The 105 Laughter Quotes and Messages

Laughter is the evidence that we are living in a world full of happiness.

Life is too short.

Make most of your memories happy and your face all smiling.

Problems are there, yes, but always remember that God gave us a happy heart so that we can fill this world with good vibes and happiness. Smile, laugh, and be happy always.

I am a kind of person that can laugh the whole day and cry the whole night.

The one who knows what true happiness means is the one who never fakes his smile.


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I can show you how happy I am with this sweet smile on my face. I hope it lightens up your day.

I know you are upset and it is really hard to smile right now, but I think it will help you ease the pain. Remember the saying laughter is the best medicine? Until now it is proven effective.

You know when someone is happy if she laughs like there is no tomorrow.

How can someone so small like you can fill the whole room with your loudest laugh?

I am thankful that you smiled back at me. You don’t know how much it means to me.

100 Happy Birthday

Laughter can make you forget that you are near your 30s.

Your smile is all I am looking forward to see every day. You don’t know how much joy it brings me especially during times that I am down and weary.

I never thought someone like you can make me laugh this hard. I think I like you.

Friendship begins with endless laughter.

Laugh until you forget all your problem and smile like nothing happens.

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I will give him my heart if he can make me smile through the darkest hour of my life.

Do not laugh at someone who made a mistake. Instead, give him a smile and offer him your help.

Life becomes easy and stress-free when I learned to smile and laugh more often.

I noticed that some people who laugh hard are those who have the biggest problem in life.

Smile Quotes – Quotes about smiling

When you feel like giving up, just take a deep breath, smile, and tell yourself you can do it.

Most women like men who can easily make them laugh. For them, it is one of the key of a healthy and a happy relationship.

There is always a one friend of yours who laugh as hard and as loud like no one else can.

I still laugh exactly the same way I laughed when I am only a ten year old boy. So much happiness and innocence at the same time.

I cannot imagine a single person who doesn’t laugh in a day.


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I fell in love with her laugh all over again.

I do not want to waste my life crying. I will just laugh away my tears and live normal again.

I love every benefit laughter offers.

Trying not to laugh at a funny situation is like trying to stop your breath. You just cannot.

Good morning Quotes

There is always someone who laughs in every serious moment.

A laugh can heal a broken heart. It can make you forget the pain and let you live again.

Nothing sounds great than a laugh of a baby.

The funniest moments aren’t always the things we laugh about. Sometimes, we laugh even at the simplest thing in life.


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My grandpa still has the sweetest smile and the loudest laugh even he only has one tooth left.


I would still choose a world full of laughter than a world full of crying.

A home without laughter is not a home at all. Family member who laugh together, stay happy together.


My favorite moment is to laugh the whole time with my good friends.

Good night Quotes


Through laughing you help yourself to have a happy and a healthy life.

Before you laugh at someone, make sure you know if it is a good idea because you might end up hurting her more.

Her laugh is contagious. It seems everybody loves her so much.


Where there is more laughter, there is more life.


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The most affordable medicine to fight stress is laughter.

Without laughter, there would be no life at all.


I hope you know that you laugh a little awkward.

You have the cutest laugh I have ever heard. It is like music to my ears that I want to hear always.

It is really hard to try not to laugh in a very funny moment.


I used to think that there is no cure on my sadness, but then you came into my life and you made me feel alright by making me laugh all the time.

Your jokes aren’t always funny. Sometimes, it is only by the way you laugh that you make them laugh.

I haven’t heard a laugh that is as loud as yours. A laugh that can awaken any sleeping neighbors.

I miss everything about you especially your smile and laughter.

I was once a loner but when I met you I started to learn how to laugh. Thank you for bringing me happiness.


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My dream is to have a happy family. A family that is full of laughter, joy, and happiness.

The one who made me cry yesterday is the same person who made me laugh today.

I would rather laugh in times of sickness than think that I am sick and weak.

I like to live my life without worries so I will just laugh and smile at all my problems.

I don’t usually laugh at a joke easily, but when I do I am sure no one can stop me.

Laughing hard with my good friends is one of best moment of my life.

There are two kinds of people, the one who is a silent type and the one who laugh loud.

Laugh with your friends as long as you can, because no one knows when they will be gone.

I am happy to have a friend so jolly like you who laugh at almost everything you saw. You are weird but I am happy to be friend with you.

A friendship will start with a smile and will be maintained by laughter.

I prefer a guy with a sense of humor who can make me laugh than a good-looking guy who cannot even make me smile.

I love how you can turn every situation into a funny one and end my day with a priceless smile.

I know you can’t laugh through this darkest hour of yours, but we want you to know that we are just right here if you need someone to laugh on.

Laughter is the language of the crazy people in the world.

People who laugh a day keep the doctor away.

A true friend will laugh at you most of the time but loves you like no one else can.

One of the most important ingredients of life is laughter.

A person who laughs with no apparent reason needs a special attention.

One must not forget to laugh if he wants to live happy and younger.

Laughter is one of my beauty secrets.

Just imagine the world without laughter; everything would have no meaning at all.

Love is sweeter when you mixed it with laughter.

Laughing means you choose to be happy even if you have the biggest problems in life.

I laugh hard every time I saw you coming. Your face is the funniest joke. Just kidding.

Not all serious men hate to laugh. Sometimes, they are the one who has the most adorable laugh.

I wonder when was the last time or if there is a time that my boss ever laughs.

When I am sad, I just think of your stupidest act and I suddenly find myself laughing.

I am very keen in learning the art of laughter and its benefits to the people.

Today is hard, tomorrow will be harder, but the day after tomorrow will be great. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Everything will be okay.

Being serious all the time is not beneficial, it will only make your life hard. Laugh a little bit so you can see clearly that life is beautiful.

I am after happiness not sadness. I am after laughter not tears.

Our world will be a better place if only people will value the importance of laughter in their lives. Do not forget to smile everyday.

Spread good vibes all over the world. Smile, laugh, and live more.

Being unable to laugh is a curse.

No one can cure sadness effectively than a laughter a day.

Laughter is the key to life’s happiness.

Laugh regularly, and you will never have to worry about anything.

Let your laugh shine before the others, so they can see the world brighter.

Do everything to make your life as happy as you can. Laugh loud so you can live long.

Let’s laugh again just like before when we were still young.

It is only our age that gets old, never our laughter.

Do not let laughter fades in your life. It is what keeps us younger and healthy.

Just because I don’t laugh more often, doesn’t mean my life is meaningless.

Home is a perfect place where laughter should never ends.

Laughter isn’t a thing you can learn, it is a feeling you feel.

I must agree that laughter is better than any other medicine. It does not only help you grow younger but it also gives your life a happy healthy heart.

I wish my life is full of laughter not sadness and tears. I am just tired of it all.

My childhood would never be complete without my good friends and our never fading laughter.

I have a strong feeling that those who laugh more often are those who sees the real beauty of life.

Our friendship would never be the same without long chat time and good laughs.

I hope to see you laughing and all smiling again. I hope you can do that again.

Thank you for the happy memories. Laughing with you will always be my favorite.

Love Laughter quotes

It is important that you take a little time each day to find humor in something and to let yourself laugh.

The laughter of a child is something that can change your world, and you should allow yourself the chance to appreciate that sound.

The laughter of a friend will make you feel better and help to turn your day around, and you should try to bring out that laughter.

The more that you laugh, the easier that it will be for you to face the hard stuff in life and to have the strength to deal with challenges of all kinds.


It is important that you do not pass up those opportunities that you have in your life to let laughter take hold of you.

When you can get someone else to laugh, you can feel good about yourself and you can start to feel cheerier, too.

If you can find someone who will get you laughing, you should stick with that person and befriend them.

It is important that you laugh at yourself when you mess up and that you are not afraid to let others laugh at you, too.

Laughter can change your life and it can help to make you a better person… you should find a reason to laugh today.

Laughter is good for your health, and you should take a little time each day to watch something or read something that is going to get you laughing.

If you have family members in your life who can get you laughing each time that they talk with you, spend time with those people and soak up all that they are offering you.

It is smart to spend some time relaxing each day and to let laughter overtake you as you try to forget the stress that is part of your life.