Birthday Wishes For Twin Sisters

Having a sister is rewarding and frustrating at the same time, but having a twin sister might be a roller coaster ride waiting to take off, full of ups and downs that will leave you screaming either because of joy or frustration.
Nonetheless, you could always count on your twin sister to stand by your side, whatever happens, so on her birthday, treat her right and give her a nice message and a gift or two.

Happy birthday, twin sister! I wish you a fantastic birthday as extraordinary as you are!

Happy birthday to my beautiful twin sister with an equally beautiful soul!

Happy birthday my twin sister, who is also my favorite sister of all!


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Happy birthday, twin sister! May this year be full of dreams fulfilled for you.

You always brighten up my day. Stay the same, twin sister!

Thank you for being my best friend in the whole wide world. Happy birthday, twin sister!

Let me remind you on our day that I’ll always be by your side as long as you need me.

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Having a twin is a miracle itself but having you as a twin is a greater miracle! Love you, twin!

You never fail to amaze me with your strength. Keep on being strong, twin sister!

Alone I can do something, but I can do so much more with you, and for that, I thank you.

The world awaits you, beautiful twin sister!

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Thank you for staying in my life, like you have any other choice. Happy birthday, twin sister!

If there’s a universe where I can choose another twin sister, I’d still choose you.

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Thank you for always understanding my crazy episodes and for talking some sense to me.

Growing up with you is such a fantastic adventure. More adventures to come for us both!!

Your ability to see the good in people is incredible. I wish you all the good things in life, twin!

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My wish for you is the satisfaction of all the desires of your heart, my twin sister.

Happy birthday, twin sister! I am looking forward to many more memories shared with you!

Here is to another year of a night filled with stories shared over boxes of pizza. Love you, sis!

Here is to conquer the world together, to getting up, falling, and getting up again. I got you.

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My arms will always be ready to give you a tight hug when you need them. Love you, twin sister!

Twin, I’d love to grow old with you and face trials together because with you, I am lighter.

Let us push each other towards our dreams. We’ll both get there eventually.

I can’t believe you’re my twin sister, we’re so different in many aspects, but I love you still.

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Life is an even incredible journey when shared with. Let’s walk this hand in hand, promise?

I admire how brave you are. Continue facing your fears head-on, twin!

Happy birthday, twin! I can’t wait to spend this day dancing to our favorite bands in our room.

You and I were different, but it’s a good kind of other, and for that, I am thankful.

Thank you for the long walks you took with me when I was having a bad day. You’re the best!


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I hope you’ll never get tired of forgiving, correcting, and encouraging me. Stay the identical twin.

In you, I found a best friend and the best twin in one. Happy birthday, twin sister!

I am your number one fan and will always be. Continue pursuing your passion endlessly.

I can’t wait to unveil the world of books, poetry, and music with your twin sister!

Always remind yourself to live today like this will be your last. Happy birthday, twin!

Sharing everything with you makes memories more beautiful. Love you, twin sister!

Here is to another year of never being afraid of going against the flow. We got this twin!

Your strength is my weakness, and your strength is my weakness, and for that, I’m thankful.

Thank you for pushing e towards the things I love but lack the courage to pursue.

You never fail to amaze how much of a generous soul you are. Burn brighter, twin!

Shine brighter than the version of you yesterday. Happy birthday!


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Congratulations twin! You are one year closer to achieving all your dreams.

Let us continue to build each other up like we always do when we were children.

Twin, thank you for inspiring me to become a better version of myself.

With you I can be myself, rest assured that you can be vulnerable with me too. Love you twin!

I am sorry for all the missed chances to bond with you. Promise this year will be the best.

Sissy, we’ve been through a lot, it is time that we demand this universe of beautiful things.

Continue fighting the good fight in life twin!

Happy birthday to you, my ever hardworking but moody twin sister.

I hope you have a lovely day, lovelier than you.

Happy birthday to my sweetest twin. Stay fabulous as always.

Count on me to listen to all of your stories-no matter how happy, sad or crazy.


Count on me to be your source of strength during your weakest days. Happy birthday twin!

Never thought I’d say this but shit I definitely miss our fights (small and big) over silly things.

Bonding with you over pizza, coffee and cheesecake will always be my favorite thing.

Thank you for never getting tired of my stories, not even when you heard them already.

I always love how you seem to burn with so much passion for the things that matter to you.

Sis, keep reminding yourself that you are capable of so much more.

Someone reminded me to appreciate the constants in my life, I love you sis!


Despite your seriousness, never forget to enjoy your life sis!

I wanted to stay right here in this moment because at this point we’re closest. Love you twin!

When you feel like no one cares for you, stop and think of me. I’ll always care for you twin!

I can’t wait to travel with you, I’ll capture those moments and you’ll write about those.

Our story is not yet over, remember we have the power, twin. Start becoming today.

Never forget to want things, sis because from there you’ll know where you’re going in this life.

You are so alive sis and continue doing so. I’m proud of you.


I can’t wait for you to become the person you always wanted to be. Happy birthday!

I have faith in you, you already know this but I love to remind you of this. Enjoy your day sis!

Never listen to your doubts, just do. Happy birthday sis!

Go slow, life isn’t a race. Live in the moment.

Don’t get overwhelmed by what this life is giving you. Pause, take a break then start again.

Missing having picnics with you and just listening to you talk. Enjoy our day sis!

I believe in miracles ever since the higher being gave me you as my evil twin, just kidding.


Flow like a running river, go places your feet cannot reach; the world awaits you, beautiful.

There is no unconditional love like the love you have for me and for that I am thankful.

Happy birthday you, my ever forgiving and loving twin sister.

I get tired of our fights, that is a fact but know that at the end of the day I still got you.

You frustrate me because I hate you and I love you at the same time.

You deserve all the love and the pizza in the world for being so patient with me.

If I’m given the chance to save you from all the harsh things in the world, I’ll do it.


Funny how like our heartbeats (when we were inside Mom), our passion are always in sync.

I’ll never get tired of recounting our adventures back when we were young.

I am always left in awe when I look at you, you have my face but you are softer and brighter.

I am always left in awe when I look at you, I look like you but you are sharper and brighter.

I’ll do everything with you because everything is more fun when I do it with you.

Taking naps with you is always fun and that is the reason I’ll be waiting for our bigger goals.

I love it when you read your favorite books aloud just to get me to appreciate them.

Let’s trade secrets; favorite books, writer, music, singer, poet, poem, art, painter.

I love trading secrets with you because you take and give them like little treasures.

Be thirsty for everything that is worth wanting in this world.

Be thirsty for the meeting new people, books, music, food and adventures.

For me, you are a gem that deserves only the best from this world so don’t settle for less.

Gems are precious and I thank God for giving me one of her precious gems.

Let us climb mountains, bath in falls, travel the world, soul sister!

My love for you is tattooed in my heart so don’t you worry of me forgetting my love for you.

You are just the right amount of everything molded together to be the best twin sister.

Sometimes it’s okay to surrender to your emotions, don’t be afraid I’ll walk with you.


If you’re unstable I’ll be the strongest rock you can lean on.

I’ll be everything you needed at your lowest times just as you promised and done for me.

The world is not all butterflies and fairy tales; you have to be reminded of this.

A tight hug from you is always the best. Don’t get tired of giving them for free okay?

Don’t go saving everyone you love, you have to take care of yourself as well.


Run away but please, please always come back. I’ll always make you feel like you’re home.

This life is worth it, I promise.

I admire how you w0ear your scars and insecurities and all the ugly things you’ve got inside.

Bravery isn’t being able to put up walls around you; bravery is tearing down those walls.

You are brave and lovely, and moody and I love you.