The 75 Happy Mothers Day Wishes

Rain or shine, no matter what we are, we know that we always have our mother’s love to turn to.
Without our mother, we won’t be where we are today.
She has gone through so much pain in bringing you into the world and not to mention, the challenge of raising you beautifully.
Show your love and appreciation for all that she did for you through a heart-warming mother’s day greeting that will surely make her feel extra special.

She demands no payment for her round the clock job. There are no vacations and she cannot hand over her resignation letter when the going gets tough. That’s how it is to become a mother. I love you, mom! Happy mother’s day!

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A mother is a person who puts the needs of her children before her own. When she was about to take a bite on her sandwich, she will give it up if she sees that her child is empty-handed. That’s how selfless mothers are. Thank you for showering me with this kind of love, mom.


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To the most special woman in my life, to whom I will forever owe my life, happy mom’s day. Without your boundless love, I will not be where I am right now.

Through the years, you have been the wind beneath my wings, taking me to places that I needed to go. Through the worst times of my life, leaving me did not ever cross your mind. All I need is you mom and I know I can face any trials that will come my way. Enjoy your day, beautiful mother!

You are my first teacher, my first love, my first kiss and the first on my list when it comes to buying gifts! Happy mother’s day.

I won’t be able to go to school if you hadn’t taught me how to walk. I won’t be able to read the news and my books if you hadn’t taught me my ABCs. I won’t be able to do a million things if you hadn’t taught me the most important things I need to learn about life.!

If there is one person that I am sure that loves me inside and out, that will be you, mom. You have seen my demons and the very worst of me and yet, you still think that I am beautiful. Best wishes for mother’s day to the best woman in my life.

Driver, Chef, Teacher, Party Organizer, Handyman, Nurse, Counsellor – you have so many roles but for me, you are the best mom ever!

A mom is the by-product of love, the result of steadfast patience, and the sum of strength that no man can match. Happy mom’s day.

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Mom, you are both a woman of beauty and grace and a mother overflowing with love and strength. That’s how perfect you are to me! Have a wonderful mother’s day!

No matter where I go, I will always come home to your scrumptious meals, your tender embraces and your loving care. Happy mom’s day.

Put your best dress on and take out those sparkly heels you’ve been keeping for special occasions. Today, we will celebrate this day dedicated to the soother of our soul and the strongest women on earth. Happy day to best mother in the world!

Even if the world loses its light or the stars fall out of the sky, as long as I have you by my side, mom, there is nothing I need to fear.

You are a woman of many virtues – honest, kind, patient, understanding, loving and more. But to me, you are the perfect mom and I couldn’t ask for more.

The 200 Happy Birthday

My dear wife, you are the mother of my children, my best friend, my partner in life and my greatest support. I could not imagine this world without your love, gracing every waking moment of my journey. I send you best wishes for this mother’s day!


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Mothers have the amazing ability of putting on a smile even if they had a tough day behind them. Thank you for bringing brightening up my day always, mom! Happy mother’s day.

For all the troubles and headaches I’ve caused you, I’m sorry. Please be steadfast with your patience for you are one of the factors that keep my feet on the ground.

When I go home, my mom is the first thing I want to see for the sight of her gives me comfort that no one else could give. I love you mom! Happy mother’s day.

I know that no matter what I am, you will love me for who I am. Thank you for loving me unconditionally mom. I can’t live without it!

The 60 Happy Birthday Sister

A child is the walking figure of a mother’s love and care. I wouldn’t be able to achieve my accomplishments without you in the first place! Happy mother’s day!

To my number one cheerleader and fan, thank you for supporting me in my pursuit of my dreams even though they seem crazy! Happy mother’s day!

It is not easy to juggle being a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a mother on top of it all. It takes a lot of patience, persistence, strength and loads of love to be able to pull that off. Happy mama’s day!


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You have set an example of good character and attitude which became an indispensable blueprint in my life. Someday, I hope to become a great woman just like you.

If there is someone in the world that I am sure whose love only grows stronger and steadier for me , that will be you, mom! Thank you for your continuous patronage on my crazies and my dreams. I love you!

Mothers are angels that God sent in this world to exemplify His love to all His children. I am indeed blessed with a heaven-sent of a mother! Happy mother’s day!


There is absolutely no one who can replace a mother. No one can match the love that they have poured into their children! Happy mother’s day.

No gifts can amount to the love and gratitude I feel for you, mom. You have stuck by me when I am at my worst and protected me from the perils of life. I love you always. Happy mother’s day.

A mother is a well of endless love. Her love stretches beyond every corner and niche of the people she chose to keep, etching roads of comfort in every heart she touches. Best wishes to you speacilly on this day.

The world’s greatest mom only deserves the greatest wishes on Earth. Happy mama’s day to you.

Mom, after all these years of caring for us, let us return the favour by taking care of you. Happy mom’s day.


Nothing in this world can match the love, patience, care, lessons and happiness that you have given to me. I will forever be indebted for the life you have given me and the opportunity to explore the world on my own two feet. I love you mom! Happy mother’s day.


I made a lot of mistakes and I failed you in some ways, but mom, please don’t give up on me. Even without asking, I know you will stay by me no matter what. Happy mom’s day.


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To the woman who nurtured my soul and filled my love with overwhelming love, I dedicate all my achievements in this journey so far. Happy mother’s day.


Your smile is unmatchable, colourful than the rising sun. Your love is like no other, powerful than the forces of nature. Your beauty is incomparable, more daunting than the stars and moon combined. You are a woman like no other, because you are my mother. Happy mom’s day.


Dear grandma, thank you for spoiling me rotten all these years, for making sure my belly is filled to the brim with your delicious cooking and for sharing your valuable life advices to me.

Our days together are far from perfect but I would not change a thing. Our ups and downs together as mother and child only brought us closer. I have loved you more than ever and I know you feel the same way, mom.

Not are you my second mother, but you also are my role model. The lessons you have taught me are priceless reminders that I will always carry for the rest of my life. I am proud to have such an awesome auntie like you! Happy mother’s day!


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My dear mom is my dawn in a long and trying night. She is my wind beneath my sails and she is strength that keeps me going. Her comfort is the salve for my pain and her arms are the safest place on Earth. I love you always, mom.

Through the years, your serenity, support, your boundless love, and loving embrace has been the pillars of my strength all through my journey. My heart is teeming with gratitude and love that no words or any gift in this world can ever come close to. Happy mother’s day.


Even the toughest waves of life can’t bend me down. Even the strongest storms of this journey can’t bring me down. As long as I know that I have a wonderful mother I can rely on, no calamities can make me surrender. Loving wishes for you on this wonderful day!

My best friend, my role model, my sagely advisor, my first teacher, my favourite chef, and the woman I love most. Roll them all in one and it is you, mom! Happy mom’s day.

There will come a day when my strength will be tested to its limits. There will be times that giving up will cross my mind. There will also be a time that I will be succumbed to the darkness and lose sight of hope. My dear mom, during these times I know that I can always run to you for comfort. Happy mother’s day.


Mothers are the real super heroes of this world. They have strength that could withstand any pain and they have an incredible capacity to love all those around them. To the real Wonder Women of our lives, best happy mother’s day quotes are here crafted.