Happy 49th Birthday Wishes

Only one more year to go, and your loved one is going to hit the big Five-Oh.
Being forty-nine should be worth celebrating and talking about.
If you know someone is turning that age, you should greet them with a happy 49th birthday! These wishes will help you to tell them how much you care for them and love them as well.
Let them have a good day and have tons of fun.
Here are some happy 49th birthday wishes that will help you do that.

Each wrinkle on that face tells of a story worth knowing; I know, happy 49th birthday!

Your heart seems to be a black hole that can be filled with love; enjoy your special day now.

There is not much I can give but my heart which you already have; enjoy your day, I love you.


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For now, I wish you know that you are the best person for me; you have always been, daddy.

Today is a day that you should celebrate; fill it with the happiness that you deserve too.

Happy 49th birthday. Keep on smiling all the time and being happy, and you deserve to be, dear.

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Whether today is sunny or rainy or even snowy, I will be there to celebrate with you, dear.

Love, let no one ever stop you from doing the things you want; you deserve to be happy.

Go ahead and knock yourself reasonable, you deserve this day, and you deserve some good rest too.

Love, happy 49th birthday; I wish you nothing more but to have excellent health and long life.

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You are the gift by God to me that I will treasure as long as I live; happy bday to you, woman.

My husband, we have spent so many years together now and so let’s enjoy your special day.

I will assure you that this party for you will be the best one that will ever be celebrated.

Let us take a trip down memory lane as we celebrate your special day, and you should smile too.

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Happy 49th birthday. May your special day be filled with all the happiness you can ever have.

Stop looking so gloomy and have a bit of fun, people deserve them all time, enjoy your life.

You should enjoy your life and live it through; you need to loosen up some more.

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I wish that you would keep on smiling and that you would always try to enjoy this life, okay?

Happy 49th birthday; there are moments you would love to relive; make this one of those too.

May this bday be the one you will always want to go back to years later in your life, girl.

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Do not be afraid, and there is nothing you should even be frightened of, for I am here with you, love.

My dear, no one else has ever shown me love as you did; I want you to know I care for you.

Let us have a blast as we enjoy this special day of yours, for you tried your best to live life.

Only one more year to go before you hit the big fifty; my lovely, happy 49th birthday to you!

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I am looking back to the past right now, and I see you smiling at me the same way you do now.

I bet this day would be the best yet, for you deserve to be happy; you truly deserve to be.

And when no one else would tell you they care, I would, so stop sulking and enjoy your day!

I know you would do the same so let me cross the world to be with you on your big day.


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Your age is just one thing about you; there is so much more right now; happy 49th birthday!

Keep reaching out to people like you have always done and enjoyed your life; I love you so.

I think you should have a good day by showing people there is still kindness in this world too.

Mom, thank you for always taking care of me ever since I was but a kid, happy bday to you.

I made this breakfast for you to enjoy, so go ahead and taste it so we can see if it’s okay, Mom.

Happy 49th birthday, you are this age, and still, you shine like you always did; I love you so.

You deserve all the care we gave you, for you cared for us for years and years more, Mama.

Happy bday to the beautiful person given to me by the Lord as my Mother; I love you a lot!

You genuinely fascinate me. Even after all these years, you still pique my interest; happy bday to you.

Do not let other people tell you that you are old and still young enough to try new things!

This is one moment I will forever treasure as I am with you; I wish you a happy 49th birthday!


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Sometimes you need to tell yourself it is okay; life is like that, it will make you feel lost.

Happy 49th birthday, magnificent is what you indeed are and have always been; enjoy your day.

You deserve a bit of happiness after all you have been thru, so rejoice, for today is the day too.

Treasure the people close to you and your family too, and they will be there for you too.

You are part of something bigger than yourself, a family, people you can run to; happy bday!

Do not worry too much about tomorrow; focus on enjoying your day today, okay, my dear?

I bet this will be a fun and exciting day for you, and I wish you a happy 49th birthday, dear.

Having a brother like you beats all the odds; I am happy that I got you. Enjoy today!

Your special day is something to celebrate, enjoy your life and have a happy bday, my sister.

May this day be filled with overflowing happiness so that you can have a happy life too.


May you like all the presents you will receive right now, have a happy 49th birthday!

I am pretty much just thankful for all the things you have done for me in this life; enjoy today.

When tomorrow comes, know that I am by your side no matter what; happiest bday to you!

Yesterday you were but a kid, and now you are all grown up, enjoying having the time of your life.

Happy 49th birthday, keep smiling and always remember that I will always be here for you.

You are indeed a person who inspires the good in other people, and I can’t be prouder happy bday.

Every single day you are growing to become more and more fantastic; I hope you enjoy today.


There is not a day I do not thank the heavens for sending you, have a good and enjoyable day.

Experience is a good teacher, and I bet you learned from the very best; happy 49th birthday!

Indeed, you must see just how much you mean to all of us here, enjoy and have a happy day.

There is nothing more I can hope for but that you enjoy life & that you keep being happy too.


Time truly flies by when you are having fun, and I hope you are happy and that you will enjoy it too.

In anything you do, always put your happiness ahead of you; happy 49th birthday, my dear.

Happy 49th birthday; in all these years I have been with you, you always seem more beautiful.


The power to be happy is within your hands, so use it wisely and have the most joyful day!

Happy bday to the man I have come to love; you are indeed the best person I have ever met.

From this day forward, know that I will always welcome you with open arms if you need me.

I feel like I am grateful for the opportunity to be in love; I hope you are happy as well, dear.

Moments like this are why I love you, so may you have a pleasing 49th birthday.

You are the love of my life; I would not have my life in any other way as well; thank you so.

I still thank all the gods for giving you to me, letting me spend my life with you; happy bday!


Happy 49th birthday; keep on enjoying the life that God has given you, and keep happy.

Woman, what you are is the answer to all of my prayers of a kind and loving wife; thank you.

Let us do something special to celebrate today; rejoice in another birthday you have; I love you.

You were born forty-nine years ago, and you look the same still, my son; happy 49th birthday!

This world may feel lonely sometimes, but you make it happier, so enjoy today and love life.

You need to party and have tons of alcohol in your body to be happy as you can ever be.

Happy 49th birthday, we have stuck through the storms, and we only grow stronger, my love.


This party would do you good; celebrating in honour of your life is something to be proud of.

When no one else tells you how great you are, I will; I am so happy you get to be my father.

I am just so proud of you, the things you have achieved in your life, no one else like you, Mom.

I still love you for all the times you scolded me; thank you for everything, my dearest father.


I tried to tell you that things would be okay, and they did, so enjoy your special day today, okay, sis?

You need to just cut some slack for yourself and enjoy what you have right now; happy bday!

No one I would lean on to when I am feeling unwell, but you, have the happiest day.

You have always given me strength when I felt I wanted to give up, so enjoy your big day today!