30+ Happy Birthday Lady Quotes and Wishes

If you are looking for great birthday greetings for a lady, whether she is a friend, a sister, a mother, an aunt or someone special to you, then you have come into the right place. We have the perfect list of various birthday greetings for a lady.
Take your time browsing through our list to find the birthday greetings you prefer the most. Share this incredible find and enjoy reading.

You are the most genuine friend I ever had, and I will forever treasure you in my heart. Happy Bday my dearest friend!

Happy Birthday to the special lady who always had my back during the ups and downs of my life. Happy Birthday Mom!

You are always by my side even if others left me hanging in the air. I want you to know that I am always here for you as long as I live. Wonderful Birthday dearest sister!

You are now officially an elegant lady but forever in my heart you will always remain as my baby. Best Birthday sweetheart!

You are a person with a very awesome personality and you deserve an awesome birthday party! Wonderful Bday to you sweet lady!


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Best Bday! Wishing you to have a blissful life for all the years to come. Enjoy your day cupcake!

The sun is up; a beautiful lady just woke up who is now reading this simple birthday greeting. Best Bday to you!

100 Happy Birthday

Wonderful Bday to the lady who is always full of surprises. Now is our turn to surprise you on your birthday!

Best Birthday sissy! You may now get up and claim your birthday hug!

I will sing you a song; it is called the birthday song. Forgive me if I will be out of tune, oh wait I know that you are already immune. Wonderful Birthday!

I know a lady who is very classy; in fact she is now celebrating her birthday which is merry. Happy Bday stay sexy!

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My heart is rejoicing knowing that a pretty lady like what you are will be celebrating. Happy Birthday pretty!

If you are a chocolate, you must be the sweetest in the whole world. Happy Birthday sweetie!

Get up and put on your make up! Let us celebrate your special day! Happy Bday lady!

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Hey cutie pie, just want to say happy birthday to you! Stay cute! Stay pretty!

A lady like you deserves a birthday greeting as special as you! Wonderful Birthday and hoping that your wishes will be given to you.

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Here’s hoping that all of your wishes will be granted to you. Best Birthday stay sexy!

Live your life to the extent that all of your guilty pleasures are fulfilled. Wonderful Bday lady!

Best Bday to the woman who loves ice cream as much as I do! Stay sweet!

My salute to the strong and graceful woman who gave birth to me. Best Bday Mom! I do not know what could have happen to me if you were not in this world. I love you Mom!

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Life is indeed full of surprises and so are you! Wonderful Bday sweet heart! Have fun!

Enjoy the time of your life. Take adventures and continue to thrive. Best Birthday to the most thoughtful friend that I have!


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Sending these homemade cookies for you made with love by me for you exclusively. Wonderful Birthday and hope you love it!

Happy Bday to my friend who will rather light up a pizza on her birthday more than a cake. Save the last slice of pizza for me! Happy Birthday!

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Sending all my hugs to you so you will not feel blue even if I am far away from you. Happy Bday and enjoy all the things in life darling!

As sweet as a candy is what you are. I wish that your party will be a record to beat. Wonderful Birthday!

I wish that from this date onward, your existence will be jammed packed with thrilling adventures and electrifying experiences. Best Birthday sugar!

I look forward that this simple birthday greetings will make your lips shape a smile on your lovely face. Have an impressive birthday celebration! Happy Birthday lady!

Wonderful Bday to the only woman who understands me and all my extreme antics. Happy Birthday my ever lovely friend!


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I can’t possibly overlook that today is your birthday for the reason that it is the day right after my very own birthday! Best Bday to you and let us cheers to this superb day of your birth!

Best Bday to the only lady I know who is full of spirit and willpower in her life. Happy Birthday gorgeous!


Even if the weather is showing grumpiness today it does not mean that your birthday fête will be too. I am here to make sure that your day will be cheery and entertaining! Wonderful Bday!

May you have a cheery party and a very amusing celebration, the kind of birthday celebration that you have been yearning for a long time. Best Birthday Lady!

Wonderful Birthday! You already have almost everything in life so here I am wishing you that your happiness will last forever. Once again, Happy Birthday!


The beauty of your face outshines the beauty of the flowers in my garden. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day up to your heart’s content.

Have an awesome and record breaking birthday party girl! Enjoy the party and save a slice of your cake for me! Happy Bday!

An extraordinary woman in my life is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Bday and hope you feel my warm hugs and birthday kisses for you!


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An ounce of kiss, tons of hugs and thousands of wonderful birthday wishes for you. Have the coolest party ever. Wonderful Birthday girl!


You already have the face of an old lady but you still have the heart of a young and innocent baby. Best Birthday Grandma! We love you so much!

I will not miss this day, the day of your birthday. How can I possibly miss the birthday of my own beautiful daughter? Wonderful Bday sweetheart! Forever in my heart you will remain my baby.

Do not be sad or else I will get mad. Cheer up! It is your birthday girl! Have fun and enjoy life! Best Bday and let us party now!


Someone like what you are should have a great and beautiful birthday party. But you are so simple and humble. The kind of lady every man will be eager to have. Best Bday to you!

Let us celebrate your natal day until the dawn of the morrow breaks. Happy Birthday gorgeous! Stay gorgeous and awesome!

Party all night is what I am expecting from you who love celebrating. Happy Birthday lady! Have a blast on your celebration!

Sending you my wishful thoughts on your birthday girl! Celebrate this day like the best ever. Wonderful Bday!

May you have the greatest birthday moment ever, the kind of moment everyone will be jealous of. Best Birthday young lady!


Please remain as jubilant and as positive as you are despite the increasing year of your age. Wonderful Birthday and hoping for you to have the time of your life!

Wishing you to have a good health soon so we can celebrate your birthday even if it is already late. Happy Birthday and please get well soon!

All I wish is for you is to be well and safe at all times. Happy Bday and enjoy this blessed day!

Your birthday today is a good reason for us to skip classes and party hard but I know that you will not agree with me so here is my birthday greetings to you sweet lady. Happy Bday and hope we can party after all our classes!

Happy birthday Mommy! Thank you for being with me especially when I have heartaches. Missing you so much Mom! Have a very awesome celebration!

Yes, it is true that every birthday you get a year older but it also means that you have another year to see the beautiful and worthy things in life. Happy Birthday and stay fabulous!

This day is truly yours to celebrate up to your heart’s desire. Wonderful Birthday and live the life.


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Allow us to celebrate you, today is your natal day. Best Birthday and we will do anything to make this day a memorable and a happy one. Once again, Happy Birthday lady!

Years come and go but a friend like you I will never forego. Happy Birthday to my ever fabulous friend!

I am prouder than proud to be your sister! You are such a one of a kind and a rarest gem indeed. Wonderful Bday and cheers to our sisterhood!


I am grateful to be given the opportunity to celebrate your birthday with you. Best Bday and hoping that all of your yearnings be bestowed on you.

Let us make this day one of kind, the kind that will be remembered by almost everyone we know of course except the kind which will cause us to be jailed. Best Bday and stay cheerful!

Wonderful Bday Sis! You may not be a perfect sister but for me you are the only sister whom I will be wishing for. Happy Birthday again and love you!

Happiest birthday to the cutest girl in this street. Wishing you to have a life full of awesomeness. Best Birthday!

Dearest Aunt, I want you to have a fun-filled birthday party with an extra dose of enjoyment and laughter. Wonderful Birthday!


Happy Bday to my ever favorite cousin and best friend! I wish for you to have the chance to celebrate your birthday with us here in our farmland. Enjoy the rest of your party!

Today was a good day until I remembered that today is also your birthday. What once was a good day became a better day. Happy Bday and thank you for making my day better! All best wishes for you! Hugs and kisses!

Feel the warmth of my hug and the cheerfulness in my kisses. Wonderful Birthday to you and may your guilty pleasures become true. Happy Birthday sexy!

Enjoy and savor the happy hours of your birthday. Fulfill all your dreams and all the wishes in your heart! Happy Birthday sunshine!

You are the only one who gets wiser, richer and older at the same time as you add up another year in your fantastic life. Best Birthday and stay blessed!

Birthday Wishes for special lady

On this birthday I hope you get everything you want and more. Happy Birthday.

To a lady who is so lovely I hope you have a great birthday ahead.

Wishing you a love filled birthday and many more to come.

Sending you light for your birthday, may it be a day filled with pure joy, wishing you have a great day and many more.

You are a great friend, hope you have a great birthday.

Happy Birthday to someone special, sending you good vibes for your birthday.

On your special day I wish you nothing but light and love my dear, Happy Birthday to you and many more.

Make sure that you take the time to relax on your special day because you deserve it.

For your birthday I hope you enjoy a good slice of cake, good laughs, and hopefully feel loved because you are.

Sit back and enjoy this day, dance, laugh, and love. Happy Birthday.

May this be a great birthday for you, with all your dreams and wishes coming true.

To a lovely lady on her birthday, wishing you nothing but the best. Happy Birthday.

On your birthday I hope that you dance and celebrate big, may this be the happiest of birthdays for you.

Sending you love for your birthday, may it be truly amazing and memorable for you.

All the best to you on your birthday, sending you light and love.

Hope you have a wonderful and fun-filled birthday. Make it the best one yet!

Wishing you a top birthday that is unforgettable, because you really deserve it. Happy Birthday to you.

On your birthday I wish you nothing but peace and love. Have a great one, with many blessed years ahead.

Hope this birthday is an amazing day for you, and wishing you many more yet. Happy Birthday.