The 105 Spring Quotes for being Happy

The circle of Life always begins with the appearance of a single blade of grass poking its delicate leaf into the air.
As Spring comes again this year, let us celebrate the rebirth of the world.
Here are some quotes that will inspire you and help you welcome the Spring.

The day when Spring arrives is brought by the chirping of birds and the laughter of children.

Only in Spring are days the happiest.

The only thing that can spoil Spring is Time.

Spring is a celebration of the party of Life.


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Never fear Winter, for Spring is never far behind.

It is when the ground finally takes a big breath that Life blooms into Spring.

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We rejoice when Spring returns for the warm creeping sun from the darkness with that our hearts.

With every opening blossom, we see the rebirth that happens every Spring.

Look to the gardens for a sign of a butterfly, and you shall know that Spring has arrived.

Winter is how we genuinely appreciate Spring.

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Spring is like a promise spoken in the chill of Autumn, a thought of solace to get you through the bitterness of Winter.

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We are all seeds sleeping in the old ground until awaked towards the sun by the showers and blessings of Spring.

Spring always sounds fresh; that’s why they fry a roll and call it Spring Rolls.

Every day you must take a step forward with courage and curiosity to live out the entire Spring of your youth.

The best thing about Spring is that when you notice it, it has already sprung!

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The Eternal Spring of youth comes from the laughter of the heart that in its joy is forever young.

Spring is a symbol of the arrival of Life.

Humans can be seasons. The fiery, Summer. The breezy, Autumn. The cold, Winter. But the fair and the optimistic, Spring.

Spring is the day all lovers favour the breezy winds, and the scent of wet dew creates colourful memories that will warm them in the Winter of their lives.

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Love is not enough to win over a heart. One must have the shine of the sun, the flowers of the Earth, and the spring season.

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How quickly do we forget the frost of snow when we feel the warmth of Spring on our faces.

The scent of Spring brings a gentle memory of dirt and flowers as if the whole world were a breathing garden.

Do not be in so much despair as to cut a tree in the dead of winter. A little patience, and soon the Spring will come and bear fruit.

Winter will always pass, and Spring will never skip.


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Seasons are unstoppable in their cycles. When your Life is in the dead of winter, just keep in your heart that Spring will always soon come.

In Spring, we watch the flowers grow in the garden of Love.

Spring is when children stop looking outside and go through the door to enjoy the season that belongs to them.

When sadness comes, plant it like a seed in Winter, and you will be surprised what can grow out of it come Spring.

You remind me of Spring. Your dewy skin, your hair tossed by the breeze, and your laughter blooming like a colourful riot of colours.

Spring is a party of Life, the loud crash of colours, the intoxicating air full of youth, and the revelry that can be felt in everyone around.

Let the rains of Spring showers wash away the dust of the past year.

In the Spring of young Love, everything is as busy as bees, followed by Summer, where it heats up, with the slow chilling in Autumn and the eventual death in Winter.

Spring is a holiday best celebrated by going out and enjoying Nature.


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Young children are unique because you can see the season of Spring in their eyes.

There is an anticipatory silence before the coming of Spring.

Women who fall in Love reveal their feelings with the appearance of Spring in their eyes, the blossom of flowers in their cheeks, and the scent of romance on their skin.

Spring is a witch who arrives and weaves a spell that gets people off their seats and out of their houses.

You can find Spring in a seed, the potential for Life in something small and sleepy.


Humans cut and harm the Earth, but no matter how many trees or flowers you cut, Spring will always arrive.

Spring is a dress best worn when in Love.

Living Life is complicated, but Spring is when we get a reprieve.


Spring flowers and sunlight is more than enough to make the most miserable people smile.

Every time we fall in Love is a rebirth of Spring in the heart.


We drink the cleansing water from the Spring of forgiveness.

Flowers are the many beautiful daughters of Spring.

The season of drought and dryness with the pass. God will always reward those who have hope with the coming of Spring.


A simple smile can be the Spring rains on a wretched desert of a heart.

Spring in Japan is the best. A walk beneath the cherry blossoms is enough to give you pleasant memories of a lifetime.

When Spring is gone, people preserve its scent by collecting the flowers and making perfume.


The sweet air of Spring lets one revive the bitter cold that settles in the heart.

Joy is the first flower that pops up on the first Spring morning.


Spring seduces the artists- the poets, the painters, the sculptors resulting in a bloom of art.

Beauty in Spring is as common as daisies that grow from the Earth.

Spring is when seeds are invested for wheat and grain to be withdrawn in Autumn.

Change is most clear to see in Spring when everything stirs, and there is a myriad of new Life.


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Spring is a beginning that springs from the end.

Winter is a madness that can only be cured by going out and having fresh air in Spring.

The only thing that can give us solace when Spring and Summer ends is the anticipation that after Autumn and Winter, Spring will come again.

Spring inspiration from your mind with the arrival of Spring.

Laughter and spontaneity come forth from the depths and erupt into an expressive dance into the Earth reborn into the new Spring.

Early mornings are the best time to enjoy Spring, where the sun is gentle enough to kiss you as it passes along, making everything golden.

Spring is when Nature opens her windows and airs out the cobwebs of Winter.

Spring has the scent of fresh flowers, gentle breezes, and the earthiness of dirt,

The full moon on Spring nights is sure to make Love more special.

Spring is sweet with bouquets, boxes of chocolates, and delicious young Love.

Spring is a woman opening her windows, letting in the fresh air into her home.

I hope that this Spring will leave you free of allergies!

Bloom into your Life like the flowers of Spring!

Laugh into a room with flowers and bring in Joy like the coming of Spring.

Birds, bees, and Love in the air. Oh, how I’ve missed the scents of Spring!

When you see the sun returning, and tiny rabbit heads poke out of the ground, know that Spring is just around the corner.

Spring is a green dress, flowing and green, covering Mother Nature in her best outfit.

There is nothing like lying on the grass and letting Spring come over you.

Spring is not only a season; it is a feeling. A feeling of newness, of change, and Life.

The wind brings in a new feeling when Spring arrives. Of calm and the return of Life on the barren plains of Winter cold.


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Believe that Spring will come again, and your hope and faith shall never falter.

When I think of you, I think of Spring. You remind me of the Joy of Living and the belief in hope.

Spring is a mother’s season.

Always live your life as if you’re in a constant Spring.

Spring is a time of discovery, of being a baby seeing the world unfurl for the first time in magical wonder.

I love seeing butterflies in Spring. It makes me smile knowing that because of these tiny creatures, flowers will bloom anew.

Hello to Spring, my season. You always give me the strength to go through each year, knowing that you shall come again at the end of Winter.

Spring rains are the only rains that make you sing and be grateful.

When my roses poke from the Earth and look to the sky, I know that Spring has just awakened and is passing by.

Spring makes us sing!

Your kisses taste like Spring, and the morning dew quenches my thirst.

Spring is a season of contentedness, peace, and a renewed hope for the future.

Spring is the season of the Child. Laughter is its sound, and flowers are its scents.

We awake to see new things created when Spring arrives gently into our lives.

Spring always makes me sing, of happiness and joy, and every girl and boy will smile anew and a lot of love for me and you.

Spring always passes by too fast, but I worry not, for it shall come again.

The Earth is a child in the time of Spring.

The only hope we have when faced with a bleak winter is a warm spring.

We thank Spring for the warm weather and hearts.

The adolescence of the youth is a Spring of bloom and beauty.

Life is in the heart of Spring.

Go to your garden and enjoy the arrival of Spring.

We yearn for the heat of summer but lament at the departure of Spring.

Flowers are the garlands Mother Nature crowns upon her hair during Spring.

Spring is when Life is in everything living.

Mating rituals happen in Spring. Males look more attractive and females more full, and children in the twinkle of their eyes.

Spring is when Winter goes on a vacation.

Inspirational and Funny Spring quotes

I’ve always loved the Spring. Much like the flowers, it makes me want to bloom and grow into something new and beautiful.

There is little more comforting in this world than a good book, a cup of tea, and lovely spring rain.

Like the Spring rain, my tears fall, washing away all of the darkness of Winter and accepting the changing of Life’s seasons.

To me, Springtime is eating strawberries on the back porch and the blooming wisteria perfuming the air. It is everything sweet and beautiful.

Spring is planting a new garden in hopes of a better tomorrow.

I wish you enough bitter winters so that you rejoice at the Spring’s first sun.

Springtime is like a natural medicine; it heals, re-grows, and bursts back into healthy blooms.


The first breath of Spring is positively enchanting. There is still that sting of Winter all around, but you finally feel that first warm ray of sun hit your face, and you know that soon enough, that winter sting will leave and become replaced by warmth, beauty, and regrowth.

Humans change just like the seasons do. This is perhaps why I love the Spring so much. Spring is regrowth, rebirth, and beauty. To me, it signifies healing and purifying.

I believe in God because I can see, smell, and feel the Spring. Nothing I know of can create such magnificent beauty apart from God.

Springtime is magical because it is every smell, every colour, everything beautiful.

It isn’t easy to feel anything but sheer happiness amongst the budding flowers in the spring sunshine.

Springtime reminds us that darkness does fade and that new and beautiful Life will bloom again with time.

If they could bottle the smell of Spring, I would spray it on everything I own. It is intoxicating.