Best 50 New Year Status Wishes

New Year is one of the most much-awaited holidays for it does not only mark the changing of the year, but for some people, New Year also signifies the coming of a brand new life, a brand unique chance and a brand new beginning.
It is being celebrated differently by people around the world.
We celebrate it according to our respective traditions, customs and cultures.
We present to you our list of fantastic New Year status wishes, which you can use to express your greetings and wishes to your loved ones, friends and even to your special someone.
Happy New Year!

Another memorable year has passed; thank you for being a part of my year! I hope you will be a part again this coming year. Happy New Year Pal!

I wish you my dearest friend that this coming year will be so amazing for you. May the brightest sunshine of happiness always shine over you. May peace settle in your home. Have a lovely and Happy New Year.

New Year is the time of new hope, there is new aspiration, there are other new sets of New Year’s resolution, and the spirits are all brand new. So here’s yearning everyone a very bright, promising and fun filled New Year.

Whenever I give it a thought about the bad things of drinking in the New Year, I just gave up thinking. You know my friend; I think it is about time for a New Year’s resolution to work out and to lose weight.

Some people view New Year like a sort of life-shifting occasion. If your life was miserable last year, chances are it is definitely going to be miserable this coming year.


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Together, as we are about to enter the New Year, let’s made our mind up to give appreciation to the sweet love that we share and watch it mature even deeper. Best wishes to you my one sweet love!

I have decided to stop misusing my resolutions to my own self and use them instead to pay you back for all the warm gestures you’ve shown me. Best wishes to you, my cup cake!

100 Birthday Wishes

You are the only person who was tough enough to witness me do mistake after mistake and you even tolerated my bad and lousy jokes. But still you are always here by my side, smiling with me and I love you very much for that.

Carve it deeply in your heart that every day will always be the best day of the year. Cheers to the brand new year and for another opportunity for us to make things right once and for all.

I would like to wish you a year filled with all the happiness, prosperity, peace, and delight in the world.

Every wish that I made each New Year all came true when I fell in love with you. Love you, sweetheart!

Happy New Year Quotes and Wishes

May the coming year be more blissful to you than the year that passed. May you have a wonderful and amazing New Year my dear friend!

I fervently wish that this year may have lesser war, lesser disasters, lesser hatred and lesser bad accidents but at the same time I fervently wish as well that this year may have more blessings, more peace, more joy and most importantly tons of love!

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I just want to share my New Year’s resolution. My resolution for this year is to stop going out with those people who keeps asking me what my New Year’s resolution is.

This coming New year will make parents worry again what their sons will secretly download and what their daughters will proudly upload on the busy world of internet.

Happy New Year Wishes

As the New Year comes near, I eagerly hope that it is filled with the good promises of a brighter, happier and promising tomorrow.

Nobody can turn back and commence a new beginning, but anybody can start at this very moment and create a new much better ending.

This New Year, I have a new pair of shoes, new dress, new purse and a new love life. Everything is so brand new. So I’m wishing the new love of my life a very Happy Happy Happy fun-filled New Year.

A year has 365 days and one fourth while the circle has only 360 degrees circumference. I am just curious what happened to the other 5 and one fourth. Any idea? Anyway, Happy New Year!

May every second of your day be renewed with lots of God’s blessings and graces.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

All my yearnings, all my expectation, all my dreams, all my faith and mostly all my positive outlook for a very Happy New Year.

I think everybody should be reborn on the very first day of January. We should all start with a fresh and younger age.


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I put all the blame to those fancy children movies for making me believe that somehow everything will have their own happy ending. Every year, my year always does not end right or happily. But I make the most out of it to have a better start every year. Happy New Year to those who are all having a hard time as this year comes to a new start. Everything will be fine, we just have to believe.

Do not let the darkness of yesterday and the past eat up the brightness of the sunshine of a coming tomorrow. Enjoy every moment and live contentedly today.

Get Well Soon Quotes

May you reach many stars and acquire new and more friends in the upcoming times.

I sincerely hope and pray that each and every one of us have the best among the best New Year! Happy New Year!

It is about time to forget and bury the misery of the past and celebrate a fresh start. Best wishes in comming year to all of you my friends!

This coming year, I will quit stressing about all the things that I cannot change or reverse.

My relationships for the past years are a joke. It is like my calendar is April first all throughout the year.


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Working hard is like planting. You harvest what you planted in the soil. So be sure to have a positive attitude for this coming year so that you will have a positive result at the end of it.

Never get tired of improving yourself because it is a never-ending process.

You can put the past behind but never ever forget the lesson that it gave you. Cheers to the future!

Honestly speaking, the past year was pretty good to me; I hope this coming year is even better! Happy new start everyone!


The very best thing about last year is when I met you. The very best thing that will happen this year is me marrying you. Happy new beginning my love!

The day that I met you was the best day of my entire year. Love you Pancake!

New Year Status Wishes

Last year, I did my best to annoy you, make you mad and angry, played over the top pranks to you and pissed you off endlessly. This time I would like to let you know that I plan to continue all of those. Happy New Year big sister!


Just like the people in our lives, years as well come and go but this year I wish you to have a double dose of everything. Double dose of happiness. Double dose of goof health. Double dose good fortune and double dose of wonderful friends.


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May this brand new year open lots of doors of opportunities for you. Go on and explore all the magnificent and splendid things that the world and universe can offer. Turn your childhood dreams and goals into reality. And may all of your efforts be rewarded with great achievement. Happy New Year!


Best wishes for coming year to all the people who are close to my heart. Keep sharing your blessings to others who are in need and be generous with your love.

Trials and challenges made us tough and gave us courage. This has been a hell of a year but no matter, we will always stand strong! Happy New Year to all of us who made through the year without giving up.

Let us all pray that may this year brings extra happiness and zeal to everyone and may God bless us all!


New Year just arrived and I hope that each day of this year will give us a reason to celebrate life more.

Every year, we always tend to have a New Year’s resolution of changing ourselves into a better person or sometimes to be a different or changed person. How about a New Year’s resolution just to be our own selves? Just Saying.


Last year, I was a bit pessimistic. This New Year, I have decided to be optimistic and see things in a more positive perspective. Like for example, I will keep my glass half-full with whiskey, brandy, vodka, wine and tequila. Happy New Year! Don’t forget to smile! Cheers!

The only regret that I ever had last year, is when I took sleeping pills and drank laxatives at the same fateful night. I ended up throwing my favorite bed sheet in the garbage can. I don’t want to explain any further, I might gross you out. So what’s your last year’s regret?? And by the way, all the best in bright future ahead of all us!

A brand new year is unfurling, like a rose bud with its pretty petals tightly curled hiding the great beauty within. May this year be as beautiful as a rose in full blossom.

You used to be as flat as a post, but right now you have the curves like a boat. Happy New Rear! I’m sorry, what I mean is Happy New Year! And please call me!

A new year is like a blank sketch pad, and the pencil is in your hands. It is up to you to sketch up and draw a wonderful master piece of your life. Best wishes in the future to my ever artistic friend!


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Do not count the bad things that happen to you last year instead count the good things and the blessings that you were able to receive. This year will sure to bring lots of good things. Keep the faith and believe.

Funny New Year Statuses

May the year ahead be filled with blessings for you, Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to a great friend, hope you see nothing but joy and peace ahead.

Sending warm wishes to you and wishing you a Happy New Year to come ahead.

May the year coming bring you closer to your dreams, Happy New Year.

Hope you make some unforgettable memories this year, Happy New Year.

It is the perfect time to start over and reach for new goals, hope you have a great year ahead of you.

It is never to late to start over, Happy New Year to you.

I wish you a very happy New Year and may it bring you nothing but the best.

I hope that this New Year is going to be the best one yet for you and many more to come after that.

May this New Year ahead be filled with love and joy, Happy New Year to you.

Wishing you a prosperous and blessed New Year to you and yours. Happy New Year.

It’s a fresh start and time to chase after any dream you want, Happy New Year.

Happy to be going into a New Year with a friend like you, Happy New Year.


May your New Years celebrations be better than ever, have a good one friend.

I hope that you have an amazing New Year ahead of you that is filled with blessings for you and your loved ones.

Wishing you nothing but the best for this coming New Year, have a great one.

Sending you my love and warm wishes, wanting to say Happy New Year and hope that it’s a great one for you.

May this brand new year ahead be better than you ever hoped, bringing you prosperity, love, and joy, Happy New Year friend.