60 Romantic Birthday Messages

When you have someone special and their special day is coming, their birthday, you want to greet them with all that you can and make them happy in a unique and straightforward way.
Here are some of the best romantic birthday messages that you can give that person so that you can make that person feel how special they are to you.

Forget the age you are in; what matters are the beautiful moments that we have shared, happy bday, my dearest girlfriend!

On this day, your extraordinary day, I hope that you know just how much you truly mean to me.

I wish you a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart, with all that I have with me now.

Let go of all the memories of your past and hold on to what we are making right now, my love.

There will be many adventures to come on our journey, so keep holding on. Happy birthday!


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You are the most precious person in my life right now, so I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Let us look forward to the future we will have years from now, love. Best birthday to you!

100 Birthday Quotes

Life may play with us, may surprise us but I promise to remain beside you until the very end.

We will enjoy your birthday together, you and I, we will spend it like there is no tomorrow.

Do you know that you are my personal bundle of joy? So you deserve a happy birthday!

You have the most amazing gift of keeping me amazed every single time. Wonderful bday.

Birthday Wishes for Someone Special

To the most special person in my life right now, I am wishing you the happiest birthday ever!

I really thought I had lost you and I cannot believe you are still with me. Wonderful birthday!

You are the most awesome, most cute, most adorable person ever! Happy birthday to you!

You are my representation of joy come to life, thank you for everything and wonderful bday.

May we keep on celebrating your birthday together on the years to come. Enjoy today, honey.

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If you only know how much I look forward to every birthday you have, you would love me too.

You are the most beautiful girl in my eyes and I will show you just how much you mean to me.

We will be together forever, you and I, so we might as well celebrate each of your birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday : Birthday Messages for 10 years old

I know your name, I know your face, I know that it is your birthday too, enjoy your day!

I keep on wishing that you will realize just how special you are to me. Best bday, dear.

May the Lord up above continue to watch over you because I love you. Best bday to you.

No matter what happens, know that I will be there for you, forever and ever. Best birthday!

Stay happy and remember that I will always be here for you, may it be your birthday or not.

Thou shall not forget this birthday; I will make sure that it will be, no matter what, love.

Sure you get older, but you also get wiser and you get to spread the love to all other people.

You deserve to have all the fun you can get on your birthday, my dear, you truly do, okay?


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Every day, I still wish that you name would appear on my phone, happy birthday to you, love.

I had a crush on you ever since day one and I hope you know it. Wonderful bday, my crush.

The 100 Happy Birthday Sister Wishes

Let me tell you just how special you are to me and that I am wishing you a happy birthday.

My dear, did you know that birthdays can also mean some fresh start for your life?

There is no better way to greet you on your birthday than to show you how much I love you.

Today, on your birthday, let us look forward to another year together, you and I with love.

Valentine’s Day Messages

Your birthday is the day to be thankful to all the person that has been there for you, always.

I wish you the happiest birthday for today and may you enjoy all that I have planned for you.

The only thing that I hope you have is the appreciation of the things that surrounds you, love.


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Words are not enough to tell you how much I feel about you and how happy I am that I get to celebrate your birthday with you.

You have always been here me and now I will always be here for you, my dearest love.

This special day is for someone special just like you and I hope you know that I care for you.

Honestly, I am so excited to be with you and get to know you even better on your birthday.


Do you not know that my love for you is real? Today I will prove it to you, on your birthday.

Words will never be enough to express how happy I am that we are together, you and me.

Do not change, that is all that I wish for you on your birthday this year, my darling girl.

We have been together for far too long that I cannot even bear a life without you, my love.

Just so you know, I have never gotten tired of loving you, not even for a single second of it.

You are the most amazing person that has arrived in my life, do not leave ever again.

Happy birthday, dear, keep on being yourself in the middle of changes that happens in life.


Every day I still thank God in the heavens above for giving you to me. Best birthday!

I hope your special day would get loaded with fun and surprises, my love, wonderful birthday!

One day, on your birthday, I hope we get to spend more time together, talking and laughing.

The way you smile is what I like the most about you so happy bday to you, my darling.


All birthdays need some sort of celebration and so do yours, my most special person.

Today, on your most special day, I wish you would have loads of fun, happy bday, love!

I hope that I can give you the best memories on this birthday today. Wonderful birthday, my dear.


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To my most beloved, I hope you get to spend a wonderful time with me today on your birthday.

I remember meeting you like it was just in the last hour, I love you and best birthday to you!

Ever since we met, I had always been partial to you. Best bday and note that I love you.

I just want you to know that I will always be thankful to God for giving you to me, my beloved.

There are so many reasons why you are special to me, I hope you know that. Best bday!


The best memory I have of you is all the times we spent together, happy birthday, my love.

I care about you more than anything else in this world right now, wonderful bday my dearest.

Some days, it feels like I have known you forever, some days it feels so surreal, my darling.

On this special day of yours, I hope you do not forget that you are special to me as well, boy.

All that I really wish for you, my love, is that you get the things you want coz you deserve it.

When the time comes that you miss me, remember that I will always be here for you, girl.

You need not be perfect because I love you just the way you are right now. Best birthday!

Wonderful birthday to the girl who changed my life, who showed me tons of possibilities out there.

You make me feel like I am the best person in the world, when you are, happy bday to you.


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I love everything about you and I hope that you know that, happy bday to the best girl!

To the best boyfriend in the world, I want to greet you a happy birthday from my heart!


No one would ever amount to me the way you do, I love you and happy birthday to you, love.

You think that by now I would have realized how lovely you are, happy birthday, beautiful!

There are times when I wish I could tell you how much you truly mean to me, wonderful bday!

Let us spend the day together, you and I, let us go out and have a day of fun, best bday!

Best bday! I hope you know that you are one of the persons I am always rooting for.


I wish you all the best life has to offer and even more, may you have the happiest birthday!

I would give you the world if I could, I would give you everything. Happy birthday to you!

To the most charming boyfriend in the world, I will tell you I love you and wonderful bday!

If I can spend this birthday with you today, I would give up everything that I have right now.

There are so many birthdays that you will have and for me every one of them is special.

Let me tell you that you have been my dream ever since life began. Best birthday to you.

No one can ever replace you in my heart and no one ever will. Happy birthday, my love.

If there is such thing as a happy ending, I would love to spend that time with you, on this very day, on your most beloved birthday.

There was once a time when you felt happiest and I hope that time is with me. Happy birthday.


Wonderful birthday to the kindest person this world has, that is you, the one whom I truly love.

I desire nothing in return but your love as I make you the best birthday party ever thrown.

There are only so many things that I can give you on your birthday and I choose love.

Happy bday to you, may you always do the right thing when the wrong one is so easy.