Great First Birthday Party Ideas

The first birthday of your child is the first milestone in their life.

You can have the option of throwing a cute party or just letting it bass without being celebrated.

Of course, you would not want the latter! The first birthday of your baby is an achievement for you as well! Here are the essential things to consider when planning out a first birthday party for your precious one:

The attendees:

It is best to keep in mind that your baby only wants your undivided attention. Sure, your baby will play alongside other babies, but your baby will not know how to play with them yet. Your baby will be scared of strangers, for sure. Therefore, it is ideal for inviting only the closest friends and relatives to the party.

The budget

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The cash you need to shelve out for your baby’s first birthday party does not need to go over $500. Since you only invite a few people to the party, you only have to spend the minimum amount on food, party favors, and decorations. It is up to you if you want to splurge more on the party theme and food.


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The time

The best time to throw your baby’s first birthday party is around the afternoon nap time. You wouldn’t want sleepy and cranky crying babies during the party. Remember, it’s a domino effect. Once a baby starts to cry, the others will follow suit. Also, it is best to keep the party short. An hour-long party is long enough for the babies and the adults to have fun and interact with each other.

Food and Drinks

Keep it effortless! Simple and easy eats are best served for babies, while the adults can have different food for themselves. Simple cheese sandwich, cheesy macaroni or spirals, diced fruits of various colors, pizza topped with pineapple and ham, Spanish rice, and crackers are good choices since these are simple for babies to chew on. Avoid foods that can cause possible chokings like popcorns, nuts, and raisins. The toddlers can have a separate cake to mash on to their heart’s content, while the adults can have cupcakes or a delicious cake to feast on. Remember to keep your baby away from the candle; otherwise, they will end up grabbing it instead of blowing it.
Like the food, keep the drinks simple as well. Milk, diluted juices, and water are the best option for drinks. Adults can have a different non-alcoholic fruit cocktail for themselves.

The place

The ideal place for your baby’s first birthday party is at home. It is where the baby feels most secure, and you have access to everything they need. If your house is too small for the event, you can opt for the social hall around your village or a restaurant catering to kiddie parties.

Games and crafts

One-year-olds are too young to understand the mechanics of the game. The best fun activity that your baby will love is singing and dancing along to their favorite nursery rhyme. You can also play peek-a-boo, bean bag toss, read a storybook, and most of all, your baby will love to help you unwrap their presents.

To make the party memorable for every toddler attending the party, you can make a collection of their paint handprints on a whiteboard. You can construct it into a pattern of a tree or flower; make sure that the paint you will use is non-toxic and easy to remove. You can also pass around a cute sign book or board around the adults joining the party to make the event even more unforgettable.

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The invitation

Make the cards as personalized as possible. A picture of your baby, the party’s theme, and the necessary details should be printed in your invitation. Make it as colorful and as cute as you can, just like your baby! You can distribute electronic invitations, but it won’t be as gush-worthy as receiving an actual invitation.

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Things to remember

Delegate a clean and well-equipped place for diaper changing and where breastfeeding moms can have some quiet and privacy.

As much as possible, avoid balloons and candies as give-aways for other babies. These items are dangerous for babies. Loot bags are not necessary for 1st birthday parties. You can opt for a safe and soft toy as party treats instead.

Equip your house with childproofing devices to ensure the safety of other babies. Watch out for sharp edges and objects such as forks and toothpicks; stow away small things that can cause choking, and don’t forget to keep away the breakable and fragile items around the house. It is best to keep pets out of the line of attack from babies as well.


Provide a spacious floor space with safe and soft toys for babies to play around with. Let your baby and their relax.

It is a good idea to have a designated photographer for the event. You can have a relative to capture the memories of the event, or you can hire a professional. For sure, you will be too busy watching after your baby and talking with the guests.

Party ideas and themes

A first birthday party without a theme is a boring one! Parents these days are very creative and unique in formulating themes and ideas for parties. The sky is the limit! You can opt for anything you have in mind; just be sure to match it with your baby’s personality. When you have decided on the theme, the decoration, invitations, and costumes (this is optional) will follow suit:

Boho Chic.

A sophisticated baby needs a theme as chic as she is! Fill the room with dream catchers and bohemian streamers and bring out the spirit of the bohemian into the party.


Your Royal Highness.

Every little girl dreams of growing up into a lovely princess one day. Let your baby experience the life of a Disney princess for her birthday! Adorn her with a crown and a cute gown, and don’t forget to give other princess babies their tiara too!

Somewhere over the Rainbow.

Let the room radiate with the colors of the rainbow. Hang strips of different hues around the room and embellish the walls with balloons of rainbow colors.


Need for speed.

Boys love cars and drive them at breathtaking speed. Your baby boy will love the chequered flag of black and white and the cupcake-shaped cars for his party.

Vintage Traveller.

Parents who love to travel can instill their spirit of wanderlust in their children at an early age.  Start them early with a vintage traveler theme. Decorate the room with balloons and streamers of solid colors, make invitations reminiscent of a passport, and embellish the cake with an airplane topper.


Kids love carnivals. One of the classic favorites is the merry-go-round. Order a carousel topper for the cake, have a ferry’s wheel as a centerpiece, and line the room with colorful carnival streamers.

Pirates of the Caribbean.

If Jack Sparrow is your thing, take that pirate spirit into your son’s 1st birthday party. Dress him in an eye patch and a perfect pirate outfit. Place a treasure chest filled with soft and chewable toys as the centerpiece and line up the room with pirate flags. Remember to keep the swords and hooks away!


Nautical baby boy.

This is the perfect classic and effortless theme for your baby boy’s first birthday party. Top the cake with an anchor, order it in stripes of blue and white, and you are ready to go! Bring in the character of a sailor by putting up a boat’s wheel and sail as party streamers around your house.

Into the woods.

Wouldn’t it be fun to hold a summer camping in your house? Sans the wildlife and the campfire, make a memorable first birthday for your little man with a camping-themed party. Dress him up in a ranger’s outfit and build a little tent where the little ones can play.

Winter Wonderland.

This theme is excellent for gender-neutral parties. Just embellish the room with snowflakes, a lot of shimmer, and snow, and you’re good to go!

Pastel and Chic.

The ruffles, laces, and pastel-colored flowers perfectly spell CHIC!

Old MacDonald.

Old Macdonald had a farm eya-eya-ow! There’s nothing like a fun barnyard theme for your toddler. Serve crackers in various animal shapes, decorate the cake in a cute cow print and play the old barnyard nursery theme during the party!


Coffee Shop Love.

There is one thing in common that all coffee shops share – the vintage feel! Fill the plates with cakes of various flavors and designs, serve a chocolate drink to the kids (tea and lattes for the adults) and cover the table with a fancy and lace table cloth.

Musical Rock Star.

Bring out that inner rock star with a musical-themed party if your baby is musically inclined at an early age. Bake biscuits of different colors in a shape of a xylophone key and top that cake with a cute and cool guitar or drum set.

Up, up and away.

This is another effortless birthday party idea for your 1-year old. Decorate the cupcakes with air balloon toppers, line your walls with more air balloon cardboards and let the party go up, up, and away with fun!

Mickey and Minnie.

Perfect for your baby boy or baby girl. Decorate the house with Minnie’s cute red and white ribbon if the party is for a baby girl. Embellish the room with Mickey’s signature gloves if the party is for your little man. Don’t forget to don on the Mickey or Minnie ears and make sure that the guests have their own!


Alice in Wonderland.

The Cheshire Cat, the Rabbit with a  watch, The Mad Hatter, The Invisible Caterpillar, and the Queen – so many interesting characters! This theme is not only visually appealing as decorations; it is also an exciting topper for the cake or cupcakes. You can dress your baby girl as Alice or put on the Mad Hatter costume for your baby boy. Don’t forget to decorate the room that is reminiscent of the world that Alice fell into!