100 Birthday Lines Wishes

Birthdays come only once and it is a rare day for the celebrant.
Make someone’s birthday more special and make them feel loved with this cute and lovely birthday lines, wishes and messages.

Be the happiest person on your birthday and every day.

Not just on your birthday, but may all your days be filled with joy, love, and laughter.

Make awesome memories on your special day and bring it with you forever.

I can count on you, but not the candles on your cake. Happy Birthday!

May today, tomorrow, and all the coming days be fruitful for you.


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A bigger cake for you my dear for all the candles that are needed to be in it.

Forget what bothers you, live today, and celebrate your birthday.

100 Happy Birthday Quotes

Don’t be sad because a year have passed be thankful for another year ahead.

Taste the sweetness of today, bring the memories of yesterday, and make history with the coming days.

Though you have aged a year, never change because you are perfect my dear.

The 105 Funny Birthday Wishes

You are a year older now, but my love keeps you looking young.

May all your dreams and wishes come true.

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Use your fire within to light the way and the countless candles on your birthday cake.

Forget the bitter past, bring the happy moments, and make some more on your birthday.

Best 30th birthday party ideas

Rock that age. Welcome to the new year of your life!

It does not matter how old you are today, the candle says 18 so it is okay.

Make a wish for yourself, because you are already a wish come true for someone else.

No matter how old you get, enjoy life at its fullest.

The world should be ready because you are old enough to conquer it.

The 60 Happy Birthday Wife Wishes

Strive harder for what you want as you get a year older today.

Party at its best when celebrating the birthday of a friend who is the best.

You are the painter of your life. May you have more colors to add to it for another year of your life.


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You are a rare piece of gem in this wild world. Never forget your worth.

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I can’t find your age in the calendar, but you will always be in my heart.

Bless you with all the good things in life and bless others with all your might. Happy Birthday!

Age is just a number, what matter is how young you are in your heart.

Being young is awesome, but being given another year to live is more amazing.

A year older means more things you can do. Enjoy life and I love you.

Do not be sad because a year ended, be happy to start a new.

May God be with you because life is getting more exciting for you. Happy Birthday!

Celebrate today because tomorrow will never be the same.

Enjoy your life today as you get older on your birthday.

Love yourself not because it is your birthday, but because it is the best gift every day.


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Never get tired of life because getting old is part of it. Happy Birthday!

Start your birthday with a smile and I end it with a laughter.

Say goodbye to the yesterday you and embrace the new and a year old you.

Do not be afraid of aging, it is only when we learn how to dance in the rain without tripping.

To the best of friend, I wish you all the best out of the rest. Happy Birthday!

I love cakes, but I love you more because it is your birthday.

Some days may be painful, but remember you have a year ahead so make it wonderful.


Do not count the years and tears, count the blessings for all these years. Happy Birthday!

Make more memories and history for one day they will be just stories to tell.


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Have fun, because you will never be as young, but be careful because you have never been this old. Happy Birthday!

Close your eyes and make a wish, don’t blow the candles yet, for you have to count it.

You are never too young to rest and never too old to have fun. Let’s celebrate!


May God give you all the blessings you deserve. Have an awesome birthday!

You are not too old for ice cream and cake, a little won’t hurt the woman in his golden age.

You made history in the past year, make more memories through all your remaining years.

I am glad to have you, but I am more glad that God gave you another year to celebrate.

You don’t look that old, so I will put less candles so no one will know. Happy Birthday!

Is does not matter how old you go and look, the important thing is what’s inside you.

You are beautiful inside and out, I wish you all the goodness in this life.

I hope today will be an awesome day for the most amazing birthday celebrant I know.


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Celebrate to the fullest today and exceed the celebration of your birthday next year.

You have worked so hard so today, party harder. Happy Birthday!

You are no longer a baby, but you will always be my baby.

A little change on your birthday, your age will do, but please stay the same because I love you.

Love knows no age, so no matter how old you get, you will still have my heart and soul.

I cannot ask for anything more for you, because you have everything that you want to. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday to you. You belong to the zoo, like a monkey, like a donkey, the gorilla is you.

Though you’ve age today, never forget to thank God for your life every day.

Live like there is no tomorrow and love like you have never loved before. Happy Birthday!

Cheers for a good year you had and for another year you’ll have!

Don’t count the candles or your wrinkles, celebrate because it is your special day.

Don’t look back at the rough roads you have been through, look ahead for the smooth future you worked hard for to.

You were there when no one else was. Thank you for being a great friend. Happy Birthday!

Forget the past, do not worry about tomorrow, live today, and celebrate your birthday.

May all your wishes be granted, good health and wealth be yours. This year is for you.

Your age may change, you got older, but our love will stay the same.


Be more awesome, make more smiles, live life to the fullest my lovely wife. Happy Birthday!

Do not count the candles, just close your eyes and blow the candle lights.

When God created you, He gave you years of life. Let’s celebrate for that.

Your birthday is once a year, but for me you are a lifetime reason to celebrate and live.

Today’s gifts are for you because you are a gift to mankind every day.

If beauty is time, I could tell yours is timeless and eternal. Happy Birthday!

Live your life to the fullest, not only on your birthday but every day.


You are sweeter than cake and more fun than balloons. You can have them all today to add to your awesome birthday.

Never forget that you took a lot of steps and do not get upset because you have another year to set.

Be happy now that you are 40. They say life starts at 40. Happy Birthday!

More adventures and happiness to the man who made me feel so blessed.

May you live longer and get a lot older. Cheers for many more years!

Your ex may not look at you the same, but I promise that your age will never damage the love we have today.

There is nothing to wish for an amazing person like you, but more years to be with you.

I know it is your special day, but do not be selfish and share those cakes.

You have surpassed another year, good job my little one and more years to come.

Let’s celebrate your 18th birthday, like we do as always every year you age.


Do not stress, you don’t look your age, so let us all celebrate.

God is truly amazing to bless you with another year. Happy Birthday!

More years to come, more responsibilities to do. Happy Birthday to you.

Let us celebrate the last day of your young age and the first day of you being older.

Start your new age with a smile on your face so, may every day be full of laughter on your way.

Own the spotlight because today is your special day. Happy Birthday!

To the other half of my soul, you are a year older, but my love will never grow old.

Let loose and be happy, enjoy the last day of being 18. Happy Birthday!

Happiness, joy, good health, and love may all be yours on your birthday.

Kudos to the man whose age added one!

Wherever you might be, bring all the past lessons and make more memories. Happy Birthday!

Remember all those good and bad, cherish it with all your heart. Cheers to life!

Travel the world and shine. You deserve all the best in life. Happy Birthday!

May your special day be full of smiles, and your everyday be full of love.

Jump for joy! It is a special day, not only to you, but for everyone who loves you.

A special gift for someone like you who is always true, here’s my undying love for you.

Smile and have a great time and a very happy birthday my dear love.

Love is sweet when it is true, but it is sweeter when it is for you. Happy Birthday!

Do not be shy and fly, soar high and enjoy life. Happy Birthday!

No gifts can compare to the happiness you bring. May your wishes all come true.

You may be older than yesterday, but you are younger than tomorrow. Have an awesome birthday!

For every candle on your cake, may you have another reason to smile. Happy Birthday!

Leave your old age and enjoy the days on your way.

Do not be afraid of what’s to come, embrace every moment because it may someday be gone. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday lines

A birthday is the day that we celebrate a birth, whether that took place recently or many years ago, and it is a day when we honor a special person.

We celebrate birthdays because we want to celebrate those people who are in our lives and who hold a special place in our hearts.

We use birthdays to honor those who have brought so much into our worlds and to appreciate all that they are to us.

A birthday is a day for family and friends to come together in order to bring light into the life of someone who is worthy of being celebrated.


We celebrate birthdays because they are the anniversary of something great, an entrance into the world.

We use birthdays to show others that they mean everything to us and to help them know that we would not be able to go on without them.

A birthday is a day when we think back on the past and all that a person has come to, the journey that they have been on.

We give gifts on birthdays so that those celebrating the anniversary of their birth may know that they are loved and appreciated.

We use birthdays to let the world know how we feel about someone and to celebrate the relationship that we have with that someone.

Birthdays should be happy and full of all kinds of good things, and we should use them to celebrate those we love.

We have the opportunity, on a birthday, to show gratitude for those people who have been placed in our lives.

Birthdays are important because of all that they are about and the wonderful anniversary that they celebrate.

A birthday is a day to think about what the past held and to dream about all that the future is going to hold.