Happy 26th Birthday Quotes

For that particular person in your life, your brother, your lover, your wife or, maybe your sister or your nephew or even far fetch, your cousin, below are some quotes that will let them know how much you feel blessed that they are in your life.
You are 26 means that you are halfway through with life. By then, you would be successful already or on your way there.
For those who matter to you, here are some things to wish them by, some wishes to make them feel that you love them enough not to forget them on their special day.
Forget all those notions of prepared speeches because sometimes, great things are said with a sentence or two, so here are some for you.
May you find the right words here to tell what you want to say to them.

Happy 26th birthday, another day with you is fun, and I assure you I will forever treasure this.

Get out in the world and grab whatever it is you desire in your heart, for you deserve it truly.

You have enough wisdom to go out in the world and live the life you want; go for it, dear.


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A star is what you were, what you still are, what you will be; you just shine; happy birthday to you!

I still thank God that He blessed me enough to celebrate this special day with you.

There is just no present enough I can give to make you feel just how much I appreciate you.

I hope that this day will turn out to be exactly as you planned it to be—happy 26th birthday.

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

For all your support and the love you gave me, I wish to provide you with the same enjoy your big day.

May you make the most out of what you are given for indeed; you deserve to be happy for today.

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You are closer to hitting the big three-zero, but you are young still, so go live out your life, girl.

Sis, I have once been in your shoes, and I can promise you that it is worth everything this day.

I will throw you the best party no one would be able to forget for as long as you live, my sister.

Happy Birthday To Grandson With Heartfelt Wishes

I can see how fearless you are in your eyes; keep being just that; happy 26th birthday, dear.

This would be a tender age that would decide whether you win or lose and enjoy it.

Life is meant to be fun, so stop worrying about the future and live for this very day, dear.

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What you are is a flower on the verge of blooming, so stop trying to postpone your success.

A birthday is meant to celebrate life, so we should let us both drink until we drop dead.

Thank you for all the support and love you have given me; I appreciate it; happy birthday to you!

Happy 26th birthday; you do not know how I am pleased that you have turned this old today.

My dearest son, I am so proud of all that you have achieved to this day, happy 26th birthday.

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Life is precious, and so you must hold it dear; I just know you will, and I cannot be prouder.

I have always prayed that the Lord may give you guidance in every choice you make, dear.

I am thankful for destiny for bringing the two of us together, and it is impossible not to be, sis.

No matter what others may think, the truth is you have always been a sister to me. Happy birthday!

85 Happy Birthday Bhai-bhaiya With Heartfelt Wishes

I may as well be the happiest person alive to have a friend like you. Enjoy your birthday, dear.

Happy 26th birthday. I think you should be comfortable for yourself for you have more than you need.

My work includes making you the best person alive in this life, and I will make my very best, love.

Sleep, take some time off work, rest a bit, and the rest will follow, start blaming yourself for it.


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Today is the perfect time to go and do some shopping and some pampering, enjoy doing that!

What you should do is to keep chasing after the things that you want to get in life, happy birthday.

It seems to me that you have grown a lot and is larger in life and i am just so happy for you.

Today is surely a new chapter in your life and you should turn the page, happy 26th birthday.

You have grown extraordinally and I cannot help but to tell you I am so proud of your works.

What you are is a gifted young person who should keep pursuing his dreams from now on.

I just want to tell you that you make every day better for me and for that, have a happy birthday.

Time flies when you are having the best time of your life and I believe now is one of those time.

Surely this should be one of your grandest moments so just have all the fun that you can get.

Happy 26th birthday, may you keep living your life the way you want to and just have fun, love.

When two minds think alike, things go better and now you shall have the best birthday ever, dear.


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Fly, reach for your dreams and have all the fun that you can get because this is your moment.

May you also learn to play and not just work, you cannot live your life that way, believe me.

I have once been on your age and I’m telling you to go have the best time of your life, my dear.

You might be one of the best persons I have ever met in my whole lifetime happy 26th birthday.


Happy 26th birthday, I feel lucky to be able to celebrate this day with you, I feel like jumping.

I hope there ain’t fear in your heart because you need to be strong now, happy 26th birthday.

Promise that I will protect you and all that you want to be, I will keep on cheering you on love.

This is probably the mark that you should consider in your life being a success, prove it, dear.

Stop looking at things that are already done and just look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

When you do the things that you love, everything else will fall into place, that it will, my dear.

Today may be rough for you because being twenty six comes with responsibilities, enjoy today.


Happy 26th birthday, I miss all our conversations like before, all those late night talks, dear.

Can you believe it? You’ve been alive for close to three decades, what a journey it was, love.

Dedicate your life to the better of the world and you will be better, enjoy your big day, sis!


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There is no better gift than the gift of love and so that is what I give to you, my dearest bro.

You make me want to sing every time that we get to hangout, I hope this birthday is one of those.

How I wish that you were here beside me right now though it can’t be, happy 26th birthday.

I love you for all the things that you do, all the joy you bring, I cannot get enough, have fun!


Music will sing to you in ways you never thought it would and you need to enjoy the ride.

Happy 26th birthday, when I give my heart to another, it would be you I would tell first of all.

The key to being happy is to live your life remembering the good instead of the bad, my sis.

When it comes down to it, I want you to know that what I want you to be is happy, always.

Your positive outlook is pretty contagious so I hope you are looking forward to celebrating.

It was unexpected, our meeting but I bet our friendship is pre-destined, happy 26th birthday.

That personality of yours will surely bring you wonders, I wish you have the best birthday ever!


Happy 26th birthday, we clicked together ever since we first met I find it so amazing, really.

I wish for you to remember nothing but the good times and just keep on living your dreams.

Who would have guessed we would be friends until now, I wish you best, happy 26th birthday.

As you grow older, life gets harder as well but you must be strong and face all the trials, love.


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It may seem like today is not your day but I suggest you own it up because it should be yours.

Take a break off your work and spare some time celebrating your life for what it is worth love.

Happy 26th birthday, your career is truly on its peak and I am just so happy for you, the truth.


Good health and good fortune is all that I wish upon you so you may know what happiness is.

I respect you far more than I do anyone else so I am telling you to take the day off, have fun.

I admire you for being strong enough to let things go away from you, happy 26th birthday dear!

There is nothing better than some relaxation on your special day, go and pamper yourself girl.


All your hard work will be rewarded, I am sure they will for I believe in you, that is the truth.

Happy 26th birthday, even when they tell you that you cannot, I will believe in you, my dearest.

Your journey in life still has a long way to go but do not forget to live every moment of it, sis.


Being able to do things that are great by this age is a milestone for you, happy 26th birthday.

There is so much I want to tell but for now, just good wishes and that you have a happy birthday.

Happy 26th birthday, I wish to have another year with you, being able to enjoy every moment.

When all things fail you, just remember that I never will, come to me and you will be okay.