The 115 Good Night Quotes

Before you sleep is the best time to think about how your day went, what you achieved, what you felt today, and how grateful you are.

It is also the best time to make someone feel loved, make their sleep sweeter, and make them sleep with a smile on their hearts.

That is why we composed the best good night messages to choose the best one to send to anyone you want.

Good Night Quotes for Your Little One

Your little one may be still on your tummy (or your wife’s tummy), but they can hear you.

Wouldn’t it be great if your baby hears your voice every night?

Talk to your baby at night with these sweet messages made just for them.

Sleep now, you sleepy head. Tomorrow’s going to be another adventurous day for you. I love you, my little one.

Stars shine down on you; stars will guide you on your dreamland tonight. Your angels are singing the sweetest lullaby, only for you. Sleep now, my baby star.


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Your guardian angels are on duty tonight; they promise to take care of you while you sleep. So, sleep tight and enjoy your sweet dreams. For tomorrow is going to be another day filled with adventures for you.

You may be on a faraway land, you may be on a hectic schedule, but you should not forget to let your family know that wherever you are, you are thinking about them before you sleep.

Lovely night, Darling! I am a little bit sad that you can’t go home tonight, but always remember that you are always in our prayers. I miss you every day. Have asleep tonight.

I would have given you the world if I could, wrapped in shiny, colorful wrapping paper. Good night, baby. See you in my dreams.

The best night to the most handsome, funny, understanding, calm, generous dad in the whole wide world! I miss you, daddy. Sweet dreams.

60 Sweet Birthday Wishes

To my lovely daughters, to the best gifts I have ever received, have a pleasant sleep. I wish you will have the sweetest dreams tonight.

Nothing could be compared to how much you mean to me, mommy. Lovely night.

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Even though you always annoy me, I still hope you always sleep well at night. I miss you, brother. Sleep well.

My beautiful kids have a great night’s sleep, who have given me a reason to get up in the morning. I love you with all my heart.

I may not be the best sister, but you know that I love you and that you are my best friend, right? The best night to you.

Good night, baby girl. I hope tomorrow will be filled with laughter and joy.

You have a heart as pure and as white as snow, mom. We are so lucky to have been blessed with a mother like you. Good night, mommy.

Cute Goodnight Text messages

There’s no greater gift than the gift of love you are giving us, mom and dad. You are in my prayers tonight. Best night and sweet dreams.

Leave all the stress and troubles on work because it is time to rest, daddy. Tomorrow’s the weekend, hooray! Goodnight, dad.

Good night to the most special man in my life! I love you, dad.

Motivating Good Night Quotes

Nighttime is the best opportunity to inspire someone to do better tomorrow.

It is the best time to send motivating messages because you will help them sleep with a happy heart.

You are probably planning to list things you are going to do tomorrow. But remember that no matter what you do, I will always support you. Good night, sis!


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I am sending you virtual good night hugs and kisses! We may not be together as often as before, but in my heart, you are here with me.

I am sending a good night message to my best friend. I wish you all the best tomorrow. Just do all the things you love; success will surely follow.

Tomorrow, aim for the better! I hope you’ll sleep well tonight and recharge your body batteries. Lovely night, dear!

Sweet Goodnight Messages for Her

I am sending you my warmest regards tonight. I am praying that you will be blessed with a happy heart and a worry-free mind tomorrow.

I will be praying that the Lord will grant you with all the desires of your heart every day. Lovely night and sleep tight.

I am wishing you good laughs and more adventures tomorrow. For now, have a good night’s sleep.


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Forget all those who caused you pain, and start the new day right. For now, go to sleep and get some rest. Tomorrow’s going to be a lot better.

I’m hoping that your tomorrow will be as awesome as we are. Sleep well, best friend.


I wish you a good night’s sleep. I am praying that tomorrow will bring you more inspiration to reach for your dreams. You deserve the best.

Top 100 Goodnight Quotes

I am wishing you good laughs, more love, and limitless success tomorrow and the days ahead. Sleep well, sweetie!

May the angels send you unlimited blessings tonight for the days to come. Good night, and do not let the bed bugs bite!

I am hoping that tomorrow will bless you with lots of opportunities and reasons to be happy. Recharge yourself tonight; tomorrow’s going to be another adventurous day.


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May tomorrow be a fantastic year added to your life’s journal. Good night, my dear friend. See you soon.


As the day renews, I wish it will also recharge your happiness and energy meter. Lovely night, may the angels sing you to sleep tonight.

Whatever tomorrow brings you, face it with courage and a smile. Good night, my friend. I am miles away, but I am always a text away.


Let’s leave all the unpleasant memories tonight and start the new day with a happy heart.

Good Night Quotes for the Broken Hearted

Some people need an extra push to help them get through their situation right now.


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Some people need a sympathetic message to make them feel understood and not alone.

It might be so difficult to fall asleep tonight with those thoughts running through your mind. But remember that nothing in this world is permanent. Sleep it off; it will all get better in the morning. Sleep well, my dear.

Life is not supposed to be this hard, so try not to overthink and let yourself get some sleep. Everything will feel better in the morning.


Wherever you are tonight, know that I wish that I am with you like before.

Romantic Good Night Quotes

It would help if you did not let your partner sleep without knowing how much they mean to you.

I never really thought that in this life full of suffering and pain, I would meet someone like you. Sleeping next to you is one of the best things in life.

You know I would hug you if I could. We are a million miles away, but you are here in my heart; distance does not matter anyway.

You are destined to be with me. I don’t ever want to spend a night without you. Sleep well, my baby.


You are the reason why I look forward to growing old; I want to grow old by your side. Good night, baby. We are a day closer to forever.

Tonight, I only have one wish. I wish that I will be able to make you happy for the rest of my life. Lovely night, honey.


I know I am not the easiest person to love, but you managed to handle me on my worst. I will never let go of you. Sleep well, my sweet love.

Every night, I have wished for an angel like you to come my way and love me. Tonight, I would not have to; I already have you. I have everything I need and more. Good night, baby.

No one can ever take me away from you; I am yours. Sleep without worries now, my love.

You look so cute when you sleep, and I am looking forward every morning when I will wake up next to you.

This year’s gift to me was giving me you. You healed all the wounds left by my past; you are the miracle I have been waiting for. Good night, dear.


I love you with all my heart. I’ll be by your side all through the night.

Good night, honey. I would do anything to make you happy. I love every inch of you, and I will never let you go. Sleep now; I’ll still love you when you wake up.

I will fill your days with love and happiness. I promise. Lovely night, my Darling. Sleep well.

You have been the best boyfriend ever since I met you. I will try my best to be the best girlfriend for you. Good night, my handsome man. I love you.

You have given me nothing but love and support, and I wish I would be able to provide you with that, too. Sleep well, baby. Thanks for being the best.

The Lord blessed us with each other; I could not be any more thankful. I will stay with you as long as I live. Good night, we’ll have more great days ahead.

You fulfilled all my wishes! My only wish is that we will be able to overcome all hindrances that may come our way. Sleep well, honey. I always got your back, do not worry.

I wish we would live forever and prove that eternally exists. Good night, my love. We are a day closer to infinity and beyond.

You brought my heart back to life. I forgot how my life was without you. I could not sleep without knowing you were at my side, or at least you were safe. I love you, baby. Good night.

Every night is a good night as long as you are sleeping next to me.

I hope that you can relax and get some good rest tonight and that you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning!

You do a lot throughout the day to look out for those you love, and I hope you have a good night tonight!

Good night to someone who deserves to shut down for a bit and take some time to get some good rest.

You are always on the go and trying to help others, and I hope you get some time to yourself tonight!

Good night to someone who is always working hard to make sure that everything is good for everyone else… you deserve some rest.

When you lay down in bed, I hope that you feel at peace, and I hope that you can get some good rest and have some good dreams.


Good night to someone who means a lot to me and is always working to make my life a little happier.

I hope that your night tonight is a relaxing one and that you feel fully refreshed as you get up in the morning tomorrow.

May the nightmares stay away from you tonight, and may you have a good night that is filled with all kinds of good dreams!

Good night to someone who is always on my mind and always in my heart… may you get good rest tonight.

I hope that you can get perfect sleep tonight and that you feel like a new person as you get up in the morning.

I care about you so much, and I hope you have a good and relaxing night tonight!

I hope that this evening is relaxing for you and that you get some good rest as you lay down in bed tonight.