Have A Safe Flight Wishes and Messages

If someone important to you is going out of the country or just out of town and they are going to ride an airplane, you must wish them to have a safe flight and be belligerent.
You need to take upon yourself the responsibility of wishing your loved one or your family member to have a safe flight and pray for the same thing that they will have a safe flight so that they can get back to you.
Here are some have safe flight quotes that you can try saying to them.

I know how excited you are about your trip, but I wish you would have a safe flight, indeed, love.

May you reach your destination at the exact moment you need to call it; enjoy, baby!

All I want is to know that you have arrived safely at the place you need to get to, my dear.


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You are the only one that I care about, and that is the truth, so I wish you a bon voyage, darling

Always follow the instructions given to you onboard so you can be assured that you’ll be okay.

I wish I was with you on this trip but since I am not, I will just pray for you here.

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My love, you take care of yourself all the time, I will always be just here for you, call me soon.

Have a safe flight and keep in mind that I am so excited to actually see you as soon, my dear.

How I wish I can just tell you that I am free today and I would have met up with you, my baby.

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Do not be too busy for me, always remember to thank the gods for all your blessings, my dear.

If tomorrow never comes for you, know that I will be right here still waiting up for you, babe.

I just have this gut feeling that something bad is going to happen so do take extra care, love.

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You just need to keep going and things will probably work themselves out, that’s for sure.

I wish you would have a safe flight and that you would see me soon with a smile on your face.

All that is in my mind right now is that I need to know if you have arrived safely or not, love.

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May you be blessed in a way that you will get to where you need to be at as safely as you can.

May the heavens above guide your plane to safety so that you will be okay, that I wish a lot.

Lately, you have been flying from one place to another, make sure your seatbelt is on, baby.

For now, just remember that you are going to be alright but you are better than ever, dear.

You have the loveliest flight and I cannot wait to see you again, may you have a safe flight!

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I am praying that you get to the destination that you need to go to in one piece, my darling.

Remove me from my worries by contacting me the moment that your plane has touched down.

I think of you all the time of how you are okay, of how you are doing in that plane you are in.

For me, two weeks is long enough for me to miss you so keep being where you want to be in.

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Have a safe flight, I know you will just be okay but I just want to say that I miss you a lot.

I want you to know that I am worrying about you every second that you are on that plane.

Do update me every now and then about how you are feeling up there in the sky, my dear.

Suddenly, it hit me, you are important to me in ways that you might just never know about.


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You matter a lot to me and that is the truth so do try to take care of yourself if you can help it.

It would be really lovely if you can try to have a safe flight, I worry about you all the time.

For now, all I can really say is that you take care of yourself and always keep me updated.

May the gods go with you on this trip you are about to go to, may you stay comfortable, baby.

If you do not feel good, tell me now and we will reschedule this trip you are in, my darling.

Let no one else make you feel inferior about yourself especially know that you are up there.

Have a safe flight, put on your seat belt and listen to what the airplane crew tells you to do.

You are so close to touching the sky, I wish I was with you at this moment, my dearest girl.

There is no one else I would rather be with than you right now for I care for you, my baby.

You, my darling feels like home and that is the honest truth, always take care of yourself, okay?


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I know just how much you have been through so if you want anything just let me know, babe.

Do not worry because I will be here for you when you need me most, so have a safe flight!

I am hugging you tight right now because I am worried for you, a lot, so stay okay, my baby.

Praying for you to have the safest trip of all time, I wish you all the best in the landing part.

Brace yourself for the landing and call me first thing once you do so I don’t get too worried.


Stop trying to be the best that you can be and just relax and enjoy the view on the plane, love.

You can always visit me again whenever you have the chance so have a safe flight back!

True enough, you can be all that you want to be, you just have to be really careful about it.

Always approach things with care so that you can assure your safety all the time, my dearest.

How about we try out best to be what we can be, after all it is just you and me right now, dear.

We have got no one but each other now so please do not think about leaving me ever, sister.

Have a safe flight to your country, remember that you and I are always going to be friends.


You are the one I care for the most I this world so stay as safe as you possibly can, my dear.

Honey, calm down, things are going to be just fine, you need to remain seated and smile up.

You will be right where you are supposed to be, follow the instructions given to you, lady.

And now the best you can do is to calm down and relax for a bit, you’ll be arriving soon.

We are separated by distance but are hearts will remain the same, have a safe flight, love.

You are too tight, you need to loosen up a bit and just relax into your trip, that you should.

Honey, relax and just let the pilot do his work and I swear you are going to feel better, babe.


And in the middle of the sky, you will see a lot of birds so just go and look outside, darling.

Promise me you’ll be okay and that things are going to be much better now that you are here.

You are the reason I try to have a safe flight all the time because I do not want you lonely.

I cannot wait to see you once more, I will be waiting at the airport for your safe arrival, love.

Honey, I am right here if you ever need me, just call me and I will be right there for you, okay?

I know it is going to be as hard as it can ever be but know that I will be here all through out.

Remember that you are important to me when other people try to tell you otherwise, honey.


You are the apple of my eyes and that is the truth that I have long been trying to keep, bae.

The truth is that you make me happy, you are the only one who can so have a safe flight!

I wish I can be with you right now, sitting beside you on your plane sit, on the window side.


It is okay to feel a bit uncomfortable during your flight as long as you arrive safely, really.

There is nothing more important right now than to see you land as a whole, that it is, bae.

How about we make a deal that if you can get here in one piece, I will treat you some food?

There is nothing more I would like right now for you but that you have a safe flight, love.


And then the world tells you that things are gonna be alright if you trust the pilot right now.

You are entrusting them with your life so you might as well try to be as vigilant as you can.

Every second that ticks is a reminder of the risk you took when you rode that plane, lady.

Girl, there is nothing worse than to see your panicked face as you try to keep calm, really.

Darling, have a safe flight so that you can stay with me for the rest of the holiday season.

How about we go do it like this: you take this side I take the other and let us just keep running.

Being with you might just be the best thing I can ever get right now, but you won’t let it.


Why can’t you remember that I miss you a lot and that I wish you would have a safe flight?

Have a safe flight! I care for you a lot and I wish nothing more than your safety, my dear.

When did I ever forget to wish you to have a safe flight? Never, coz I care for you, my baby.