40+ Happy Birthday Chief Wishes

Not every employee is privileged to have the boss of their dreams.
Often, we encounter people that we don’t understand.
Like most of us, they are not perfect.
So if you find a boss that is more of a friend and a boss, you’ll be comfortable with and get along with. Send them a Birthday message!

You are the most determined person on earth. That makes us committed to following your example. You push us to strive harder and bring the best out of us. Happy Bday!

I hope that you’ll be happy and more successful for the years to come. Being so will help you raise my pay. Wonderful Birthday!

The awkwardness of having a boss as seen by many was removed out of my vocabulary when I met you. Best Birthday!

You have always taught us the way to work hard, so let us teach you tonight how to party hard. Wonderful Bday boss!

I have never felt so perfectly compatible and fitting to be an employee with anyone until you hired me. Best Bday!


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Most employees would complain about their bosses, not knowing that he mostly get most of the hard work and hard decisions done. We would like to give you a pat on the back and thank you for leading us in the right direction. Best Bday!

To have a boss that understand and appreciates the story of their employees is a dream come true. Let’s create your fun and exciting story tonight! Wonderful Bday!

100 Birthday Wishes

We want you to have more birthdays to come, but will never ever retire. You are the best boss and if you retire, we retire. Best Birthday!

WE can always wish you more success but knowing how hardworking you are, that’s already for sure. We also want to wish you happiness and forever youth! Wonderful Birthday Boss!

We would want to keep your party a surprise but we are all too excited not to talk about it! Happy Birthday Boss!

You are not just our boss. You are our guru, mentor and inspiration. May you have more blessed years to celebrate with us, your students/employees! Happy Bday Master!

The 60 Happy Birthday Granddaughter Wishes

Wishing you a happy bday and more blessings to come is very easy to do since you made changes in our lives and touché not only our lives but our families as well. Happy Birthday Boss!

May God hear your prayers and bless you more success and happiness for this year to come. Wonderful Birthday Boss!

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I would like to propose a raise for my pay! Kidding (though half-meant)! LOL! Happy Birthday Boss! You deserve all the blessings and happiness in the world!

Other employees often dreaded Mondays. For us, we look forwards to Mondays to work in a happy environment with your lead and Guidance. Best Birthday Chief!

The 60 Happy Birthday Grandson Wishes

We are the best team in the world that no other employee-employer relationship could ever compare to. I love to celebrate your birthday with you! Wonderful bday chief!

I am constantly bragging about having a great boss with my friends. Now I bring them over to your party for them to know that I wasn’t just bragging. The stories are real! Happy Birthday boss!

I would admit that there are times when I almost gave up. There were feelings of I am giving too much life for work. Those moments are buried in the ocean of things at the past when I saw how you devoted your entire life for this company and us, your employees! Best Bday boss!

I know it may sound cliché because you are my boss, but I’d rather say it than not say it at all. You are the greatest person to be our boss. You inspire us in any way that you could ever imagine! Happy Birthday boss!

Your birthday comes every single year yet you don’t seem to age a bit. It’s either you are really good at what you do or we are such good employees for not giving you something to stress about. I’d say BOTH! Best Bday Chief!

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You keep on giving me a pat in the back but I’m here to tell you that I wouldn’t be in this position today and I wouldn’t be talented and knowledgeable as I am today if you weren’t there to inspire me and showing as a great example. Wonderful Bday Boss!

You know we have been waiting for this day to come for us to finally have a rest from work and all have a good time right? Best Birthday Boss!


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You were the type of boss that pushed us to our limits, I would have hated you but I also saw the parent figure on you that would fight for us even when we were actually not doing well. We love you, boss! Happy Birthday!

You have grown another year! I hope you more blessings and happiness. I am so privileged to stay with your supervision. Other people would die to get into my position just to have a boss like you! Wonderful Birthday!

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Happy Bday boss! We have been the greatest advocates of your principles and teachings. We love and respect you because we believe in you and would stay behind your back no matter what!

I often have a constant battle with myself because I fear of not being able to meet your expectations. I know how great you are at what you do and as your employee; I didn’t want to fall short. You have supported me through thick and then and remain by my side no matter what. Happy Bday Boss!

I hope we haven’t fall short with your expectations for your birthday party. We are not the best when it comes to organizing events like this, but we did our best in order to show how appreciated you are as our supervisor. Happy Birthday boss!

It is hard to have a friend and a boss at the same time. With you, everything else went so easy, aside from the fact that you have high expectations, you have such a high demand for my time. It is appreciated though, since I learn a lot from you! Wonderful Birthday!

This party was a collaboration of the entire team in order to show you how thankful we are to have you as our boss. Take note of everyone’s gift! It might reflect how you treated us the entire year. LOL! Happy Birthday!


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I love how you could be so demanding and pushy. That’s how you bring out the best in me. I appreciate all your efforts. I wish you more success and happiness. Best birthday boss!


This may not be the first greeting card you opened from an employee who admires you but I still wish you have more success, happiness and be as healthy as ever. Wonderful Bday Chief!

If it weren’t for my wife, you are the best boss I could ever have! Best bday Chief!


I often get aloof or timid when I get close to my supervisors and bosses because of the gap between our roles in the company, but you are very different! You make me feel you are my workmate and a partner! Thanks, and Best Bday!

If all the supervisors in our company would be as great as you, then we would be rich! Well, it’s okay since we wouldn’t be the top team if they are as cool as you. Happy Birthday!


It is really hard to listen to the advice of the boss when you know they all just rely in their own opinion and would not understand the sentiments of their employees. Thank You for saving us from that trouble since you already understand our needs before we even say a thing.

You taught us how to be workaholic. Tonight, we will teach you how to be a rock star! You better prepare yourself because our expectations are quite high.


We exerted our best offers to keep you happy today. Hope you won’t forget that and will make us happy tomorrow at work. Happy Birthday!


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You my friend removed all the stereotypes I had for bosses. You are so awesome! My friends are dying to get to my position. I bragged about you a lot! I wish you more success for me to become successful as well! Wonderful Bday!


Hi, just in case you don’t know, I cleared all your appointment just for you to have a blast on you birthday! Time to relax and chill! Best Birthday!

If I have the power to give you everything you want, I’d give it to you on your birthday. Hope you would do the same for me too. I think you have the power to do it for me. Wonderful Birthday Chief!

Thanks for making the hardest task bearable and easiest tasks hard for me! I absolutely know you want me to excel. Happy Bday Boss!


Thank You for being so awesome that work doesn’t feel like work any longer. Happy Birthday!

I really enjoy working with you. I may not be the best employee but having a supportive and dedicated boss like you makes me feel I am bound to do great things. Happy Birthday boss!


How come you are my boss when you are not bossy at all? Happy Bday chief!

I remember the time when I first got into your office. I was dying in anxiety but then you welcomed me like you are the usherette of the Company.

You know why you are so successful? Because you have the 100% support and respect of all your employees. Thanks for taking care of all of us! Wonderful Birthday!

I will not forget the day I applied in your company because that’s the time where the great changes ad improvements of my life started. You pushed me to where I am today and I am very grateful for that! More success to come! Best Birthday!

Imagine how long I have waited to finally let you know how thankful I am for having the most supportive boss ever. I have waited for your birthday! I hope you won’t let me wait that long for my promotion. Wonderful Bday!


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Happy birthday chief wishes messages

Happy Birthday chief, I hope you have an amazing day that brings great memories.

Wishing you the best birthday of all time, have a great one.

Hope that this birthday is special and filled with laughter, have an amazing day.

Happy Birthday chief, and may you see many more yet to come too.

For someone who truly deserves a great birthday, hope it is an amazing one for you.

This birthday is going to be the best one yet. Happy Birthday.

For a good friend on their special day, I hope you make some amazing new memories.

Hope you get it all for your birthday and that you have an unforgettable day celebrating with friends and family.

Happy Birthday friend, looking forward to celebrating with you big time.

It is time to celebrate your birthday and I cannot wait, here is to many more. Happy Birthday to you.

A special message for a special person on their special day, wishing you a great birthday.

May this birthday be balloon and cake filled, have a great one.

On this birthday kick back and relax, hope you have a great day.

Wishing you light and love on your birthday chief, have a good one.

Sending you hugs and love on your birthday, make the most of it!

Happy Birthday dear friend, may it be blessed and your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday to you and I look forward to celebrating big. Have a good one buddy.

May this birthday be truly memorable, with lots of laughter. Happy Birthday.

For a great friend on your birthday, just want you to know that I appreciate your friendship. Have a great birthday.

Hope this brings light to your day, and a smile to your face, wishing you nothing but the happiest of birthdays to you.