The 105 Quotes about Sisters

You can say what you like, but there is nothing quite as magical as having a sister. You either love or love-hate them, but a sister is someone you can share the most profound ties of womanhood with, whether she is related to you or not. A sister is someone you can relate to, trust, and rely on to make the world a much better place to live in.

She will care for you and draw her into her protective embrace when the world seems a stormy place. She is your safe place and source of support and sometimes frustration, as sisters will always be women first. She’ll give you crazy advice, heartwarming comfort, and can be as complex as a puzzle but as simple as a hug.

Whether it’s a birthday greeting or a sweet nothing, dropping a line to your main girl (or girls!) is an act of love and friendship that will surely make her day and inspire yours. Here are some quotes to celebrate the gift that is called sisterhood.

You cannot get rid of your sister- she’s your non-disposable best friend. She’ll always be there.

There is no friend quite like a sister. She’ll be there in all kinds of weather, to cheer you as you play the game of life, to pick you up when no one else will, to raise you when you’re feeling down, and to make you strong when you’re trying to stand.


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You can lie to the world, but you cannot fool your sister.

Sisters come together and gather in great times of need. They share their deepest fears and darkest secrets with each other, and like all real sisters, listen and never judge.

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Your sister is both your fall and salvation.

Do you become an only child if your sister is gone? Is she ever really gone? Or does she live forever in your heart?

Sisters will fight as children but as adults become the closest confidants when they realize that sisterhood and family areare a choice.

Only with a sister supporting you will you ever face and overcome your greatest emotional challenge: the breakup.

The strongest sisterhoods usually spring out from chaotic childhoods.

Everyone looks upon the same moon, the same stars, and the same sky, and all of the gaze back to sisters with smiles.

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Sisters are the flower gardens to the house they call life.

Growing up with sisters is a complex dynamic, a battlefield of love and hate.

Sisters will be there when the world turns your back on you.

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Older sisters can be bossy, but they are also suitable.

Sisters of the soul and body will finish each other’s sentences and mix memories like ice cream.

Looking at your sister is like looking at a mirror of memories and contradictions.

Little sisters will always look up to their elder sisters and become wiser and worldly more often than not.

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If you make your friend a sister, she could leave, but she will be there forever if you are friends with your sister.

A sister is a gift of Nature: a balm to the spirit, a link to life, a helper of the heart.


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Women will call each other a lot of names before they eventually call themselves sisters.

Sisters are each other’s favorite people when they’re not busy hating each other.

A sister, just by being there, b a safety net for a flying circus world.

Women- sisters, mothers, girlfriends- help get you through every single day.

It is so suspicious when a few women bond over secrets that they are called witches.

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A sister is a memory keeper of your life. She will know how you grew up, who your friends were, who taught you best, and every single favorite toy. She will always keep these, and you close to her heart.

You have to be careful when telling a tale with your sister around- she’ll know where you added embellishments and will make you nervous with her secret smile.


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A sister is a soothing voice during a season of storms.

You don’t avoid telling the truth to your sister. She will accept it and find a way to make things all better.

As a sister, you will always have a friend.

To a boy, having a sister is having an insider tell you the secrets to women’s mysteries.


Like a pride of lions, households with most women are full of strong and stubborn women, both sisters and mothers, who will rule the home, but make it, so it seems the lion is king.

When sisters fight always, they always make up. That’s what sisters are for: argue, point out weaknesses, mistakes, and bad taste in partners. They bare their inner insecurities to those who share childhood and then bond again over love.


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Men raised by women—sisters and mothers—learn to respect women and treat themselves kindly.

A sister will know when to hear you out when you have trouble, to giggle madly when you are happy, and to give you and hug and share a tear when you weep.

There is nothing as beautiful as a sisterhood that day by day passes into time.


A sister’s affections are priceless; its value is above all else and nothing like it in the world.

Sisters differ from brothers and friends because of the intimate fact that your heart, soul, and memory are almost the same.

The mysteries of sisterhood are often entangled with memory, which women have in spades, and the fondness for each other despite that fact.


We make friends and create enemies, but a sister will help you defend your territory.


An older sister is your lawyer, therapist, accomplice who will share your joys and sorrows.

A younger sister is a delight, a miniature doll with which to play dress-up with while you’re children until she grows up and plays dress-up with your clothes.

To have a sibling- especially if the sibling is a sister- is to understand the feeling of immense affection and simultaneous homicidal thoughts. If you do not understand this feeling, you must’ve been an only child.

She is your treasure chest of secrets, your private confessor, and the voice calling you out when you are stupid.


Special bonds happen in hearts that sisters could only share.


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When you share your hopes and fears, dreams and loves with another woman, what you receive in return is a sister.

A sister will tell you if you look fat in that outfit. And if that shade of lipstick looks hideous on you.

A sister is not a sycophant; she will offer you the truth even if it means shoving you off your pedestal.

A loving sister best cures an ego trip. She will tell you straight up and knock you down a peg when necessary. She will open that photo album, share your embarrassing stories, and wink at you when you tell long tales— she is the bitter medicine of truth. A sister is a true champion of tough love.

With sisters, you can be your true self. You don’t have to impress them. They will love you no matter what, and even if they don’t, they will remain with you until death does you part.

Sisters are beyond friendship; they’re family.

Stronger than marriage, a vow of friendship taken by girls underneath sheets holding flashlights at a slumber party, will have until richer or poorer, in sickness and health, till death do them part.

There is a special bond that children of the same family have: their parents, their childhoods, and no other relationship can compare.

You cannot hide the truth from your sister. She will look at you up and down and assess you, and only after will she get you back for whatever you did to her or will take you into her arms to comfort you for whatever was done to you.


The eldest sister is like a satellite mother. When you are floating off in outer space away from the earth, she will provide a place of safety with supplies.

When life gets you down, call your sisters. Drinking alone is okay, but having them cry with you over drinks is much better.

Unlike men, women who decide upon their youth that they are sisters will stay with each other until their hair turns white up to their final breath.

Women tend to travel in groups, not for safety but for fun. It is always a delight to discover the world with your sisters.

A true sister will hold your hair while you vomit, cradle your head when you cry, and sit with you in pajamas and eat ice cream all day when someone breaks your heart.

If you need a good dose of reality, call your sister and ask her to tell you the truth about yourself. She will do so and then some. You will emerge as a much better person.

Your lives are intertwined like vines on a branch. You share the same roots and mother tree but go separate ways only to find that you cannot be untangled.

A sorority is a family of sisters. You enter a house with all kinds of women, have issues and share experiences, and come out related.

A pack of women will compete with each other tooth and nail for the prize, but at the end of the day, sit around and laugh because that is what sisters do.

If your mother grew up with a sister, you, as her daughter, will grow up having another mother.

We choose our friends, but never our sisters. Those come with the original packaging.

Best Quotes about sisters

A sister is one of the first friends that a person gets in their life and a friend that lasts throughout the years.

I care about my sister because she has always been a part of my life and has always been cheering me on.

Sisters can connect in a way that other individuals cannot, and they can form a stronger bond than any other.

Sisters may argue and fight, but they genuinely connect beautifully and will stand up for one another when needed.

Sisters can look at one another and know just what the other is thinking, and they can experience a deep kind of relationship.

Friends might let you down, but a sister is going to be at your side all through your life, no matter what you face.


There is nothing quite like the bond between two sisters who care about one another and want the best for each other.

When two sisters grow up playing together and spending time with one another, they bond in a way that will last.

Friends will come and go, but a sister will always be there for you and always going to show you that she loves you.

When two sisters go through hard things together, they cling to one another and hold each other up.

The love between sisters is a kind of love that goes beyond the love between friends, and it is a love that lasts forever.

Sisters can bond in a way that two friends cannot, and they can share a unique relationship.

Having a sister means having someone there for you and always looking out for your needs.

Those who have sisters are blessed, and they will always have someone who will stand up for them and protect them.