Happy 56th Birthday Wishes

Fifty-six is a good age to be in, a moment in life when people want nothing but have fun and enjoy what they have.
By this age, many people are going to have lots of wisdom to advise the younger generation too.
There are so many reasons why you should greet your loved ones that turns 56 this year with some happy 56th birthday wishes.
Showing them that you remember and that you care is a good first step in becoming a better person.
Here are some happy 56th birthday wishes that might just do you some good when you try to use them.

If you asked me, I would have tried to make all of your dreams come true, happy 56th birthday.

I do not need no social media to remind me of your birthday, I know when it is my dear friend.

Happy bday to you make sure you say goodbye this time before you leave, I miss you so much.


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What you are is blessed for being able to make it this far, fifty six years and counting as well!

Congratulations on turning fifty six, think of this as an honor, a blessing given by the Lord.

Let me still some of your special moment to tell you you’re special too, happy 56th birthday.

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Let me tell you what you are to me: an asset that is a friend, don’t be a liability now, okay?

I will always love you, my friend, you are a keeper and that is the truth, enjoy your bday too!

Have a good bday, I know just how warm of a person you are so here’s a virtual hug from me.

Happy 56th birthday, there is nothing better than to know that you are loved and cared for.

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Wait for me today, I will drive down to your house so we can celebrate your big day together!

Grandma, I miss all the stories you once told me when I was a child, I’ll visit you today, ok?

Happiest bday to the most beautiful woman in this world for me Mom, you should enjoy today.

The best feeling in the world is knowing someone cares a lot about you, happy 56th birthday!

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Our friendship is the one that keeps me going, that reminds me to be strong, happy bday, now.

You are one of the best people I have met in this lifetime, may you have the best bday as well.

I remember it was last year when we celebrated your bday and now here it comes again, dear.

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My love we have been together for a long time now but my feelings never change, happy bday!

Happy 56th birthday, letting you know you are the most special person in my life right now.

Let us keep on celebrating our bday together from this moment forward, ok, happy bday, dear.

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Make the most out of this big day of yours, dance all day, party but take a moment to rest too.

Your special day should be that: special so go ahead and have fun, get out and celebrate now.

May this day bring you the happiness and the joy that you truly deserve, I mean that a lot too.

It is not about who got you the best gift but who loves you the most, happy 56th birthday, man.

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Remember that all my blessings are with you as you celebrate your special day today, wife.

You are the love of my life and up until now, you still are, I still love you so, happy bday too!

May God keep letting you have the happiness, love and the life that you have right now, dear.

Keep on being a good example of what a good person should be and be more blessed as well.


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May your life continue on being filled with so much love and happiness, happy 56th birthday!

Welcome to a new chapter in your life, you should enjoy it and fill it with good things as well.

I bet this day is the most memorable one for you, coz it is for me, enjoy your 56th bday now!

Woman, who would have thought you can still make my heart flutter after all these years?

I can’t think of any nice things to say but that I miss you and I hope you are happy on this day.

Happy 56th birthday, may you have many more amazing years to come and get to enjoy too.

Cliché are truly overrated but still I have to tell you I love you and mean it, happy bday too!

This day should be a memorable one so let us make that happen by becoming the best we can.

Let us fill this day with memories to live by, some happy ones should do the trick, happy day!

Happy 56th birthday, tomorrow does not always look bright but please look forward to it too.

Your day is a special one, I am telling you now, so treasure this day and just hold on, okay?


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There is no better way to do this than to tell you how amazing you truly are, enjoy your day!

I would have wished your wish would come true if I had only one wish, happy 56th birthday!

You mean so much to me and I just thought I would let you know about it on your big day!

You are the person who filled my days with joy and fun & I can’t not greet you a happy bday.

You shine the brightest when you are filled with happiness so just keep living a good life too.

I bet God can see just how much of a kind person you truly are, have a happy 56th birthday!

Rest well and eat those cakes that are meant just for you, enjoy it and love it you deserve to.

May this bday be more fulfilling for you than your last one was, enjoy it and adore it as well.

What I admire most about you is the smile on your face even when you are sad happiest bday!

The best days will still come so just calm down and believe in yourself, have a happy bday!


Happy 56th birthday, I pray that your good health would continue and have more years to live.

It was nice knowing you have been alive long enough to have great memories, enjoy your day.

This special day of yours is truly something worth living so go ahead and just enjoy it as well.

There is more to this life than you know it and I want you to know that I am always here too.

Some loves are just truly endless, mine for you is one of them, have a happy 56th birthday!

Enjoy your day and remember that I will always be here in the case you need me, happy day!

You have another year to make it fun and wonderful so let us start making new memories too.


Nothing but lovely memories is what I wish for you on this fated day of your birth, my dear.

Please keep on inspiring people like you always seem to do, happy 56th birthday to you friend.

All that I want is that you do what you love without anyone stopping you from doing so now.

Today is the day you should rejoice for you are a year older but only younger at heart as well.


Eat your cake but blow your candles first, there are a lot so wish with all your might, ok now?

You should have your friends over on your special day so you can reminisce the past for now.

Happy 56th birthday all that I really want if to help preserve the smile that you have as of now.


Happiness would mean so much more if you share it with other people so go ahead and do it.

It is your turn to be happy and so go ahead and enjoy your special day for you deserve that.

I am so lucky I get to call you as my friend, know that I am always here for you, ok, I love you.

When you are with other people, you shine the most so be with them and just enjoy your day.

You are the simplest woman I had ever seen and the love of my life too, happy 56th birthday!

I know how much you love birthdays so I made a party just for you, happy bday and enjoy it!

You never failed to share the bit of happiness you have so today, let us share ours to you too.


This part of life has always been a good one, thank you for letting me be excited about things.

Happy 56th birthday, to me you will always be the wife that I have dreamt of having in my life.

You always gave me your last piece of cake so now let me do the same for you on your bday.

You need to be happy and I will try my best to make you smile at the very least, happy bday!

You still look the same way you do ages ago when you said, ‘I do’ too, happy 56th birthday!

Keep being yourself coz that is the best way you can ever shine, enjoy your day, I love you so.

This is your most special day and I hope you will celebrate it with a big smile on your face!


The end of your book is so much farther so keep adding more stories to write on it, enjoy it.

You are happy and sometimes that is enough, I hope you enjoy today and just have lots of fun.

Happy 56th birthday, I am so happy that I get to spend a lot of years being your husband.


There is never an ending if you do not want that, so erase the ending and rewrite it out.

You alone have the power to control your life no matter what age you are now, live it happily.

May you have a joy that will last you for the rest of your life, that is my wish for you now.

Being your wife were some of the best moments of my life, happy 56th birthday, my dear love.