25+ Be Happy Quotes

There are moments in life when it is going to be so hard to be happy.
As simple as it may seem, to be happy is not a simple task, but with the right environment, with the right type of friends, with the right way of thinking, it is easy to be comfortable enough with yourself to be happy with the way things are and the way you are at the very moment.
Here are some quotes that you can try to relate to, seeing if you are being happy.

To be happy or to just sulk around the corner, that is the real question posed by life.

May you stop trying to be what people want you to be and be the one with personality.


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It will not be easy to try and be happy, but once you make the moment count, it will be.

You’ve just got to deal with it because either way, it is always your choice to be happy or not.

The way you will live your life at this very moment will decide if you will be happy years later.

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I am in a position in my life right now where all I can think about is being happy.

There are times when I force myself to be happy or at least pretend to be because it feels okay.

Be happy every moment because you never know if it is your last day here on this earth above.

There is so much you can do and try to be happy, but one of the best things is smile.

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, you need to keep satisfied people around to be happy.

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There’s something about the way you look at me that encourages everything in me to be happy.

And when it is over, at least you can say that you did your best, that you did try to be happy.

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It may seem so hard at this moment, but the truth is that it is pretty easy to be happy.

To be happy is a simple feat but to maintain that happiness through and through is not.

How long does it take the average person to be happy when this life sucks so much, right?

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When you remember me in your memory, I wonder if it would be happy or if you would cry.

My sole wish for you is to be happy and free of any sickness and immediate danger, my love.

I have prayed a thousand times for you to be happy because I love you that much.


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And when you cease to be happy, you also lose the opportunity to maintain that for a lifetime.

When the worst kind of storm hits you by surprise, smile and be happy about it.

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Have a positive outlook in life and hold on to the thought that you are okay; just be yourself.

If they do not like you for who you are right now, then forget about them, live your own life.

There is something about ice cream that cheer the mood of people like you do to me, dear.

I wish you could realize that your mistakes make you the person you are, so learn from them all.

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I hope I know how you feel and realize that there is something special about you.

There is no reason to be sad when you need to be a whole lot happier than ever right now.

Happiness will make you glow, and it will make you feel better and make you feel more satisfied.


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The secret to being happier is to be glad that you are you and not anyone else.

The goal of our lives is to be able to make the most out of it and live it differently.

It is by learning how to appreciate the smallest of things that make a person a lot happier.

So learn how to start making yourself happier, to be able to let go of things that bothers you.

I used to be the person who was so easy to let go but losing friends is never that great, really.

I have so much regrets but I’ve decided to stop mulling over them so I can be a lot happier.

You can achieve your dreams better if you at least try to pursue happiness little at a time, girl.

There is happiness in doing what it is that you like because you get this sense of freedom.

The secret is to be contented with what you have but also to keep on pursuing what you want.

You need to be someone deserving of happiness so be kind to other people, live with love, boy.

Travel, go out in the world and explore your options, go for the things that matters to you.


Set your mind to achieve your goals and it would, because it has always been mind over all.

Liberate yourself, go out there and start doing the things that you would really love to do.

Inspire yourself by the things that you do, by the little things that should really matter to you.

Look around you and be inspired by the beauty that nature has to offer you, my dear love.

When you learn to appreciate the people who care for you, you will realize that love matters.

Happiness is being able to see yourself in the mirror and not being ashamed of every inch.

If you let me into your heart, I promise I will do everything not to let it break apart, darling.


Stop being discouraged by the simple things, it will all work out in the end, just believe me.

Go ahead and talk to that one person who makes you smile, who makes you laugh, girl.

When you are in love, everything seems to lighten up, it’s like you are capable of it all.

The truth is that not all people are optimists but you might as well try to be one, honestly.

You decide what you want to be either you pursue happiness or you let it come to you again.

The power to actually have happiness is within your hands, it always has been, it never left.

In order to become happier, you need to practice it, you need to let yourself be conditioned.


There is a greater purpose in this life and all I really wish for you is that you find it somehow.

You just need to make up your mind about what happiness really is and then go pursue for it.

Every morning I try to tell myself that it is going to be my day, that everything will be okay.

I decided that today will be the day that I will be happier because I just love everything here.

There is power in making decisions so I am going to choose my own happiness this very day.

The only way to be happier is to actually try to, cheer yourself up, make the most of every day.

Happiness will come to you when you least expect it to be just the same that love would, dear.


The thing is people do not care whether you are miserable or not so opt to be just happier.

It is okay to cry, to just shout your head off if it makes you feel better, eventually it will fade.

If you surround yourself with too much negativity, there will be no space left for happiness.


Learn to let go of the things that makes you sad, and just keep going with your life, darling.

Stop looking at the bad memories in your past and just let them stay there, it’ll get better.

Do not let your happiness be defined by a person there are a lot of things to make you happy.

To be happy, you need to start within, to start with yourself and your view of happiness, girl.


I want you to know that I will always be here for you, that happiness is waiting for you, boy.

Happiness is a by-product of the things we do and so do things that will make you happier.

The things that are happening to you right now are part of a bigger plan, that is the reality.

You need to accept that some things are beyond your control so just keep on smiling, my love.

Stop making things more complicated than they already are, try to simplify your life, darling.

Stop being too concerned with other people and start focusing on yourself even more, girl.

Find love within yourself and happiness will follow later, that is the truth, believe me on that.


I just want to be happier, I want to be someone who can be proud of myself, and so I will.

Turn the wills into did, turn the can’t into can and the sadness into happiness, my dear love.

If you would tell me that you love me I would believe it and it honestly makes me happier.

I want to tell you that it will be okay, sometimes, people do not really mean what they say.

I believe in you, I want you to know that I care for you so much more than you know, darling.

Everyone in this world will eventually hit a roadblock; I hope you’re strong enough for that.

When things seem tough, remember that there is God to help you so just smile with your life.

Smiling really does help, it makes you happier, makes you feel like everything is just great.

Some things only seem to be impossible until the very moment that you actually finish it up.

Forget the world and just focus on trying to make yourself a whole lot happier than ever.

There will be moments when you will wish to have nothing to do with life but just relax.

You are human too and sometimes you need to hold yourself back and try to be happier.

Just go with the flow of life, eventually all the things will fall on their right places, believe me.