Best 30th birthday party ideas

A lot of people, especially women, dread the coming of their 30th birthday. This critical milestone must be celebrated!

30 is the time when you have climbed the corporate ladder or figured out what you want to do in life. It is the time when you are already married to the love of your life or still enjoying the joys of singlehood.

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one going through the turn of this new leaf. Most of your friends who are around the same age are going through the same.

Why not have a blast and make this birthday celebration an event to remember for the rest of your life? Here are a list of party ideas to celebrate that 30th birthday with a blast:

Spa Time. There’s nothing like a relaxing day at the spa with your girlfriends. Your journey of 3 decades is no smooth sailing journey. Treat yourself to a massage, pedicure, manicure, sauna, and everything that your local spa has to offer! Forget about your problems for a day and allow yourself to unwind.

Champagne Party. Glitter, gold, and champagne! What better combination to welcome such a precious milestone. Say goodbye to your 20s; pop open that drink and welcome your 30s with a delightful heart. To make the party sweeter, serve cupcakes in gold foil and top the cake with a glittery 30!


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Thirty acts of kindness in a day. There is nothing as satisfying as bringing joy to others. Make a list of the simple good acts you want to do on your 30th birthday. It could be as simple as buying a coffee for the guy behind you in a line or offering your seat to an elderly at the bus. Your birthday won’t be as satisfying as this for sure.

Throwback Party. Now, this is one exciting theme for a party. Seeing the awkward senior or childhood photos atop the plates of your designated guests will make everyone reminisce about the good old days; this is also a window for looking back to how far everyone has come. For sure, everyone will have a good laugh, and this party will be one that they cannot forget.

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Bonfire Bonding. Light up a bonfire on the beach with your closest family and friends; the fireplace at your house will do too. Bring a bottle of champagne along and some marshmallows to roast. Indulge in the good times! Nothing beats a heart-to-heart talk with your loved ones.

Stylish 30. If you are a woman of fashion, then this theme will surely match your taste. Dress up your dessert table in style. Order a cake and cupcakes of matching patterns or colors. Don’t forget to add a stylish hat or mannequin for a glamorous finish.

Brunch Crunch. Instead of throwing a typical dinner party, why not try throwing a brunch instead? Coffee, toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and fruits to feast on with your friends are indeed one unique way of celebrating your 30th.

Wishes for 30. Who says you are too old for balloons? Twist those balloons by tying a cord on each end of the balloon. Ask your guests to write down wishes on each, then after blowing your birthday candle, set them free. That should be a sight to behold!

You are eating New. Turning 30 is about trying something new. Why go to your favorite restaurant when you can eat somewhere new? You might discover a new favorite place and a new favorite dish too!

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The music of the ’90s. If you are turning 30, you lived in the era of cassettes, tapes, and CDs; watched the evolution of music turn from videos to files on Itunes and Spotify. Make this party memorable by topping your cake and cupcakes with cassette tape toppers, and make sure to play the music from the ’90s, of course! That will indeed send a surge of nostalgia to everyone!

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Bake that cake. Start searching online for that perfect cake recipe and bake your cake for your Big 30 party! You can eat it with satisfaction and serve it to your party-goers with pride. You might learn that you have a flair for the craft and can start your baking business, not wrong, right?

The balloon of memories. Another great thing you can do about the balloons is to use them as the chandelier for your memories. Tie the photos of your best memories with your guests. They will love to reminisce the good memories in those photos with you.

New do for a new you. You don’t have to go overboard with having a new hairdo. Go for a change that will compliment you—nothing like a fresh cut and color for your 30th birthday.

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Hilarious Tote Bags. As party favors for your guests, let them take home a funny statement tote bag that lies about your age or a funny quote about growing older.


The bucket list. If you have a bucket list, start ticking off the items on the list. I don’t have one, then make one. 30 is an excellent milestone to start doing important things in your life.

Paint a color. Were you tired of the same color welcoming you every day? Paint your walls a new color for your birthday. You will feel refreshed after the paint job because you accomplished something new for a new chapter.

Wall of wishes. If you are not fond of balloons, then you can opt for a cooler alternative where your guests can scribble down their wishes for you. Tape a black cardboard paper on your wall and leave metallic pens for your guests to sign.

Somewhere New. Be open to new possibilities! Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Take your best friend, your sister or your mom with you. Go on an adventure and do things that scare you. Nothing is satisfying than challenging yourself to do something out of your comfort zone.

Oreo Stacks. There is always a child inside of us. For your 30th birthday, why don’t you bring in a childhood favorite? Oreos! Stack them up good and don’t forget to bring a glass of milk along!

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Thank you, Letter. You wouldn’t get to where you are if it wasn’t for your family and friends who have supported you throughout your journey. On this beautiful milestone of your life, why don’t you send a heartfelt letter to your loved ones? Gratitude goes a long way.


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30 toppers. Instead of denying the reality that you are indeed turning 30, why don’t you face it head-on and top it on your cake, sandwiches, finger foods, and cupcakes?

A day as a detective. If you love solving mysteries, try being a detective for one day. Buy a ‘murder mystery’ kit and have fun with your friends on the night of your birthday.

Songs about 30. Break out of the traditional birthday invitations. Use your favorite childhood song lyrics for your invitation. That will give everyone a dose of nostalgia and a good start off for the party.


Photo Booth. Everyone loves pictures. Bring out the fun on your birthday by hiring a photo booth. A variety of hats and prop sets come with the package. Surf online for local photo booth services near your area. You can instantly have the photos printed, which is a good keepsake for your guests.

Awesome 30. Shout it out! Being 30 is super awesome! It is such a wonderful milestone. Write it on a chalkboard and hang it by your dessert table. Embellish your wall with streamers of 3 and 0 cut-outs.

The candy time capsule. Love sweets? Bring that love for candies by bringing in the candies from the ’70s, the ’80s, and 90’. Your guests will love these blast from the past sweets, which is hard to find in your local stores.

Be a volunteer. Doing something good for others will give you fulfillment like no other. Find a local orphanage or a shelter you can volunteer for. Instead of focusing or lamenting about your age, turn that focus on doing something great for others. If you love animals, go to your local pet shelter and volunteer for a day. If you love kids, go to your local orphanage and brighten up their day.


Costume party. Not the mascot kind of thing, but the blast in the past sort of costume party. You can do the 1920’s era. Wear those feathery dresses, flappers, and pearls – the best dressed for the night gets a reward!


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Travel with me. If you can’t afford to travel out, It doesn’t mean you can’t bring the spirit of wanderlust with you. Decorate yourself with a particular country that you want to go to. You can go for an Asian theme or a European theme. You can send out your invitations in the form of a passport or ticket. Make use of that world map and travel guide as an embellishment on your walls.

Model for a day. The best way to feel like a star is to be a star for a day. Ask a friend or a professional to set you up for a photoshoot. Wear something pretty, put some make-up on and strike that perfect pose.

Ladies Night. Exclusively for ladies only. Dance the night away with your girlfriends or simply have a pajama party at home with a glass of wine in your hands and chat the night away.


Kisses. A fun and creative way to celebrate your 30th birthday is to custom design kisses. Print a lot of kisses-size stickers and stick the ‘30’ on the kisses.


You are changing lives. Make a list of things you want to change. List down things that you want to change that will lead to a better you, like changing your spending habits, your routine of procrastinating, moving somewhere new if you’ve always been wanting to, and being more persistent with pursuing your passion.


Wine Day. One of the finest things in life is wine. Treat yourself and your friends to a wine tasting day. The good things in life should be appreciated with great company.

The classic Oreo. Oreo is not just used for dipping milk; you can liven it up and decorate it. You can use it as a topper for your cupcakes.