Have A Nice Trip Wishes

Travel is something that everyone wants to do, it is something that people actually loves doing and when your beloved or someone who is important to you goes on a trip it would be nice to greet that person and say “have a nice trip”.
Here are some quotes that will help you in relaying that message of “have a nice trip” to the person you want to say it to.

Have a nice trip and bring me back a lot of souvenirs, my dear, remember me all the time.

Go on that vacation that you have long been talking about, I know that you deserve that.

May you enjoy this short stay of yours outlands, you need to relax a bit for all that you did.


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All that you have done is worth it especially now that you are going on a cruise, my dear.

Did you think things are going to get rougher after you come back, do not worry so much.

Just focus on enjoying your stay on the beach you need to have some time for yourself, baby.

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What you need to do is to go ahead and pamper yourself because you truly deserve to do so.

I just wish that you would have a nice trip and that you will always be safe, I love you a lot!

Imagine having the best time of your life on that island and you will, so keep going my dear.

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How wonderful would it be if you just focus on yourself and try the best that you can do.

For now, just listen to yourself, have a nice vacation, close your eyes or read a book, babe.

Try not to think of the problems that you might have to come back to after this, calm down.

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May you have a nice trip and that the gods bless you as you travel to different places, love.

If possible, just do all the things you would like to do, you need to relax and still have fun.

Lay down, get as lazy as possible and still accomplish all the things you need to do, baby.

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Do not cut your trip short and just enjoy every second that you have, through anything.

What you need to understand is that this is a business meeting so no slacking off, okay?

How do I tell you to have a nice trip when I do not want to be away from you right now?

There are so many reasons to try and be the best you can be especially in front of clients.

You will have some time to enjoy but first you should meet up with the clients you have too.

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Who would have known you could easily mixed business with pleasure like this, that I did not.

Whoever thought about having fun while working is a genius, it is so great to stay like this.

If only you would have a nice trip, I would sacrifice all that is necessary for you to have that.

How I wish that I can be anything I want to be right now, I would simply keep swimming.

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I hope you have the most exciting days during your short vacay, you need to enjoy it a lot.

Always keep in mind that I love you because you are my world, you make me feel alive, babe.

May you get to create great memories and just have all the fun in the world, I love you, dear.

Always remember that no matter how far we are, my heart will only beat for you, that it does.


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You, my love must have a nice trip so that we can spend the rest of the next days as happy too.

I wish you would have a safe journey and that you are always reminded that I love you a lot.

You need to miss me as much as I will keep on missing you for I already miss you so much.

May you be accompanied by angels in this journey you are going to go in, and stay safe too!

Try your best to have a nice trip, you have awaited this vacation for so long, after all, dear.

Have a pleasant journey from here on and out, know that I am just right behind you all along.

You need this adventure so go ahead and take the most of what you can, you need to catch up.

I will be right here waiting for you to come back so please make it quick, I miss you already.

There is nothing more I wish for you but that you have a nice trip, that is the truth of it, love.

No matter how far you are from me right now, what I want is to be able to feel you here, dear.

Sweetheart, you are all I am ever going to need in my life, please keep me in your heart, baby.

My heart feels heavy now that you are so far away from me, I am missing you so much now.

Will you tell me to have a nice trip and to have all the fun we can get, you and I, both of us?


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Eternity seems like it will last forever, I wish I am with you already, that is the truth of it.

Do not get away for too long because I am going to turn crazy if I do not get to see you now.

I feel like the days seems to go by a lot longer ever since you have been gone, my dearest kid.

I just want you to have a nice trip and to keep on being the best that you can ever become?

You are the best boss ever and I hope you will enjoy this life that you are given, that I do.

May you bring home success wrapped in enjoyment, you deserve only the best treatment.

May you get to accomplish what you need to in this trip that you are going to get into, boss.

May you always have a nice trip, I will pray to God that it would be a safe one as well, honey.

Enjoy the upcoming holidays and just have fun all the time, you need to relax a bit, you do.


On your next time off, maybe we can both go on a holiday, my love, maybe we finally can.

Your eyes are filled with laughter and I cannot help but be happy as much as you are.

Darling, have a nice trip and when you come home I will shower you with lots of kisses.

You are entitled to be as happy as you are, so go ahead and spend every second being so.


You need to relax and gather up some strength so you can come back with tons of energy.

You deserve something fantastic because you have been wonderful this year around, my bro.

Once you get back, we shall exchange tons of stories with each other, that we really should.


So, for now, just have a nice trip and remember that I will be right where you have left me.

May you get whatever it is that you must achieve to get on your journey, I’ll just be here.

Return to us in a happy mood and with tons of stories with you, that you should do, baby.

You need this chance to travel because you never had the chance to rest up at your house.

I cannot wait to see you once more and hear your laughter again after such a long time.

A month without you feels like a lifetime and I wish I can be with you all the time right now.

Have a nice trip and know that I will be right here loving you with all that I have all the time.


I just want to see you have fun and be yourself no matter what happens in your adventures.

I bet that you will find yourself in the middle of all the travels you will be doing, for sure.

Go and get all the fun that the world can offer, it is right there for you to go and grab them.

If I could, I would have join you on this journey you are in, but do not forget to send me SMS.

You should remind yourself that you are worthy of taking this short break from your work.

Have a nice trip, things are going to be okay and I am sure of that, just believe in me, baby.

You have earned this journey to some place you can relax and just have fun, so do your best.


Leave your work here so you can have some real fun on that country you are going to go at.

Stop trying to ruin the holiday season by working your hardest, you can just keep going, babe.

You are going to have a nice trip, I can see it now, on that island, having all the fun you can.

You deserve an experience worth remembering, I believe that you do so just calm down, baby.


I am going to be as happy as I can be when I finally get to see you again after this journey.

The truth is that it is not going to be easy being by yourself out there but I know you can.

Just focus on what you need to do to have a nice trip and you will be more than okay, really.


My dear, always take care of yourself because a lot of people are awaiting your safe return.

Forget the souvenirs, as long as you come back as safe as you can be, that is enough for me.

What I really need right now is someone to snuggle with and that is you so come back soon!

Maybe you can have a nice trip indeed and just have all the fun you think you can ever get.

If you will just have a nice trip, I wish you would do it real soon, you deserve it the most, love.

Calm down and remember that you will have a nice trip today, just focus on what you can.