Best 50th birthday party ideas

Nifty fifty! 10 years away from unlimited vacation. 5 decades of witnessing the perils and wonders of life.

At this point in your life, you have reached a lot of goals and made a lot of accomplishments in your life.

You have beautiful grandchildren disturbing your peaceful Sunday mornings and a gorgeous house that has been free from the reins of mortgage. What’s not to celebrate, right? For your 50th birthday, treat yourself for a luxurious and well-deserved party.

There are many ideas that will turn your 50th chapter into a memorable event both for you and your guests.

Bold at 50. Be proud! There is no reason to be ashamed at turning 50. Fill your party venue with the number 5-0. Give your cupcake a 50 topper, your streamers and your cake as well. It is not as bad as you think. Hang 50 photos of you and your loved ones in a clothes string for a memory throwback and to look back at the best times of your life. Make a playlist of your 50 favourite songs of all time and let it play during your birthday party.

50 and Fabulous. Who says you are too old for glitter? No one will be too old for the glitz and glamour! Serve fancy high heels shaped cookies glimmering in pink confectionary and make sure that your table set-up and decorations follow suit. Don’t forget that big 5-0 cake topper!


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Surfin’ at 50. Release that inner surfer with this cool party theme. Invite everyone to come in their best summer or surfing outfit. If you can hold your birthday by the beach side, then it’s a plus! If not, you can always hold it by the pool in the club house at your village. Bring along surf boards if the party will be held by the beach!

The Beauty of Tiffany. Every woman dreams of owning a trinket from Tiffany and Co. The simple yet dazzling design is simply unforgettable. Make your party stunningly gorgeous with a Tiffany and Co. inspired dessert table. Remember, it’s all about the blue and pearls. You can make a lovely centrepiece with a pearl and a vase, then a simple white rose.

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Black and White 50. Bring out the class and elegance of 50 with this flexible theme. There are only 2 things to keep in mind, black and white. Table clothes can be black and the plates white, or vice versa. The dessert can de designed in such way too, to show your advocacy to this minimalist theme.  

Rustic and Elegant at 50.  Be mesmerized with this theme! The combination of golden antlers and elegant flora will surely capture your heart. Decorate the tables with a bouquet of ravishing flowers and golden antlers to capture that rustic and elegant feel.

King and Queen of Hearts. Alice and Wonderland is not just for kids. Adults can still enjoy the story too! Take the theme of the King and Queen of hearts from the beloved masterpiece of Lewis Caroll and dress up as card! Use the theme on your dessert table and as your streamers.

Baseball Time. Take the excitement of the baseball game thrill in your party. Men will love this theme for sure and is perfect for all ages. Ask your guest to come in their baseball jerseys and spend the afternoon relieving all the best moments in baseball history. Spend the afternoon over mouth-watering barbeque and beer. It will surely make your 50th an afternoon to remember.

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Dukes of Hazzard. Love racing? Bring the spirit of speed into your theme, also perfect for boys of all ages. Bring the theme of racing into your dessert and decorations. You can ask your guests to dress up as the characters to add a pinch of fun.

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Spanish Beach. This is a wonderful topic for a travel theme party. Instead of the usual airplanes and map decoration, opt for a Spanish themed beach party! Make the colourful Spanish parties as your inspiration, as well as the lively music and dancing. That will make for a unique and memorable 50th birthday!

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4th of July. If your birthday is coincidentally falls on the same date, then a 4th of the July birthday theme will be awesome! Stick the American Flag as toppers for your cupcake and turn everything white, blue and white as a real supporter of the United States of America.

Royalty for a Day. One of the most unforgettable ways to celebrate your 50th is by celebrating it the most royal way possible. Hire a castle’s dining hall for a day. Combine it with a medieval banquet theme to have a real feel of dining in style.

Rock Star at 50. If you love rock n’ roll, surely you will adore this theme. Wear old concert t-shirt to the party and play some hard core rock music from your era! Your guests will have a blast for sure and don’t forget to bring out some beer as well.

Geezer Party. Poke fun on your birthday party with ‘over the hill’ theme. You can get comical gag signs on local stores to hang around the venue such as “I’m 18 with 32 years of experience”, “I’m not 50” and more.

All about 50. Here’s a fun idea to spice up the party. Have your guest list down anything 50 about you! For example, 50 cool and fun facts about you, your 50 great accomplishments, your 50 funny and unforgettable moments, or 50 reasons why they love you. You can ask the guest to fill the list during the party or when they RSVP for the party. At 50, a person would touch so many lives and achieve a lot of things. It is only right to give recognition to such feats!


Picture Perfect Memories at 50. Take your guests to a trip down the memory lane with a wall of your black and white pictures from significant moments of your life. To make the statement even bolder, lay the photos out in a big 5 and 0!

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Beats with The Beatles. It started with The Beatles. They are the original launcher of boy bands! Celebrate your 50th in style with a theme commemorating this awesome boy group! Line your walls with posters from way back and top your cupcakes with pictures of each member.

Ice Cream Lover. Let go of the Diabetes watch for this party, just for a day! Ask your guests to bring their favourite ice cream topper or cones. Buy all the assortment of ice creams you want for the party, bananas and brownies too, to compliment the ice cream and let everyone make their custom parfaits!

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The Fountain of Youth. Perfect for summer, this idea will surely add a blast of fun to the party. Bring a mock kiddie pool in the centre of your garden. Fill it up and have balloon and flowers float in it. Make sure to bring in that fountain effect. Have the guest gather around the fountain and let them tell stories of their youths with the celebrant.


Wine and Cheese! Turning 50 means coming to maturity gracefully. Liven up the room with classical and jazz music. Serve cheeses of all kinds and crackers to go with it. Just as fine as you are, serve at least four of the best wines you have.


Gold and Silver. These colours are the hues of wealth and elegance. At 50, you have been through so much in life that you came out winning with these tow qualities in tow. A perfect way to celebrate your 50th is by using these two ravishing colours as your theme. The stunning dessert tables, the set-up and the centrepieces in gold and silver pearls will surely exude a marvellous effect into your party.

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Classic Movie Night. Nothing like a movie night with your friends! Take that projector out and play your favourite classic movie. Prepare popcorns, soda and a quilt, and have a blast under the twilight at your own backyard.


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The 1960’s. It is the era of the 50 year-olds – The great music, the insane fashion, the rich history and the awesome Hollywood blockbusters of the 60’s. Play the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones; sport the big hair of the 60’s; sport the elephant jeans, the pretty dresses and big headbands; fill the room with 1960’s rock posters.  This will be a party to remember for sure!


It’s My Life. This is a great party idea where everyone can participate. Make a fill in the blanks sheet for the guests. Make it short up to 7 questions max about the celebrant such as ‘the happiest I’ve seen (the celebrant) is when… or my favourite moment with (the celebrant)… or list down 3 qualities you love about the celebrant are some examples. You can come up with your own and have the guests send the answers to you in advance so when the day of the party comes, you can compile it in a video with pictures that will sure move the hearts of everyone in the room.

The Philosophers. It is all about the wreaths, the togas and the robes of the age of philosophy. The guests should come in looking like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates or Einstein! They have to prepare a short quote and read it aloud in front. To break the ice, other guests can try and guess which philosopher that quote came from.

Candidly Collected. To go with the theme, decorate everything in sepia or black and white tones. Place disposable cameras in each table and hold a contest which person will have the funniest or most memorable photo of the night. Collect all the photos and stick them in a wall. Let the celebrant decide who the winner of the night is!


Fiesta 50. The bright colours of the fiesta – vivid greens, reds, oranges, blues, yellows and purples! This easy breezy theme is perfect for a lively party filled with dance music with great food of any kinds to boot. Simple make a colourful streamer of different colours and serve the most scrumptious food you can think of. Anything will work with this theme!