Happy 23rd Birthday Quotes

It is never a bad experience to turn into a new age because you can only get better and a whole lot wiser as you grow older.
The thing is you get to have more experiences and even more fun.
By the age of twenty-three, you are just about to blossom in whatever career you are taking; you are probably just getting out of the nest to celebrate what you have been given, to use what you have learned from years in school.
There is no one to tell you how your life will go from this point. That is all up to you, so no matter what happens, you should be confident in making choices because they will indeed matter by now.
Here are some birthday wishes for people of this age.

Happy 23rd birthday; I want you to know that I have never met someone quite as great as you.

You have always been the source of happiness in this family of ours, and we all love you for it.

Enjoy your day, and may all the blessings go with you because you are the best person ever!


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I know that the only way you shall go is the one with success; in the end, have a great day, dear!

You can make people feel as if they are welcome in your life, lots of love for you!

Having been your classmates once upon a time was a pleasure, have fun celebrating today!

The reason for me living in this world is no one else but you. Have a pleased 23rd birthday.

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Let no one else ruin this day for you because you deserve happiness; you deserve it all, love.

Now you shall go and complete another year of your life and have all the fun you need to!

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All the angels will sing for you because it is the time of your life; enjoy your big day, love.

I wish you would have the most special day of your life because life is meant to be lived.

You need to realize that some pains in your life are meant to teach you a lesson that it is.

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You were the one that lifted my clouded eyes and showed me what life is; happy 23rd birthday.

When you feel weak, seek the Lord for strength, and He will provide for you all the time, dear.

Trust in God, for He is knowing and He will show you what you are meant for in this life.

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Today, you can go back to being a kid, go get all your toys out, and just have some fun, dear.

You are beautiful, and that is simply because you are loved. Never forget that, as you grow old.

I suggest that you never take for granted anything that life has given you. That is the key to it.

Happy 23rd birthday; no matter what may happen in this life. Know that I am right behind you.

You make me feel like I am a child again, and I appreciate that so much. Happy 23rd birthday.

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Life is not always going to be the way you want it to be, but it will yield, eventually.

Believe the people that have experience but still try to make your destiny, that you should.

At this time of your life, you should gather more experiences and live a whole lot more.

You have been given a gift of talent; use it wisely, share it with the masses of people, go for it.

Cute Birthday Messages

I did not get to watch you grow up, but now I see you so beautiful, and I cannot be prouder, sis.

Happy 23rd birthday; you made me happy once more; you showed me what is worth living for.

Let nothing hold you back from doing what you want; go for this young man; we believe in you!

You are good at what you are doing, so go forward and keep shining what you have now.


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I see that you have big dreams and I am telling you that you can make it just enjoy this day.

For now, all you have to worry about is how to have some fun with your life, which you should.

I hope that you find some pleasure in the things that you are doing, happy 23rd birthday.

You have opened yourself up to changes and let go of the hard things; I am so proud of you.

After such a long time, we meet each other again, on the day of your birth, have some fun!

Life will always have some ups and downs, go and embrace those fears and be freer, my dear.

There will be opportunities that come knocking on your door in disguise, so go figure it out.

Happy 23rd birthday; if you are on the edge of falling down that cliff, remember it’ll be okay.

I know what type of things matter to you, and I still do; it seems I have come to learn more.

I hope that I can be the first person to greet you today for you surely deserve to be happy.


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What you are is an artist at heart and that is what I care for most, never let that art die, love.

Things are always going to happen for a reason so just stay alive and happy 23rd birthday.

You have discipline in your bones and you are making so much on it and I am happy for you.

Adorable is what you are and I do hope that one day, you will learn to appreciate who you are.

I may not be able to show you how I care for you but I want you to know that I do, so much.


Happy 23rd birthday, this is the time to search deep in your soul who you are and why you live.

You only get one shot in life and if this is it, you need to give it your best, happy 23rd birthday.

With all your flaws, all the things you fear other people would discover I think you are perfect.

There are so many possibilities out there and you should explore it and just have fun with it.

I just know you are going to be successful in what you choose and I am just so proud of you!

Happy 23rd birthday, I am glad that you’re confident enough in yourself to follow your dreams.

Have a happy birthday, of all the people I know, you are the one that deserves a break the most.


Train your mind and unleash that potential inside of you for you have a well waiting to flow.

I wish that you would have a happy memory of today, that this is one that you would not forget.

All the hard work that you have invested will eventually pay off, my dear, happy 23rd birthday.


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No matter how silly you may seem, it seems to me that you know how to care, enjoy this day!

Always depend on your heart when it seems your mind cannot cool down, have fun for today.

Stress may conquer you some days but never let it get to your core, you can do this, enjoy!

Happy 23rd birthday, by now I know just how great you are especially when you are focused.


Your life will all depend on the choices you make at this point so go and have some fun, love.

Think of responsibilities tomorrow, for today, just enjoy yourself to the fullest, it is your day!

You are worth far more than what you think you do so stop self-pitying, you are better than it.

You make me proud by everything you have done at this young age child, happy 23rd birthday.

People may try to change you but never do so for anyone else but yourself, that is the truth.

As a person of mature age and mind, you should learn to appreciate what is in front of you.

A lot of people are going to hurt you but even the pain can help in growing up, so go and feel.


Happy 23rd birthday, you have another year to correct all mistakes you’ve committed this year.

When everything else fails, always remember that there are people who love you out there.

May you learn that the people who love you will always be there to support you, all the time.

Be thankful for what you have and prosperity will come to you tenfold, that is the truth of it.


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I know you will succeed in this life because you always look up ahead girl happy 23rd birthday.

Happy 23rd birthday, you sure have grown up a lot and I cannot be more proud than I am now.

Stop regretting the bad decisions for they brought you to where you are right now, do they not.


Everything that you did or do will eventually lead you to where you are now so enjoy your day.

May you learn to be happy even if you are in pain giving you my best and happy 23rd birthday.

This is a great opportunity to do some good fun, some jolly thing and to just have some time.

It is essential to have time for yourself and now is a good opportunity to do so, that is the truth.


Happy 23rd birthday, you may not be perfect for others but you are strong enough for me.

Pampering yourself a bit cannot be a sin especially since it is your birthday today, go for it!

Have all the fun you want to and just enjoy yourself, after all today is the day of your life.


Darling, you are the one that is making my heart flutter from this day, happy 23rd birthday.

Make every birthday you have count and just enjoy the days while it lasts, that you should.

If there is a thing such something to organize your life, you should go for it, do not let it go.

When you want something, fight for it, go for what you want because only you can do that.

Happy 23rd birthday, keep being stable and just trust the Lord to keep guiding you throughout.