Happy 61st Birthday Wishes

Celebrating a birthday is one of the best moments globally, especially if the person celebrating is essential or close to you.
There is something so magical and wonderful about birthday parties that makes people so happy.
Make that particular someone extra happier by greeting them with a ‘happy 61st birthday’ and making things feel better than ever.
The thing is that people love it when people greet them.
Here are some happy 61st birthday wishes that might help you reach out to them, especially to their hearts.

Happy 61st birthday; I wish you would not feel so old and keep living your life now.

It seems you still have not lost your shine, you still do, and I love you for it, enjoy today.

This is your big day, do not let anyone in this world ruin it for you; run your day, own it too!


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Your special day comes only once a year, so you might as well make the most of it. Happy bday.

Happy bday, a greeting that is so common but, if filled with love and sincerity, transforms too.

Again, I wanted to remind you that you are one of the best people I have met in this life.

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Mom always keeps that smile on your face. That is what I love most of you—happy 61st birthday.

Things have always been this way, so go ahead and make the change that you truly deserve.

When the world tries to tell you that you suck, show them how much you truly rock, dearest.

You are one of the few reasons I can look at myself in the mirror; happy birthday too!

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You may not know it, but 20 years ago, you saved me from me, I wish you a happiest bday!

May you have more years to come in your life and that you will be happy on whatever you do.

There are so many reasons to be happy and now, it’s coz of you, happy 61st birthday, dearest.

What you need to do is to enjoy life by doing whatever it is that you truly want, believe me, okay?

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There will be times when you get tired, do not give up, but rest instead, happy bday to you!

Cheers to the celebration of your life, that you may get your goals and enjoy everything else.

Life is meant to be lived so go ahead and just enjoy it, you deserve to celebrate, that’s true.

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No one should dare to tell you that you are weak, there is no one like that, only you, love.

Grandpa, you are now old enough to be a senior citizen, have a really happy 61st birthday!

Happiest bday to the one that is also the one who magic the light choice, it was your choice.

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Birthdays are meant for us to remember the people that are dear to us, just like you to me!

Thank you for being one of my friends who never gave up on me ‘til the end, happy bday!

You can smile for a lot of reasons but today, have a happy 61st birthday and enjoy yourself.

I know you can only become better from here on out so celebrate your bday with a blast!

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May you take some time off your busy schedule to celebrate this year and have some fun too.

Hope the best will come to you as there is always something for you to get by, I love you so!

A thousand reasons to be happy and now it’s your big day, happy 61st birthday, we love you.

You are one of those people who has strength as sturdy as a rock, I wish you a happy bday!

The storms in the seas ain’t nothing to you anymore, you are the sun for me, happy bday!


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Enjoy your birthday as you have always done before, do not let your age stop you to party.

You are the reason I wake up each morning, to see you smiling, have a happy 61st birthday!

By this time, your accomplishments in life are too many so just enjoy your remaining years!

For always giving me your warm smile, thank you and have a really happy bday today too!

Never get tired of smiling, it chops around 20 years off of your lovely face too, enjoy this day.

Dear mom, you are the reason I am alive today, thank you and have a happy 61st birthday.

I promised myself to take this time to greet you and wish that you would thoroughly enjoy!

No matter where you go, just know that you still have my heart with you, enjoy your big day!

You have a lot of wisdom by now and that is truly saying something worthwhile, happy bday.

Happy 61st birthday, the rest of the world can go ahead and forget but never me, my dearest.

Show them all what you still got under your bag and be the best you can be, happy bday too!


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I still remember the day we met each other, my love, have a happy 61st birthday and enjoy!

Thank you for always going the extra mile for me, may you truly enjoy your celebration now.

It takes some time to be the person with tons of wisdom, you have done long enough, my dear.

Today should be a good day, enjoy it a lot and blow your candles, have a happy 61st birthday.

My greeting is to show you that I care for you more than you think I do, happy bday, my love!

Friend, you should go ahead and have some reflections on all the things you once did before.

Today is your day so show them all what nice girls are truly made of, happy bday to you, now.

No one knows me better than you do so I am wishing you a happy 61st birthday on your day!

Who’d believe me if I say that you are 61 when you are truly a sight to behold, happy bday!

Happiest bday to the woman who is the reason for my life, you are truly wonderful my dear.


I know that you are happy today & I can only wish you would be happier now, I love you so.

Happy 61st birthday, there never passes a day when I do not think about you, you are my love.

From the very beginning you have stuck with me even until now, my friend, happiest bday!

I can’t believe it even now, but you have always been an inspiration to me, happy bday to you!

There are so many things I wish you would have, happy 61st birthday may you be happy too.

For now and for keeps, you are truly the best, sixty one years and I look for you now still, girl.

You have got all that you need, all that is left is to smile and enjoy yourself well it’s your bday.


By this year, I bet you have already achieved your dreams so all I wish is happy 61st birthday!

I just want you to feel how special you truly are to me, that is why I love you so much my dear.

Go ahead & scream, shout and be happy for everything in this world, enjoy your life dearest.

Who would have thought 61 can ever look as good as you, well enjoy your day, have fun too!


You must be near perfection now, after all just like wine people gets better as they age, dear.

Some days, I look at you and see the reason for my happiness, have a happy 61st birthday!

That incredible smile of yours is what gives me strength to carry on, thank you & happy bday!


You take the extra effort to make sure things are always smooth sailing, enjoy your big day.

You have always been one of the friends that are true to me even up to know, happiest bday.

No one can ever compare to the happiness you have brought into my life, happy 61st birthday!

To the woman who is still my everything, I love you, enjoy your 61st bday and just be happy!

Go and dance under the rain today, you need to feel young again, you need to enjoy this life.

It is that time of the year to grow older but the heart dictates what your age is, remember it.

You do not look a year older, honestly, rather you look younger enjoy this special day now.


No one can tell me what it’s like to be with you, they do not know it, happy 61st birthday, dear.

Letting you in a big secret all people loves the fact that you smile, so never stop on doing that.

You are one of the people I love to see every single time, happiest bday to you, I love you so.

You should keep on rocking as you have always done, I am so happy for you, just know that.

Always keep on overcoming the challenges that come your way even until to this very day!

Have one of the happiest bday celebration simply coz you truly deserve to be happy, my dear.

Mom, I still believe you are the best in this world, so just enjoy a really happy 61st birthday!


I am so thrilled to see you today and know that it is your big day, go ahead and enjoy it a lot.

You have achieved so much in your life span but go ahead and keep on achieving even more.

The memories we have shared are the best I still miss you even now, hope you enjoy your day!


I have seen you as you were when we were children, I still love you even now, happiest bday!

The world is a tough road, keep being the best that you can be, I wish you all the best as well.

Your candles are the ones that light my way and I can’t help but be happy for you, enjoy life!

Happy 61st birthday, forget the candles just focus on enjoying yourself right now, dear dad.