50 Birthday SMS for Sister

It is both a blessing and a curse to have a sister.
You have a friend in her whenever you get into trouble or experience some heartbreaks, but she is also the same annoying person who steals your clothes, your new purse and wears your shoes without your permission and some other stuff that you have. That explains why a sister is both a blessing and a curse.
But no matter what, your sister will always hold a special place in your heart.
So if you are looking for superb birthday wishes for your sister, you are in the right place.
We have a list of birthday SMS created just for a sister.
Read thru the list for you to pick out the perfect message for your sister, and feel free to share.

My childhood would have been imperfect and dull without a sister like you. Happybirthdayy my sister!

 Sisters are not average human beings. They have the patience of a nun and are more stunning than a beauty queen. Happy Birthday Sissy!

Medical companies should take a few sample of your DNA and contain its chemical composition to create a pill called my Emotional Healer. Happybirthdayy my sis!

Sisters like you are dazzling diamonds. They glisten, they are invaluable and they are accurately a woman’s best friend. Have a wonderful birthday dear sister!

I will by no means pardon you for each and all the time you have fought with me. But I would like you to know that in spite of our differences I will still care for you completely. Happybirthdayy beloved sister!


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Sisters are actually God’s way of comforting mankind that pain really exists, but so do healers.  Bestbirthdayy to you my sister!

Sister, do you actually know what SBFD means? It really Sister but Best Friend in Disguise. Wonderful bday my #SBFD!

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Peer pressure, heart aches and solitude; insecurity, apprehension and gloom – the lone thing common in all of these, is that they can be healed by embraces from a sister like you. Best bday little sis.

Wardrobes and outfits can’t get any trendier, moving on can’t get any easier, and life can’t get any better – when a girl has an incredible sister. Best bday sis!

How incomplete would one shoe look when being worn without the other pair? That is how I would look like without you my sister. Happybirthdayy to you!

Sister, neither of us is perfectly perfect but our mere imperfections make us the charming siblings that we actually are. Wonderful bday!

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Dearest sissy, you are the treasure chest in which the most valued memories of my childhood have been stored and cared for a lifetime. Best Birthday sis!

Some people demand respect, some envy, some competitiveness and others unqualified love. But you command all these things at once. You really are unique my sister. Happy Birthday!

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When I gaze at you, I feel like I am looking at my own self in the mirror. When I stare at myself in the mirror, I seem to see you. Wonderful Birthday sissy!

 I think that I am the wealthiest person in the world because no one else has the love and admiration of a brilliant sister like you. Happy bday!

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The whole lot of things in our lives matches flawlessly that our sibling relationship could be the universe’s most wonderful rhyme. Happy birthday sis!

Although I all the time end up making myself appear like a fool, I love to do everything that you do to look super duper cool. Happybirthdayy to the coolest sister in the whole galaxy!

If my life is a kaleidoscope then you are the one who forms the most gorgeous patterns with the extremely vivid colors. Happy Bday Sis!

My foolish, loving, thoughtful and amusing sister, my life without you would have been a horrible twister. Wonderfulbirthdayy my Sis!

Even though when no one else left to show concern or care, a sister is someone who will always and forever be there. Bestbirthdayy to you my sister!

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My sister, please remember that nothing or no one can come between me and you – not even a quarrel or an argument anew. Wonderful bday sis.

To a brother like me, a sister is every single one that a best friend or a lover can and will never be. Thanks for filling the spaces in my life little sis. Best bday!


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We may have been blood sisters by destiny and luck, but there is no one else whom I could care so much. Happiestbirthdayy to you sis!

I take and seize things and stuff from you all year round. So yourbirthdayy is a perfect time to give you a fine gift and return the favor. Best bday my dear sister.

Thank you sister, for sympathizing to me so much, I cannot imagine my life without your magical and healing touch. Wonderful bday sis!

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

What would the planet be without dazzling, bright and warm sunshine? That is how dark and dreary my life would be without an annoying sister like you. Bestbirthdayy!

A sister may and will disgust you, fight with you, tease you, pinch you, frown at you or annoy you. But at the end of the day she will always love and care for you. Happy birthday sister!

I positively look forward to yourbirthdayy every year, because I look forward to owning all your outfits as you keep getting fatter and older. Wonderfulbirthdayy Sis!

A sister’s counsel will give you way more than new beginnings, if you pay attention very carefully, it will give you your life wings. Happybirthdayy my sister and my counselor!

When you were just a tiny and adorable toddler you were such an endearing delight. And after so many long years you are still a divine sight. Happy bday to my gorgeous sister.

Whenever life pushes me to rock bottom, a hug and touch from my sister wipes away all my gloom. Happy Birthday sissy.


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Do you know why I always give you a bear hug each and every time I am about to do something significant? Because I have this need to rub the lucky charm of my life – You. Happiestbirthdayy to you!

The disadvantage about having you as my sister is that I can never hide a single thing from you. That is also the advantage actually, because I cruise through my predicament after I pay attention to your point of view. Happy Bday sister!


 I do not actually care if I have a best friend or not because I know that I will always have you all my life. Happybirthdayy my sister! Love lots!

I may have tangled up your cute pigtails or sneakily checked your e-mails, but to stand by your side in your time of necessity, I will never ever fail. Wonderfulbirthdayy!

We brawl, we argue, we yell. We look like foes but deep down inside our hearts we are best of friends on the very same team. Happiest Birthday Sis!

I plead guilty that I have always been envious of you. But I am proud of myself because I have set my standards higher by being jealous of your great examples. Best Birthday!


If I have a pair of wings but you don’t have, I will fly you and carry you for the rest of our adventurous lives. Wonderful bday sis. Much love!

An annoying sister like you and a mocking brother like me, we may fight like cats and dogs or mice and cats but our affection towards each other is deeper than the ocean. Happy Birthday!


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I am younger than you so I took a little more time to become mature. If I had grasped how much you worry for me earlier, I would have given you a hug each day for sure. Happy birthday dearest sis!


Happiestbirthdayy to the most caring, stylish and delightful sister in the world!

My dearest sister, on your exceptional day I would like to wish you a thrilling life, full of huge discoveries and fantastic surprises!

It was such an unforgettable experience to grow up with a wild and amusing girl like you. I value all our sweet and exhilarating childhood memories together. For me, you will at all times be that endearing little sister, best bday!


Happiestbirthdayy to the most charming and caring person on the globe! I love you, sis!

It is truly and indeed a blessing to have such a fun, elegant and considerate sister like you. Have a pleasurable and treasured day, full of everything that you care for the most!

Happy natal day to the coolest and wisest sister ever! You at all times know how to cheer me up and make my day much happier, love you sissy!


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The most earnest wishes to my one of a kind and unique sister! You do mean so much to me, sweetie, I wish you all the bliss in the world! Happy Birthday!

Best bday to my ever good-looking and chic sister! Wishing you loads and tons of excitement and lots of happy and wonderful memories!


The most genuine birthday greetings to the woman whose existence in my life makes it more exciting and full of fun and naughtiness. Love lots sis!

I am so cheerful and proud to have such a great and unique sister like you. Thank you for your unvarying support and encouragement, wonderful bday!

Dearest big sister, I wish you all the finest on your natal day and every day, may your existence be bursting with joyfulness, affection and success!


Bestbirthdayy, to the most gorgeous person after me! I am indebted for the thrilling time and magical moments that we spend together, sis. Much Love!

Sisters are forever like diamonds, and I am relieved that you are mine. I wish that yourbirthdayy brings you lots and tons of marvelous moments!

All through the shifting and ever changing sands of time, your memoirs have always filled me with enchantment and have become an exceptional part of my life. Wishing you full success and happiness Sis!


Why do you bothered about growing older each year, when you are just like an expensive wine just simply getting better and better with age? Sincerebirthdayy wishes to my dearest big sister!

I am so thankful and grateful I had you by my side to grow up with me. And to share all the tears and all the laughter. Happiest Birthday Sis! Love lots!