The 105 SMS Birthday Wishes and Sayings

There are many ways to send birthday greetings to our loved ones.
You may say it personally, or write it on a card, or in any form of surprise. But there are cases that you cannot do those things.
Thanks to new technology because SMS was invented. It is another way of sending your greetings, especially when you are miles away or save resources.
It doesn’t matter what you choose; what matters is the thought that you care and that you didn’t forget their birthdays.
I have many things to say, but only limited characters are allowed, so let me greet you with a happy, wonderful birthday. I wish you happiness, good health, and success. God bless you all the time.

I have many things to say, but only limited characters are allowed, so let me greet you with a happy, wonderful birthday. I wish you happiness, good health, and success. God bless you all the time.

Happy Birthday to you, my best friend! I hope you are enjoying and having fun. I’m sorry I cannot make it today. I promise I will catch up very soon. I love you, and I am hoping to see you. Take care always 🙂


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Hi sweetie! Happy Bday! Good luck with your studies, and congratulations on your achievement. Bring home more medals. We are so proud of you. I miss you from, mom.

I cannot believe that today you turned 18 years old. I can still remember how little you were before. Time flies so fast. Look at you now! Beautiful and smart. Always remember that Papa loves you so much. Happy Birthday!

Wonderful Birthday! All I wish is for you to have a life full of light and love. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us. Enjoy and have fun!

It always feels great to be the first to greet you with a beautiful birthday. Keep smiling, and always remember that God is with you all the time. Best Birthday!

I thank God for another year He has given you. You are truly blessed. Let the light of the Lord guide you for the rest of your life. Wonderful Bday!

My greetings on your Birthday, darling. Let the light of the Lord guide you always until forever. Continue to be a blessing and an inspiration to everyone. Remember this day as one of the happiest days of your life. Enjoy!

100 Birthday wishes

There is only one particular day in our lives, and that is our Birthday. Don’t forget to smile today! 🙂 Wishing you abundant blessings and fruitful life. Happiest Birthday!

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A rainy day to welcome your Birthday. It’s okay! I’m sure you can still enjoy and have fun today. I am always praying for you and your family, wishing you long life and good friends, and wishing best Birthday today!

Today is the day that you should rejoice. Just imagine how lucky you are to reach this age in your life. You are truly blessed, my friend. Always be happy—more memories for our friendship and more birthdays for you. Best Bday!

I may not be there personally, but my thoughts and love are for you, sweetie. I am sending you my greetings. Wonderful Bday! Do not be sad. All I want is for you to be happy. Seeing you happy makes me happy. Remember that I am doing all these things for you, nothing else. Love lots.

This won’t take long to read. I want to greet you with a blessed birthday and tell you that I am happy that I met a kind person like you. Your smile lightens up my day. May the Lord grant all the desires of your heart. Best Birthday!

What a great day to start your Birthday! Be extraordinary today, buddy. In every step you make, know that we are to give you our full support. Have a blast. Wonderful Birthday!

Have a wonderful birthday today, my dear. I wish your life to be filled with God’s grace and love. Do not let your fear stop you from achieving your dreams. Keep going! That’s all. Happy Bday!


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Here’s a little prayer for your Birthday. May our Lord protect you and keep you safe day and night. Always pray and be thankful for all the beautiful things that happen to you. Keep your faith high, and always smile. Happy Bday!

There are so many reasons to celebrate your Birthday. First, because God gave you another year. Second, your friends and family are there to celebrate with you. And last but not the least, because I met you on your Birthday. Wonderful Birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Sister

Best Birthday! I am always thankful for the many years that we’ve been good friends. What else can I wish for you? You almost had everything by now. Hmm. I think there is only one thing that’s missing. Okay. My wish is for you to meet your prince charming finally. That would be so fun 🙂 I am excited for you. Enjoy!

You look good and great for your age, my friend. How I wish I am as beautiful as you. Anyway, I am happy for you. May you continue to inspire more people. Keep it up. Happy Birthday!

Take a break from your busy schedule. Come and let’s celebrate your Birthday. There would be drinks and lots of fun. All for you, because you rock our world! Wonderful Bday!

You’ve always been a great mentor, a good listener, and a sweet buddy to me. You deserve to be treated well by everybody. Your friends and family are so lucky to have you. Best Bday!

You lead us the right way. You wipe our tears away. You help us every day. You are a great mother. Best Bday!


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There’s only one thing I want you to know on your Birthday: I love you. No matter what we’ve been going through, it is always you that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Happy Birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Brother

The sun is telling you to shine bright. The rain is telling you not to be sad. And God is telling you that everything is going to be okay. Enjoy your day. Wonderful Bday!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life. Thank you for loving me all the time. Best Birthday! Please take care of yourself always. Wishing you all the best, and may you live happily forever.


I know this message doesn’t mean much to you, but I still want to know that I care. I miss all the things that we had. I know I cannot turn back the time, especially when I hurt you the most. All I wish is for you to forgive me. Anyways, wonderful Birthday!


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1, 2, 3 Happy Bday! Treat this day as one of the most special days of yours. Have fun. Take as many pictures as you can because it will soon remind you of the day you were so happy celebrating your life. Enjoy to the fullest 🙂

Your first Birthday was the happiest. Your 10th Birthday was awesome. And now that you are 20, it’s a little bit emotional. How I wish I could still spend more time with you. I hope you will never forget our endless love for you. Happy Birthday!

Great is the Lord for giving you another awesome year. This is a perfect chance to inspire and serve others. Let’s not think of ourselves only; sometimes, we have to think for others too. Shine bright like a star in the night. Happy Birthday!

The 60 Cute Birthday Messages

Remember the first time we ride our bicycles? How about eating ice cream together? Those memories were so precious to me. And now, we have our own family. For me, you are still the best brother in the world. Hope to see you soon. Happy Bday!

I have a pen and a paper with me, and I am about to start writing to you. And then I remember there’s no need for that if I can send you an SMS. It would be the same message, though. Anyways, all I want is to greet you with a beautiful birthday. Enjoy!

105 Funny Birthday Wishes

Happy Beer Day! I am excited to see you along with other friends. We are expecting lots of drinks and fun tonight, okay? Best Birthday!


To the best teacher in the whole wide world, wonderful bday! Thank you for teaching us class lessons and life lessons as well. May God give you long life and good health. God bless you, ma’am!


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One reason why this day is unique is that it is your Birthday. You have no idea how happy we are for you. I can see clearly in your eyes that you are blessed and comfortable in every way. Happy Birthday!

Blow your candle and make a wish. Do not forget to smile while the camera clicks. It is your Birthday, have a nice sweet day. Best Bday!

Welcome your special day with a perfect smile and a heart full of love and happiness. Enjoy every minute of it. Remember to live your life motivated and full of dreams. Best Bday!


I was wishing you true happiness no money can buy. May the Lord grant all your prayers. Have a wonderful birthday today, my friend. See you in a while. Enjoy!

Today is your chance to show the world how great you are for your age. No one can ever take your place in our hearts. We love you, and we’ll support you all the way. Wonderful Bday!

Baking some cake for you, sweetie. For now, let me greet you with a beautiful birthday. I hope you will enjoy every presents you’ll receive. I wish you good health and success in all your endeavors. Best Birthday!

To the best guy in our town, wonderful Birthday. Keep smiling. Keep shining. We always look up to you, sir. Do not let your problems bring you down. We are all at your back. Happy Birthday!

I don’t need to give you gifts, or flowers or a party to make you smile. I know this simple message of mine can bring joy to your heart. Always and forever, I love you. Happy Bday!

This message is to remind you that you are no longer young and are now allowed to drink. Come on! Let’s celebrate your Birthday with a drink—cheers for this beautiful new year of yours. Happy Bday!

Happy wishes SMS for friend

Happy Birthday today; I hope you have a fantastic day ahead of you.

For a friend, that is priceless; I hope that you have a great birthday today.

I cannot wait to celebrate your Birthday; I hope it is a fantastic day for you.

Nobody deserves a bigger and better birthday than you.

Looking forward to the big festivities we have planned to celebrate the day of your birth, here’s to another one, baby.

May you have the best Birthday today and many more yet to come.

Happy Birthday to a beautiful and caring friend; make the most of today; I hope it has great memories ahead for you.

On this particular day, I hope it is filled with love and joy.

Happy Birthday to someone who means the world to me, you are a fantastic person, and I am thankful to know you.

I am wishing you nothing but love today on your Birthday.

May the birthday party ahead be nothing but joy for you. Have the best Birthday of all yet.

You deserve to have a fantastic day and Birthday today; I love you lots. Happy Birthday

I was hoping that this day brings nothing but love for you on this birthday occasion.

Sending you good vibes today for your Birthday; I hope it is the best one yet.

I hope that you have a sweet and peaceful day filled with blessings today.

You are so special to me; good morning on this special day of yours, have a fantastic birthday.

Wishing that you have a fantastic day today filled with loving memories. Happy Birthday.

I am looking forward to relaxing and celebrating your Birthday.

May today be filled with laughter and love, nothing but for your Birthday. Happy Birthday to you.

I am sending you all my love on your Birthday today. May the day be filled with blessings for you.