You can go to school and learn how to develop integrity. Like love, it is a virus you should catch, and you can catch it only from those who already have it within them.

You tell others the truth, and it would be called honesty. Tell yourself the truth, and it would be called integrity.

If you cannot trust a person with trivial matters, you would not trust him with important ones.


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Challenge a person to do something that might affect his self-respect, and in doing so, you would be able to test his own integrity.

You have to do well with all the promises you have unleashed. It will weigh greatly on your own reputation and integrity. These things could only be created once in your lifetime, and they would come from the history of deeds and words that have accumulated over your life.

If you are kept in the dark, that’s when you’ll know what your character truly is.

Refusing to do the right thing is the worst cowardice of all.

If you are true to your own self, then it would follow that you would also be true to others around you.

The core of your character is your integrity.

Your profession has nothing to do with your integrity. It is their conduct that can measure his reliability.

Everything would be as easy as a piece of cake once you remove your integrity.

Your character depends on the things that you do, even when no one is looking. Everyone nowadays thinks that the best thing to do is get by, and the worst thing is getting caught.

Remaining silent at the right times could help you retain your integrity.


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Having integrity does not employ percentages. You cannot have it by 90 or 95 per cent. It is either you have it, or you do not have it.

Integrity is not readily given. It stems from the perseverance, to be honest at all times.

A person who is used to trickery and duplicity is most confused by one who is frank and full of integrity.

If you succeed in being honest and reliable, then the real success for goals would follow suit.

However fast, a man without integrity can be easily caught up by the slower man.

Deal with all your transactions, whether personal or business, with integrity, and everything would follow conveniently.

It would be best if you had integrity in everything you do, anything you say, and all that we say that we do.

Anyone who does not have integrity would not also have anything, for integrity cannot be bought.

Even if you lead a life away from the glamour of fame and fortune but filled with pure integrity, someday soon others will follow in your footsteps.


A man with integrity does not waver with time. Integrity does not just go with the flow of change as the season’s changes. It is deep inside yourself, a reflection of who you are, and if you can see this within you, then you’ll know that you would never cheat yourself or others in the process.

To achieve a sense of greatness, one should be filled with integrity first.

You should be upright by yourself, not kept upright by others around you.


If a man lands on an important matter, he wishes to show himself what he wants to be seen. If he stumbles upon something small, he shows himself as whom he really is.

No set of rules could govern integrity.

If you do something with integrity, you need not ponder upon it long or consider doing so. Doing something with integrity comes solely from the heart.


Anyone who says he could deliver the goods and makes good with his promise would always be welcome anywhere.

A man’s integrity could be proven when his behaviour is tested under the circumstances of his mistakes.


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If you do not want to blow your integrity into ashes, never meet fire with fire.

If you do things differently from the things you believe in, there can be no such happiness to be felt.


If you believe that you are doing the right actions, you will find that there would be no demands for explanation or room for mistakes to apologize for.

Anchor your character on integrity that is intertwined with courage.


Better upset people in doing things that you know is right than temporarily please them by doing the wrong thing. This way, you would be able to retain your self-respect.

Do not degrade yourself from doing anything for the sake of serenity or peace of mind. Never deny your own beliefs and convictions for the wrong benefit of others.

You can genuinely test one’s integrity through his absolute resistance to compromise something with someone.

A person’s character is not given by someone superior to him. It is derived deep from within through the burning passion of integrity that would not act short of anything else but the truth.

The greatest challenge a person could undergo is living a life filled with integrity.


An island is much like honour; there are no shores, and everything is jagged. No one can gain entrance again once he has chosen to exclude himself.

A person who does right through never cutting in line, taking only his own share, and seeking no advantage over anyone would never lose a day in his life.


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To maintain our integrity, we must never model our own vision to those of the public. Let the public accept our vision, retaining our responsibility to ourselves.

So our children would not be able to forget the essence of integrity and equality, let these qualities embody you. This way, they would seek integrity and would look up to you as their model.

Honesty is an elegant quality that does not need any embellishment.

Half of our lives are spent developing a reputation. A mere five seconds could destroy it. If people would stop and think about that, maybe things would be done differently.


Everything we say or do is a consequence of our character. Integrity is always an important matter.

Observe the means to every man’s end, discover his motives, and know his desires. These are things that man could not conceal from anyone else.

Clever people are never caught in the act; that is why they are called quick-witted. If you are caught red-handed, then you are not clever enough.

Life is too short, and the truth is a rare gem. That is why one must have the integrity of his own.

Owning integrity and honesty in you surpasses even the most glorious beauty.

You do not have to seek success; it is a consequence of integrity. If you are the best in your group, you do not need to promote yourself.

The world would cease to exist someday, but do the right things at the right time, and your time would be worthwhile.


An honourable man is one who still stands his ground despite the disadvantage, adversity, and fatality.

How people see us is just an image. In reality, integrity pertains to who we really are.

There is no value to integrity if we would part from it.

Being able to stand up for our integrity is an achievement in life. Whether others agree or not, one should persevere in living up to it. Integrity allows us to accept our contradictions.

Honesty and integrity quotes

It doesn’t take anything special to try and run with the crowd and turn our back on our own truth, but having integrity means that we will speak power to our truth even if we are standing alone.

Do not be afraid to do the right thing that you feel in your heart to be right, even if others pressure you to do otherwise, because you cannot live for them you have to live for yourself.

You cannot buy integrity, and it must be built; you must invest and commit to it. Integrity is essential because it establishes character and trust; we should keep it in good regard.

When we don’t set standards for ourselves, we can easily fall, waking up one day to realize that we haven’t established any set of boundaries to try and fuel some honest integrity.

Take the time to be honest with others in a gentle way so as not to offend, so that you can try to pursue a life of integrity and not build an existence on lies.

Once you start telling lies, then like a snowball, it only continues, and soon you find yourself swimming in a sea of lies, unable to tell the difference any longer. Be careful to be mindful of your integrity and know that lies can only tarnish it.

You don’t have to have an audience to have integrity; in fact, it is much more important to have that integrity, especially when nobody else is looking.

Seek to be fair with others and fuel integrity rather than unfairness and deception. Integrity is far more priceless, and when you speak to that inner truth, even when alone, at least you can be satisfied knowing that you stayed true to your true self.